Yes! I am here.

I’ve been with my family. My grandfather went home after his opne heart surgery on Saturday. That is ONLY 6 days after! Alexa had a terrible tummy bug until yesterday. High fevers of 104 on and off :C

 All that and about a MILLION other things going on.

I know I’ve been quiet, but I have LOTS to prepare for! With the soon to be opening of my store My Time Made Easy© LLC 

I have been BUSY working on finalizing ALL the details for my FIRST release (and the second one too! LOL!) of 2 Creative Gift Packaging templates, coordinating stamps, and digital Pretty Printable Paper.

I’m so excited with everything I just can’t wait to share it all.

 THIS MONTH……I want to offer a FREE Creative Gift Packaging Template and Pretty Printables Digital paper pack.

 I’m working like crazy to get this all posted ASAP!

I have one FREE Creative Gift Packaging template and coordinating digital Pretty Printables © paper pack that I am HOPING to make exclusive to my EMAIL subscribers ONLY! So if you haven’t yet, sign up! You can go HERE <—-CLICK IT

The 2nd Creative Gift Packaging template and digital Pretty Printables © paper pack will be on my site, available to everyone. I will keep you ALL posted when all this comes to be, hopefully in the next week OR TWO!!!

I want you all to be able to give things a try before the BIG opening 😀 That means I have to work my hiney off to prepare all that. So that means less time here, until I get that all set. Trust me its WAY more work than it appears to be, but I am making so much progress. My web girl Sara (who is the best in the buisness and I would trust NO ONE else to do anything like this for me :D) is kickin butt, as are my design team. Wait till you see!!! I have had LOTS of help (I am a very good delegator! LOL!) and have a LONG list of thank yous that I’ll have to share soon too. It is all about TEAM WORK! I am ever grateful to everyone who has helped me get this up and running.

No worries…..there will be samples………and my design team is already whipping out ideas for you all (you’ll learn more about them soon too!)

In the meantime…..I scoured my files to find SOMETHING to share with you all…….



How cute is this little girl? I’m sending this to all my “helpers”.

This color combo is in honor of my friend Kristin!She doesn’t like Melon Mambo and Olive together, but I do!LOL!

I made her over a month ago! I was reminded of this creation yesterday.

This image is from Hangler and Stangler (?SP). A dear blog reader of mine sent me a HUGE luscious pack of pres-tamped images 😀 I can’t find her blog link (so if she reads this please let me know) but hope to post it if I do. She is wonderfully talented! I have long coveted this pack of images, but decided I HAD to color some 😀 Felt so good. Now I don’t know WHERE on earth you can find these images. I believe they are from the UK?? I could be wrong. I live in my craft room so I’m lucky I keep up on ANYTHING! Trust me.

I loved her little butterfly costume.  I added some stickles to her wings too. I used my OLD label maker to create my sentiment. Its been SOOOOO long since I’ve done that! Oh man! t was fun though. I created my OWN tag going across the card. Too fun.

Well I must get going. Lots more to do

 Check back in tomorrow as I will be participating in a Christmas Gift Blog Hop for JustRite Stampers!


 Its a super cute project that even the kids could do, so come back!