Well the much anticipated possibility has happened-Alexa has gotten pneumonia and here we are in the hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock.

She started to take a turn early this morning-and lo and behold she has pneumonia in her right lower lobe.

Her breathing is labored and she has fevers on and off. She went from OK to so not ok in just 2 hours. She has been so out of it all day, and when she is awake is miserable and vomitting tons of mucous-

Last year when this happened it was a NIGHTMARE, as we have to depend on Alexa’s own immunity to fight this-something that is already compromised by her Cancer and Chemo treatments

We are hopeful she will be OK for her big Princess party this weekend. The doctors are doing their best!

She is on some “big gun” antibiotics, but they are thinking its VIRAL-

Please say a prayer for Alexa, that she recovers quickly, and does OK.

Needless to say I have NO IDEA how long we will be here-and I cant access my photos from here, so no eye candy.

Im so stressed right now-where s my Vanilla Bean and Kahlua Chiller when I REALLY need it?

If you get bored give me a call here! LOL! Alexa is sleeping pretty much the entire time. I forgot how utterly boring and exhausting this is.

Ill keep ya posted! Just need to hope Alexa’s counts fight this nasty bug.