Did you notice?

How could you not right?

I got a new blog make-over!! I’m talking a total over-haul. I love it and am just over the moon excited!

Sara Williams  from Tweaks and Designs did the make over for me, and tailored it to my exact wants/needs!! I cannot thank her enough for her talent and hard work. She was an absolute JOY to work with (no she didn’t pay me to say any of this! I paid her! LOL!) and made sure I was 100% happy with every detail.

She got my vision. I contacted her and said Listen I want a clock and butterflies, and I have to have the colors celery, pink and purple in there with some flowers. . Now I have a site that I think reflects me and my style/personality better. I just want to sit and stare at it.

NOTICE-in my banner-see the little clock? “MY TIME”! I love it. My ime is a huge thing for me, and important for my sanity. I was excited it was incorporated into my look.

This has all my favorite colors, and has a clean and whimsical style that I just love to pieces.

Thanks for letting me gush. This was a long time coming, and Ms. Williams is quite popular so she was in demand!! Well worth the wait.

Through this process I feel like I also made another cyber friend. She is like my cyber twin only her obsession is this whole graphics world (no idea what its called).

I wish I had her make me some more watermarks! LOL!! She designed all our MFT ones.

Well thanks for letting me gush! Im just so happy.

Also my super cyber friend Dawn made my day by sending me PHOTOS and instructions on how to make better sketches using my Photoshop!! Must have taken her forever to do that for me and I just appreciate that so much. She knows how challenged I am and took the time to help me. The directions were so easy, it took just a few minutes, my first time!!  They are like a total professional sketch!! Thank you Dawn! I love ya!!

OK finishing up my samples for the MFT party-so better run.

Sara Im sending you HUGE cyber smooches, and you better stay in touch!