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trio bloom Thanks Trio

Here is a card I made a little while ago!

You can also see it HERE Im not going to post all the details-since they are there. The stamps are by Green Grass. I totally love this set.

I also love the repeated pattern just on different paper. EASY and CUTE! This was one of those under 10 minutes cards.

I also wanted to say that a comment was left here about Handicap accessibility for Alexa to be able to attend Dance Class! Well thanks for the reminder-it totally did NOT cross my mind! And ya know what-I dont think there is an elevator! HOW SAD!!!! Its an old building and I have no idea how to go about finding out more.

Paulette if you are reading this-maybe you have the answers?? Is it accessible? And I just dont know it? Ill have to ask the teacher.

Another note-a comment was made to use Alexa’s set for her birthday invites-DUH!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I NOT think of that? Thank you!!! I think I will!

So, why my title is blah blah blah-

Yesterday after dinner I began to feel a WAVE come over me. It was a wave of tingling, and achiness. Like I have the flu, only no heavy head, cough, fever, or other ick symptoms. Im exhausted, and aches ALL over!

Its very strange.

I think its stress related. This happened to me a few months ago, and thats what it was chalked up to. My bodies response to stress, to make me slow down and “deal”. Well I dont want to “deal” with my life insanity and stress right now!

VERY coincidental that it would happen the same day I find out about Ambers murmur.

HMMMMMMMMM. I just got labs on Friday-routine, and I assume they are OK. I learned along time ago if something ISN’T OK you will know very quickly! Oh well.

Im praying I feel better tomorrow cause I want to STAMP! I got some new goodies in, and have mail to get out-but havent made the cards yet! HATE that! Plus with the kids being gone I dont want to waste my time taking a nap!

Anyway-This card to me is very cheery-I wish I felt as cheery as this card looks! LOL!

Have a great day! Ill be back to most more latr-Im on a roll………………………………………

Oh and tomorrow I will post my very first Bloggers Challenge!! You can see those people on my side bar- so that on Fridays-those people in the links will also have their challenges posted too! How fun!