Well It looks like I have been tagged by Sherry (aka BadSherry). I guess the challenge is to use ONE WORD for each answer. No explainations!  Lets see if I can do it. I’d LOVE to tag YOU as well, so feel free to reply to this with YOUR answers ok! 

Yourself: outgoing

Your Partner: amazing

Your Hair:   blonde

Your Mother:  sensitive

Your Father: alcholic

Your Favorite Item: stamps

Your Dream Last Night: creepy

Your Favorite Drink:  coffee

Your Dream Car: whatever

Dream Home: beach

The Room You Are In: office

Your Fear: heights

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: family

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Jason

You’re Not: shy

One of Your Wish List Items: vacation

The Last Thing You Did: shower

you Are Wearing: nothing (just checcking to see if you are paying attention)

Your Favorite Weather: warm

Your Favorite Book: Hmmm?

Last Thing You Ate: twizzlers

Your Life: insane

Your Mood: happy

Your Best Friend: Jason

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: stamping

Your Car: minivan!

What Are You Doing At The Moment: DUH?

Relationship Status:  married

What Is On Your TV: v-smile

What Is The Weather Like: gorgeous

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: last night

WOW! That was hard. I wanted to “explain” everything! I hope you give it a try. Me being the chatty person I am it was NOT an easy task. I even broke the rules.

Now to tag 5 people HMMMM

Hopefully these are newer blogs to you

Robyn, Kendra, Kristen, Kim, Rebecca

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