I have to say I don’t usually get into fall cards, but I love these gourds. They are great for this time of year, and the often all dreaded masculine card 😀 The coloring was so fun. This set is Happy Harvest, with paper by Basic Grey.

WOW! Did it ever get chilly here in New Hampshire! It’s like I wished in the cold :C

I think I have a nesting thing going on right now due to all the changes coming. Last night at 9pm I went to get the mop out on our back porch (we let it dry outside), and I went past the playroom and about had a PANIC attack. It was a DISASTER!

Im not even joking. I just too a good look around and said my house isn’t as clean as it should be, or use to be, and needs a total overhaul!

I think I did this too because when I get upset, I clean. Alexa has her follow up Friday, maybe thats whats getting me. There are a few things actually, but thats another day.

 That lead me to look at the Kitchen, then living room, and office, then the bathroom cabinets,  and then on from there I realized how things have suddenly been getting put into corners of the room, and everything was just plain old cluttered!! Oh and DUSTY! I could have knit a sweater from the dust I got off an end table I swear. I saw my house was “picked up looking” but not very clean, like it should be.

 So I began not only just cleaning, but reorganizing my entire house. My husband was like OH! NO! What are you doing? AND Why? Its 9pm, and do I have to help? I will say he re-organized the drawers for me, and did the dreaded JUNK drawer. Dont say you don’t have one. Even the neatest of neat has one.

I am super proud and happy to say every little corner of my house is now clear, spotless and even my cabinets and drawers, you name it-totally cleaned and reorganized! All this exercise got me going. I can’t even sit still for 5 minutes.

It all REALLY started when I had to go through the kid clothes and make them try stuff on to see if it stays or goes. I then cleaned their drawers, and closets to make room for the new stuff. That sparked the drive-the feeling of accomplishment!

We donate all the kids clothes and winter jackets. Unless its stained or ripped. Its a great feeling to do that, since a lot of their clothes are still nice, just too small.

OK see I got off on a tangent and this was the point of my post below! LOL!

As the end of August nears my favorite thing of the year happens! Back to school :D, Apple picking, AND the Deerfield and Hopkinton fair comes to the area! The Deerfield fair is our family favorite and it is always on Alexa and Jason’s  birthday weekend. We always take a Friday and go as a family. Even when its FREEZING! Alexa’s day is the 29th Jays is Oct 1. I try to do separate weekends for them.

So “great news” (NOT!!!!) Amber was up so sick with a cough, sore throat and nasty fever all night :C Poor baby. I was up with her rubbing her back and head. I am wiped. The worst part is she is IN the wedding we have on Sunday! I hope she is better by then. Now I am feeling sick, and Alexa has a nasty cold.  What is AMAZING to me, is that last winter, while she had Cancer she was the healthiest of all of us here. Which was great. She had a few things come up but nothing like usual. 

So are you on the sick train too?

WOW! Do I ever sound like a downer-sorry. We just have way too much going on this week. I haven’t stamped since last week!! I can’t even believe it. I have barely even been home. Maybe not stamping has me cranky?

Now Im just too tired to get motivated.

OH well. Let me share one more of my projects for today, then maybe get some rest-keyword, maybe.

Happy everything


This card is seriously beyond simple, but I love it. Think fall wedding wishes. Change out the paper and flower color to match. Simple. Its from the same Happy Harvest set, with the sentiment from Say it in Script.

So that is all for me.

I need to go lay on the couch with Amber.