Well its Monday. The weekend FLEW by!

You may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. I took the time I needed for the family, and between my anniversary and all that, I was busy. I needed a little break anyway. I want to thank you all for the amazing well wishes! We had a great day.

I got my hair done-cut/dyed and highlighted. So that was FUN! It did take 3 hours! Because it is long and all I had done, but it made me feel good about myself. Then we went to dinner at the Common Man. It was really nice. We are HUGE losers because here we have a sitter, but could not figure out anything else to do! We tried to go see BatMan but it would be hours before the next movie, not wanting to shop (totally not my idea), we just rented a movie and were home by 8! LOL! We did get to watch the movie in peace so that was great. It was just nice to relax and enjoy each-other’s company.

I made it through a weekend of temptation, avoiding the crash and burn or ruining my new “healthier” eatting. I haven’t had coffee in 5 days now!!! THAT was not planned. I just haven’t even felt I needed it. “I” am as shocked as YOU are right now!!

School starts in 2 sleeps! So we will see what happens then.

So the Wedding was Sunday, we actually left the house ON TIME, and arrived when planned, another miracle. I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have. That always happens. I had the video camera for my Aunt and Uncle, so wasn’t thinking about the camera. I was with the kids before the wedding, so I should have taken more photos. Oh well.

They did a FABULOUS job. We had NO rehearsal since we live so far away, so they just winged it. It was si funny, as the kids walked down the aisle, Each step they would stop, and Noah would say “Now!” then Amber would drop the petals! She wouldn’t drop them until he gave his OK each step. He always has to be the “boss”. It was really cute. Then he got bored, and was loudly saying “How many more minutes till this is over?” really loudly. Then came the pout, and he squatting down till it was done. OH BOY!

A fun part was the table center pieces. It was a live plant with a Beta Fish. Everyone got a ticket, and the winners would be called out. Noah REALLY wanted to win the fish (We did NOT want to wiun the fish! LOL!) But he WON!! He was jumping up and down, and so excited. It was so cute.

Here is a Smilebox of the wedding. For anyone interested.

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Now onto the card for today. I have not had much time to create lately! (GASP!) Well I have but they are release stuff.

I did get this done for you though-A Fairytale Ending


You know I LOVE my Elzybells!!

When I saw the entire Fairytale collection I went nuts!! Having 2 girls who LOVE princess stuff, these are perfect. (OK even if I didn’t have girls I would need them! LOL!)

Now these are the original designs from the UK, so they are larger than the A Muse one’s if you are wondering. Elisabeth has a blog-check it out HERE (if you didn’t already know!).

I wanted to use uncommon colors, so I went with this patterned paper I got at Target. It is sweet blush, poppy red, olive, and soft sky. Perfect! I will give this to Jay at some point for one of those “for no reason” times.

I stamped the castle in the bottom corner, then the sentiment over it. I like this card a lot. Its just so cute. The main layer was cut with my nestabilities so it has a embossed edge. No layer needed.

Well that is all for me this morning. I have much to do to prepare for back to school!!!

Hope you have a great week. I know I am looking forward to some MYTIME 😀

Thanks for reading.