Today is our wedding anniversary!! (and the sketch, but Ill get to that!)


Jason and I eloped, and got married IN Hawaii, on the beach. (Fun times getting that dress there in ONE piece!)

My dress was BEAUTIFUL!!! You cannot see in the photo,but there are little purple rhinestones all over it! See I told you I LOVE purple!!! Jay didn’t want to wear a purple shirt, but it was the beginning of him having little say! LOL! OK Just kidding. He gets enough say! LOL! No, seriously he agreed it would look nice to match, even though he wasn’t that thrilled.

I tell the ENTIRE story and have a Smilebox photo album for those of you who may want to see more ——>HERE!

Wow has time past so quickly. Back then I never thought I could love Jason anymore than I already did. Boy was I wrong. Sappy I know! But if you knew him, you’d love him too. He is the most amazing person. Truly.


We had a traditional Christian/Hawaiian Wedding. It was SO amazing. Part of our wedding vows were taken from a card Jason gave me while we were dating! It was beautiful. We both got all teary. I’ll never forget it. PERFECT DAY.


We got married on a private beach in Turtle Bay, Maui.  Just him and I! More details are on the other page.

I guess I am just happy to celebrate that we have made it through some of the toughest times, in a couple’s life.

A child with daily special needs, which he happily took on once we starting dating. I knew he was amazing when we were at a birthday party with 16, 3 year olds, and he was playing right there with them. It was hot, and Alexa doesn’t do well in the heat. Suddenly she threw up a TON of Cheese Curls in my hair! Mind you, it is down to my waist at that point. He didn’t even hesitate, he grabbed some napkins and began cleaning her and my hair! I KNEW that day, that he was a real keeper. Then when Alexa got hospitalized for a bad croup./pneumonia, we had to hold her down to put in IV’s (this I normally did alone, as Alexa’s “father” would not even come to the hospital, let alone help), he was right next to me. I began singing to her “How much is that doggy in the window?”, then Jason quickly chimed in and sang “ruff ruff” It was the cutest thing. He stayed the entire hospitalization, as I encouraged him to go to work. But he wouldn’t leave. When we got discharged he had come home to make sure the house was clean, fridge was stocked, and had balloons for Alexa, and flowers for me. Laundry all caught up. I just felt so blessed to be with someone so thoughtful.

A unplanned pregnancy with Noah. Yes, thats right, Noah was not “planned”. But he turned out to be an amazing blessing (as are all my children). Jason could have walked away, but he was happy! He had Noah’s name all picked out and everything within 3 hours of finding out. He was so amazing to me everyday of my pregnancy telling me how strong, and beautiful I was. He was the BEST labor coach. When I had Noah, he presented me with a “book”. It was a typed up diary he started the day he found out I was pregnant. Each week he would type up what was going on, how he felt, funny things about the pregnancy or appointments. He then printed it up, after his past entry about the birth of our son, and put it in a bound folder. He brought it to the hospital after going to get my Dunkin Donuts coffee! LOL! It was to date the most amazing gift he ever gave me. I BALL when I read it. To have a man take the time to document his feelings and whatnot and do that was amazing. I couldn’t read the entire thing for months. My hormones were crazy.

Buying a home that needs to be totally re-done! Those have been FUN times, and still going.

Dealing with my EX. Who is no walk to the park. We are forever taking the high road. Its hard for Jason to see him ditch Alexa all the time. He loves her like his own, and he doesn’t understand how a man could do that to a child.

Then dealing with Alexa’s Cancer. We were told right away, that this could destroy our marriage if we weren’t strong enough. I was scared for that. Alexa’s father bailed on us because he never wanted to deal with anything that wasn’t 100% perfect and happy. He was very selfish that my attention was not on him all the time. He went and got a whole new life. Jason assured me we were strong, and would work together, no matter what. We promised to be honest and talk about everything everyday. He is my rock. He really helped pull me through that, an now we are so much stronger. Our love is deeper. We can make it through anything.

There are of course many more things, but I was just reflecting on how blessed I am to have a man like that. I cannot say enough about him. I am so happy to have him love ME, every-bit as much as I love him. He is the kind of guy who makes you feel like you are the ONLY woman on the planet. I always feel loved. He treats me as good today, as he did when we were dating.

I am just so lucky, and every thankful.

So I know no one really cared to hear all that, Im just in a sappy mood I guess.

Moving on…………..

Here is the sketch!


Use the Keyword mytimess02 if you upload anywhere, since people seem to want to have a code 😀 Send us a link back here so we can see your take. I always do my best to comment on every challenge player 😀

People have asked about elements of the sketches.

For example: Can the image be a flower instead of a circle?

YES!! WHATEVER YOU WANT! Whatever YOU see. Whatever inspires you in the sketch. Go for it. There are NO rules here. Well one, and that is to have fun!!

I made two today!!! One for the sketch, then another for my card to Jay for our anniversary.


Poppy remembering……….

I LOVE this Poppy set by Lisa called Remember. I have 2 other cards I whipped up after this one, to share soon. I just love any set that has open and solid images. Papertrey is PERFECT for that. This was inspired by my card in the PTI reveal. Sometimes you need a PUSH for the mojo, and that inspiration is exactly what helped me get warmed up. 

The Poppy Red is just a gorgeous color. I love it against the black. I also love monochromatic combos 😀 Its great for lack of mojo-which was me, after not stamping for a week!! The satin ribbon makes any card look luxurious!

Then I took the sketch, and I flipped it!!

The flower became my circle.


I made a wish

This is the card I made Jay for our anniversary!! Isn’t it ADORABLE?!!!

Boy loves girl, girl loves boy 😀

They are images from Magnolia. Sentiment is a SU! one -Stem Sayings

I get my Magnolia from here –> [email protected] Just email Diana and she can email you the catalog. She ships to US and Ca if you are wondering. She also has some of the newest images 😀 I need to get some of those now too.

The shame is you cannot see the dimension :C He is cut on, and sitting on the bench, and she is cut out, popped out more than him, and her sneakers are popped out too! Really cute. I LOVE dimension. I love them popping past the layer 😀 I love that I didn’t have to color an entire “scene” to get a cute card! LOL!!!

I also love the flower buttons, and the pierced butterfly trail. You know I always have to use a butterfly if I can. I went with more “masculine” colors, and NO RIBBON!! I think he will like it. Jay loves my more “embellished cards”. You know 50 layers, and lots of stuff. I like clean. I think its a happy medium here.

I also hope this helps you visualize the ways a sketch can inspire you 😀 Don’t forget to check out my FABULOUS team of girls who also post with the sketch!

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