sunny daise

Ok I know that is NOT how you spell Daisy. Just wanted something funky for a title. I hate always having boring titles for my stuff. Its almost like the pressure of picking the right name is so great, cause it reflects the cards value! LOL!

I know I’m LAME. Am I the only one who sits and ponders a fun attractive title for my creations?

I hope not!

Anyway-how can you see a Daisy and NOT use yellow-white-and black? I just dont think its possible!

I loved the sentiment. See how the colored daisy is above the 2 others-and bright, cheery and beautiful? I like stuff like that.

This is one of my favorite layouts-simple-one layer-stick something in the lower right corner-and some ribbon with a tag up top. You cant go wrong!

The diasy is colored with Lumiere-so the petals are all shimmery. This photo doesnt capture that-but I swear its quite pretty for a simple card.

In case you dont recognize what set this is…………….High Hellos by Lizzie Anne Designs.