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Falling Table Setting

Nichole had set a challenge for her design team to take First Fruits/ Warm Hospitality and create an ensemble that could be used for Thanksgiving! She asked we include all the main items you may need for dressing up your table during the holidays.

These two sets were so much fun to work with for this task. The hardest part was deciding on which image of the set to focus on. I have to say I put a lot of time and thought into my arrangement, and making sure it would all work  out. I didn’t want something JUST for show, but that anyone felt like THEY could actually replicate before a gathering!

 I HOPE this set makes you feel that way when looking forward to the holiday’s, and time with family.

You may recognize that you got a unsuspecting sneak peek at my set, when you saw my candle! Now you can see what a entire table setting would be like built off that one idea.

For my set I wanted to do something that wasn’t your typical fall/Thanksgiving color scheme. One you could use of any occasion. I decided that blue and greens were a nice un-traditional option that may go overlooked. I think they make a gorgeous set for all year.

My colors were Chocolate, olive, spring moss, buckaroo blue, and soft sky. I think they make a gorgeous color combination that can be used any time of year.

Now I will share each piece of the set with you!

Every gathering begins with the invitation!


This is a simple, yet elegant invitation to create, to let your guests know you would love to have them over for a gathering! Who could say no?

A main focus is often the dinnerware. Well when you are crafty you don’t really need expensive set to make your table scream- lovely!!! For my “dinnerware” I collected plain glass pieces from Walmart! They were very cheap, about $1.00 to $2.50 depending on how large the piece was! Certainly affordable. I dressed mine up by stamping cardstock circles,  layering with a scallop circle , then adhere on the BACK of my dinnerware. Note the bottom of my bowl.

NO MESS! Remove when done. Now, you can change the theme to suit  every occasion 😀

Just make larger circles for the bottoms of your larger pieces, such as plates, and serving dishes.

To start each person would like to know where they are expected to sit. So I created my place card


This sits on the dinner plate, in front of the soup bowl. I love the popped up scallop top. I made my name with the Simple Alphabet set.

I used the gorgeous Leaf Ribbon, as an inexpensive way to dress up my table.

As they get seated they will most likely not be able to resist drooling over your menu. And I don’t just mean the tastey (Is that even a real word? Well it is today) items listed on it!


I just printed up my menu onto the gorgeous lined vellum cardstock. This is truly a nice touch to let your guests know exactly what is being served.

Now for the perfect wrap for your silverware-


I found these gorgeous place mats, and napkins at a store called Remey’s in York ME. They were perfect for my color scheme, and only cost 0.50 each!!! WOW!!! I created a cardstock ring for my napkin, in which my silverware is wrapped in. I then made a flag tag for it in spring moss, and created a paper PINE-CONE using my NEWEST Paper Garden book! I brushed the edges of my pine-cone with glue, then added the glitter to match.

Now to document the event!

The book mark


This was made with the long rectangle nestabilities.

This would be set with each person’s table setting.

 This is for each person to write on. They will list what they are thankful for, then they can save it and reflect on it through the year.You can even pass it person to person to write what you love most about the person who the marker belongs to. A great tradition to start. Save it each year to reflect upon just how fortunate you really are.

With Gratitude

You may have noticed the candles, all decorated, that sit in a clear glass coffee mug.


Well these serve a few purposes.

1) It adds to the beauty of the table dressing.

2) They provide a warm atmosphere, and nice soft lighting for each guest, as you light them for dinner/gathering.

3) They will double as your favors!

Yes, you will send this off with each guest as a little thank you. Every time they see it they will be reminded of what an amazing gathering you were all able to have.

Now to accompany that you will include a note card-


Ah, yes. We have have the much needed thank you note. A great way to let your guests know that you were thankful for having them share the special day with you. You can fill them out before your guests arrive, then include then with their candle setting. OR tie them on with a bag of leftover’s to take home, or with some yummy dessert!

When the day is over they will be so grateful for the time and love you put into having them over as your guest. They will most likely feel so very special to have had someone take the time to put together such a amazing gathering from the heart.

Make sure you check Nicholes blog for a listing of design team members who participated in todays special project.

Now speaking of thanks, I would like to thank my sweet hubby for always being there for me and supporting me. He is always cheering me on, brutally honest (which I need) and there to give me the ooh’s and aah’s over every single project and idea 😀 He entertains my wildest dreams of my goals for the future. He is my best friend. My rock.

Now my 3 little blessings. As crazy as they may make me some days, I love them more than anything! I cannot imagine a day without kissing their little cheeks. Each day has to end with an I love you, followed by a big kiss & hug. They are my entire world. Its a love only a mom can understand. I ma thankful for all we have, together, as a family. This year leads me to say I am so grateful for our health. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember just how precious and fragile life really is. I try to cram as much as I can into one day. I truly can put no words into how grateful I really am.

I am also thankful for every single opportunity I have ever been presented with. I just feel so immensely thankful for all of it, and appreciate every moment. I work hard, and take nothing for granted.

That leads me to my blog. Here. This little piece of time, in cyber space, where I have a virtual online diary of my life. AMAZING! I am so thankful I get to come here and share my passion for this hobby with all of you (an a million other ramblings)! Even more amazing people actually read it! LOL! I never thought anyone would care what little ole Lauren Meader, in Pittsfield NH had to say!

Weather you just lurk, or visit  daily, or don’t comment ever,  to those who comment regularly, I am grateful for you. You all make my day. I hope you get to come here and take something away each time, even if it is just a chuckle over one crazy venture I may be having! LOL!

I really hope you take a minute every single day to think about what you are thankful for. It shouldn’t be just one day a year (like Thanksgiving). If you do that, everyday, I promise you, your world will seem like a brighter place. There is more good than bad for most.

Often when I go on a rant, or have a bad day, later, after I calm down and reflect, I realize in the big picture, is it worth it? Is it really that bad, when I look at all I have  in the grand scheme of things?

What REALLY matters?

OK that was one of those sentimental things that popped up when I was finishing up. One of those posts that suddenly got me thinking another way! LOL!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what we all have to share today 😀


Exciting news to share!

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OK Im checkin in fast here. I have been super busy and gone all weekend.

The 3 classes went awesome. I love my girls who come. They just make my day. I cannot even tell you. They really make me want to keep on with the classes 😀 So thank you to all of them.

I have emails to answer (if you are one of them I will get to you soon) and I need to check in on all the awesome peeps who have been participating in the sketches (yeah!!), and the sketch team. I have a super awesome PTI project (as do the rest of the DT) to post tomorrow (and my big news below).

OH boy this weekend and week I am going to be so straight out. I have a ton of family stuff to do (all good stuff I think), soccer starts, pre-school meetings, and cram in last minute kid-ventures, school shopping (HELLO did you know that Old Navy just had a 40% off ALL kids stuff sale! OMW! I got like over 9 shirts per child,  and stuff for the kids all for $155!!!!) Take my cat to the vet because he is really sick :C Alexa has her chemo follow up Friday, and a Endocrinologist appt as well so all day will be spent at Dartmouth. Our Wedding anniversary is Sat (gotta make Jay his card, and get his gift, plan a date??), and Amber & Noah are in my Uncles Wedding on Sun, so I have to drive to meet my mom to get their outfits. Next thing you know BACK TO SCHOOL!! Can I get a WAHOO!!! LOL! AND I know I am forgetting SOMETHING else. Oh well.

Onto to the important stuff 😀

Have you heard the news?

Check it out —–>HERE!

This is another reason I have been SO busy!

lauren_blog_badge.jpg (Look at my fat face! OMG! I could die, at least Im workin on it )

Besides that………………

Is that exciting or what? I LOVED JustRite Stamps and was over the moon when asked to be a guest designer for this week 😀 I was just freakin out with excitement, then panic! What could “I” possibly do that hasn’t been done? Then I took a deep breath and let it go.

Now you won’t want to miss my creations! I am sure you are bound to find something that inspires you (OK so I HOPE that they inspire you! LOL! Even just a tinsy bit).  I was really happy with my take on their product when all was said and done.

All week you will get a little peek here (starting tomorrow) and then see the whole SHEBANG on the JustRite Stampers Blog!! Don’t worry I’ll send you to the right place.


They are having a super duper Champion Contest! Details on how you can get a chance to win HERE! Now don’t go saying “Oh I’m not good enough, I’m too afraid to, I never win anything, I don’t have time, or I’ll never get picked”, and all that crap! You know how I feel about that stuff. If you don’t even TRY you definitely don’t win!! At least if you try you have a chance. YOU are just as good as anyone else. So go for it!!!

OK I must run. More posting to do!!

Hope you check back in with me later 😀 Sorry I have NO TIME for a sample tonight.

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