OK let me begin the day by saying my email is STILL messed up! I cannot really access my emails, and I certainly cannot email out and attach anything, which REALLY screws up my design team commitments. I was told on Friday to give it 24-48 hours. OK it’s TUESDAY!! I work/live by internet, and email!!!  So I will have to call verizon again the minute I am done posting here. Please don’t email me with anything until you read here that I am cleared. Otherwise I will not get your email. I was told everything would be erased up to the time they fixed it. SORRY for any problems this may cause anyone. Trust me, it KILLS ME!!

OK moving on. Busy day for a lot of us mom’s! I have much to do to get the kids ready for school tomorrow. The thing I hate is the huge amounts of paperwork that needs to be filled out at the beginning of the year :C UGH! And of course HOMEWORK! Math for Alexa in particular. She so struggles with her math. Oh well. I’m excited, yet a bit sad. I see the years whipping by, and I am wondering how they are passing so quickly.

Seems like just yesterday my first baby Alexa,was going into Pre-K. I cried having her go, and did not know what to do with myself. Now Amber is in her 2nd year of Pre-K, Noah is going into Kindergarten, and Alexa in 2nd grade. I  just don’t feel old enough for all this. You know I still get chocked up on some days when they get on the bus and wave. I remeber a time Alexa was so little, she needed help getting up the stairs. Now somedays they have to send a HUGE bus, because the others break down, and she glides right up! Stairs that are half her size! When did she get so big, and old? Seeing her achieve things, little things even more so, really gets me. I remember when she first got sick with Cancer. She couldn’t even walk for 2 months! Now here she is, like it was all a big bad nightmare.

Even at the Wedding, when the bride was dancing with my grandfather, I got all choked up realizing that will be my daughters someday. Jason said the same thing. we were a wreck!!!

The thought of passing them over to some guy, praying they will have a happy life, and make good choices. I can see why so many parent push for grandkids. Its just plain sad. I want to FREEZE my children at these ages right now. It is just perfect, as it is. Why don’t we get that option?! LOL!

I’ll miss the hugs at my knees, the excitement over holiday and things in life and nature, that we as adults get too busy to stop and look at, if these little people didn’t say “WOW! Look at that!”, with all that excitement in their LITTLE voices. Voices that will change, and become grown up. Someday I won’t be “mommy” I’ll be ma, or mom. I don’t want to be MOM. I like the little voices calling me mommy. Even if it is 1,000 times a day, and I swear on most I am going to change my name! LOL!

OK enough of that. Time to move onto my post for today.

Well each month one design team member from Pink Cat Studio, issue’s a challenge for all of us on the team. I always extend this challenge out to all of you as well, so get stamping!!

This month the challenge was issued by Michelle, and she decided on a fall themed card. I am generally NOT a fall themed person, but all the fall sets coming out, are making me one :D. I think this would be a great challenge for you to try a teacher thank you.

Well given the Limitless Limbs was just released last month I decided it was a no brainer! LOL! With limited stamp time until the kids return to school (TOMORROW!!!) I went with the obvious.


Thanks so much

So here it is. I stamped my tree twice, moving just the top a tinsy bit, for the look of more subtle branches. I had to use an owl. You know how much I love them right now.

I knew I wanted a leaf pile on the ground. Then came the idea of those cool Autumn winds, that whip the leaves all over. So I used my Onare piercing template, and made a wind swirl, with my leaves, blowing around. The leaf is a punch is the small oak leaf.

I tied some ribbon by American Crafts at the top. It was a nice touch, that tied in all the colors.

 Check Melissa’s Blog for all the samples today.

I have some other cute things to share this week, so I hope you check in again soon. Tomorrow I may publish the First Day of School photos!!

Thanks for reading.