OK everyone, here is the scoop!

My Time Made Easy™ LLC  is now currently down for “maintenance”.

(some of this may be repetitive, and Im sorry but want to keep you posted an all I know)

We are actually moving our website to a new host and are working to ensure we can correct everything. Our service people have escalated our case to a top priority, so we are hopeful to have everything all set for tomorrow. Keep in mind this move is out of my control, and the time-line is in the hands of our web-server, who needs to ensure NO DATA is lost.

Now I know while the site is down you cannot access anything, and I apologise for the wait, but we obviously want this to be perfect, and given the fact our previous web-host couldn’t handle all your amazing My Time Made Easy customers, we have to make this switch. Obviously we want everything to be working at optimal speed and have little/no glitches!!

This will mean your downloads will actually happen quickly, pages won’t pause, and every other glitch we have had due to our site being throttled, will be resolved.

Here is what to expect:

If you ordered you will be able to download your PAID for files once we re-open. We will be resetting them for you.

You will have 5 chances to download any file types.

Obviously there is NO shipping charges applied to any file downloads.

You may have to “re-order” the FREE files since we will reset them for everyone, as this is by far an easier/quicker fix rather than manually resetting FREE orders placed.

IF you ordered the WRONG “paid for” file type, I will later have instructions for you to fix it. If it was the wrong freebie file, you can simply re-download, once we re-open.  Please be aware the you are responsible for ensuring you order the correct file type.

Our coupon code will be working for those of you whom received the newsletter. If you signed up for our newsletter but did not receive it, please make sure you checked your SPAM folder, and confirmed you wanted to  receive our newsletter. You may need to update your profile.

Our SALE prices are extended till Dec. 31st

AND…. one last thing….due to all our glitches, and your response to them with patience and such a warm welcome into this business venture, we will be offering ONE MORE surprise freebie, sometime this week, after everything is settled down!

Again, I do have samples, but since you cannot actively pursue use of any of the items in our store yet, I will wait.

OK back to getting things squared away.

Once again I appreciate your understanding as we transfer our host and fix any/all issues.

If you have any other pressing issues that have not been mentioned in the last 3 posts, please contact me

[email protected]

Pleas do NOT use my personal email address for customer service/store related issues, as the store email is a separate email that I am checking far ore frequently than my personal email.

Also please do not contact any of the design team members for customer service issues. They are not equipped/responsible for any customer service issues, and do not have any access to information needed to deal with any/all issues. I have personally responded to anyone sending an email to the store, and have done my best to update you.

However, if you have any questions and/or concerns (other than the obvious issues we have experienced with long down times, timing out, etc) regarding our digital paper files you can contact [email protected]

OK I think that covers it for now!

I will be back to tell you when everything is back up and running