There is one word to describe the response to the unofficial opening of my new store My Time Made Easy LLC-INCREDIBLE!

So incredible that it has caused some major issues! As you are aware I’m sure.

Now you may be wondering what that means exactly. Without getting into all the technical stuff……since about 7:45 am yesterday our Web Host had our store on “full throttle” , which is some sort of extra support, just to keep it RUNNING and NOT crash. We had our issue upgrading to a “level 3” where it was determined the Web Host simply doesn’t have enough power to host us!

They said our traffic (after 9 hours of being open) hit #5 on the list of every store they host! They asked “What on earth are you selling?” The response was of course…” Well, gift packaging templates and stuff like that.” He was REALLY shocked and said “ALL that for some boxes?! Are you expecting this sort of traffic often?” and our reply “I hope so”. I guess we should never underestimate the power of our fellow papercrafters! LOL!

This info all lead the what comes next….

So yes, the site is obviously slow, downloads have been SLOW (this is NOT normal), sessions timing out, and other glitches as mentioned before occurring because the info isn’t being retrieved. Some of you can’t log in, and that is because we are fixing things.

We are fixing all the issues now so you will get any download you have attempted to receive. We may go “under construction” so everything gets fixed quicker. That means shutting down for a limited time.

SO once that is all set ,this means we will be moving servers! That means that in time for our official release things should be smooth and FAST. This “unofficial opening” was a very good thing because we are curbing any/all issues.

 Now we will obviously extend our download time, our sale and coupons! So no worries there. We just need a day to get this all straightened out.

I really appreciate your patience!

I have some samples but right now would need to focus my attention the the website stuff first.

Thank you again.