Where do I start. Thank you again for the well wishes, emails, thoughts and prayers.

Sorry its late. I ran around all day on less than 3 hours accumulated sleep.

Good News-Ambers murmur is fine! Thank GOD!!! Thank you for prayers and concern-at least I have answers and can rest on that.

More good news-Why seriously focus on the “This hospital stuff sucks, and being here for Alexa’s brithday would suck worse” type attitude. Im over that! I am sitting here looking at her sleeping-and and just plain ole thankful! PERIOD!

You know why? Cause there is much worse a situation that I could be in. She could not be with us. Im am blessed that despite the rollercoaster we are mainly on the UP, compared to too many. So what if we are stuck here. BIG DEAL.

It will be OK.

I believe that. I have to believe that. We will have a next week! And thats all that matters.

SO all in time we will go home and resume our new type normal, we have come to know over the past 1 1/2 years. Whenever her little body is ready.

So PLEASE keep Alexa in prayer for her lungs to clear and let her be free from needing oxygen.

And thanks for “listening” to a crazy sleep deprived, and thankful mom ramble about her new found attitude. One I do usually adopt but this time was late in the game.

Tomorrow is another day.

Ill let you know what happens.