sketch 16 So here is the Saturday Sketch! Click to view larger image. Kept it simple

 Better late than never right? I have some stuff I wanted to post in honor of WCMD but my day has gotten totally turned up side down. I went down to my stamp room to get creative. I had been along day at soccer and a kids birthday party. After an hour I realize DONT attempt to be crafty when you are tired, its pointless. So I come back upstairs to see my kitchen TORN apart.

Jason decided I would probably be down there a while so why not rip out the kitchen window??

OMG! I could have killed him! The kids looked like PIG PEN from Charlie Brown! Dirt and dust everywhere-not good for Alexa! HELLO!!!!

Anyway-Ill save the stuff tomorrow when I can take the time to post what I really wanted to without extreme stress and annoyance!

Before I share my sample I wanted to share this-

I had to share this photo of my kids, and husband Jay. I started what I think is going to be a yearly tradition, having the kids make daddys birthday cake.

cake for daddy

For his 30th Birthday they made him this cake! ALL by themselves! I only measure, and did the oven stuff.

They frosted it together and each kid had been assigned a “color” sprinkles jar. It was funny cause upon cutting the cake each kid would ONLY eat the piece with THEIR assigned color! Too funny.

No one else would want to eat it cause it was seriously gross! They would spoon 0n some frosting-lick the spoon then spoon on some more onto the cake, eat a little more frosting-you get the idea! Sloppy frosting.

OK Now for my sample.

This is the WAY COOL card I made for Jason for his 30th birthday! He likes details and layers, but I felt I had to keep it simple and clean yet still have alot of thought into it.

30 bday Look Who’s turning 30!

Why is this so cool you ask?

Lots of reasons!

I love the colors! Black-Olive-Blue Bayou-Sky. So masculine!

The BLING! The Martini glass is a Michaels $1 spot find. I had it for YEARS! Never used it! I used the K & co adhesive Rhinestone sticker for the OLIVE.

Now for time ticking-I used an acetate clock by Making Memories. I was careful to line up the “3” next to the “0” or in this case the olive, to make the 30!! See it???

On the clock- I wanted it a little larger than my layer. I drew hands pointing to 10 and 1. Jason’s Birthday was 10-1 !!! Pretty neat huh?

The sentiment is from Savvy.

  The ribbon is by American Crafts and was perfect. I thought it resembled colorful olives on a toothpick!

What do you think?

Well check in tomorrow where I will post some stuff from Lizzie Anne and a Christmas ornament.

I still have a few MFT stamps samples too. See you then.