Oh boy, am I ever bummed.

Alexa had a rough night last night, and her oxygen levels were hovering at 75%. Needless to say we will NOT be coming home today. I should have remembered that the minute you get all psyched to go home something comes up.

I hate being here for so many reasons.

God only knows what else she can pick up here as well.

I just saw the doctors this morning since we arent going home. I just found out we may be stuck here till at least Friday!! The family next door to us is dealing with the new reality that their 3 yo little boy has Cancer. So they are busy with them-understandably

This is old hat for us-I remember sitting where she is today. Looking at the long scary road ahead.

I am thankful we are 1 year and almost 7 months into our 2 1/2 year treatment.

Alexa has overcome many obstacles before, so I remain prayerful, and hopeful for my baby, and hers, and every-other person going through this.

There are alot of kids with Cancer on the floor this week-you can see winter is near. We ALL dread this time of year for just this reason-long scary hospitalizations of unknown consequences.

OK Im off now-Alexa wants to go to the playroom, and Im upset. The later we get home the less I get done for her party, and Im just stressed.

Amber had a heart murmur detected and has a cardiology appointment tomorow for tests, that I wont be able to make, and that is really stressing me out.

OK pity party over.