Alexa Here is Alexa the other day! She has been spiking her hair, the combing her small bangs to the side, and putting a barret of head band! LOL! Her hair is finally growing in nice. It actually does look really cute. She looks so old in this photo to me! She will be 8 on the 29th! Still no RSVP’s to her party-HMMM!

This post is family related-no stamp talk!   I had a post planned for today WHINING about rejection! RIDICULOUS! There are so many more important things in life sometimes, than WHY did this card not get accepted and whatnot. Im not saying people have no right to complain and get upset-I do too! Just somedays I acknowledge life is so precious. And there are worse things than rejection.

 I had a LIVE inteview for our local Radio Station in town this morning. I spoke with Nazzy from WJYY. They are working to raise money for the Kids with Cancer at CHaD. Their goal is $25,000!  He is staying up on the Zipline till the money is raised. Sadly they are far from thier goal, and he has been there for over 24 hours now.

I was there to speak about Alexa and our expierience with Cancer, and at CHaD. It just ook me back to that first day, and those 9 months in the hosptial. And NOW! How blessed we are to still have Alexa with us. I never forget that-just today made me sad. Some parents aren’t so blessed. Caner is cruel disease.

You dont know what that will feel like till you are THERE. I true nightmare! And it can happen to ANYONE-sadly.

So, for the radio staion stuff- Check that out ——>HERE This is where you can help make a difference!

I love speaking and helping in any way I can. It was hard to talk about our expierience but I got through the LIVE interview with no problem!

He even told me after the interview, I ahd great prescence, and I have a great radio/speaking voice, and thinks this thing is my calling! LOL!  Dont know about that. He said I should publically do stuff more often-YEAH dont know about that! He also said he loved my story, and how I advocated! What a nice compliment. I do feel compelled to make a difference in any way I can, and he confirmed his belief God put me on this path for a reason.

I dont know why God wants me doing anything-LOL! But here I am. 

I wish I could get a “copy” or something and have people here listen to it!

Please check it out, and if you can afford to-make a difference! No amount is too small!

Also please pray for Alexa today! She is starting with a cold, and the littlest cold can seriously turn into a life threatening virus/ illness for her. I dont want her to end up in the hospital.


Ill try to post later, Im now having a sad day. Just listening to the doctors and other families talk about this, has taken an emotional toll on me, and Im worried about Alexa’s cold.

Sorry no cheery upbeat stuff to share.

If you do help-thanks so much! Even if you cant afford to, thanks for reading, and any prayers you send up for Alexa today will be so appreciated! I know God heard every voice that prayed for her when this all happened.

Have a great day!