spread your wings

I love that sentiment. Its just so sweet and encouraging dont you think?

So what’s YOUR dream? If you could do ANYTHING what would it be? I would LOVE to hear your responses, so reply to this thread with them.

My fantasy dream would be to fly-like the fairy. You know just pick your feet up off the ground and float around. I think I would only hover, because I am petrified of heights! LOL! But the idea of it amazes me.

My realistic life dream- I really hope to continue to work with the design teams I’m on, and get more publications, but truly, I would LOVE to work for a magazine someday. That is my ultimate goal. My dream. one I feel is possible, but yet somewhat not. If that makes sense.

Family dream-well health for my family is definitely #1. But my dream would be to own a beautiful house by the beach. For Jason and I to just sit together, and watch the sunset. Most likely my children will be grown, but if not, watch them run along the beach building sand castles.

OK so onto my card. I got this FABULOUS paper by K & co. When I saw the flourishes I knew it would be perfect with my Fairy because it was similar to her flutter trail. The Fairy, and Fairy Sentiment is from the Simply Singles line by Lizzie Anne Designs and is ONLY $3.99! OMW! That is FABULOUS. You’d pay more for a store bought Fairy card.

Anyway-the Fairy was colored with my FAB-U-LOUS-O Twinkling H2O’s. Yes I love them. She she shimmer’s ever so perfectly-just like a Fairy should. My color spritzer was also used for a little bit of color burst here and there. Love that thing. The ribbon is May arts, and one side is shimmery as well.

NOTE: the butterfly in the upper right corner. Isn’t is beautiful? Its a Martha Stewart punch! I got the LAST one. Yeah baby! I just punched some coordintaing paper. Isn’t it so cute? I love butterflies.

I took a trip, and got some retail therapy to help my depressed state these days.


OK So here is a small piece of visualevidence that I am addicted to cardstock! I love Martha Stewarts new line. ALL OF IT! But I am addicted to her new colors of paper, and well many lines of cardstock, and patterned paper. Its out of control! LOL! I am also a ribbon hoarder. I love patterned ribbon, if it matches the paper OMG! Im a goner. I love matchy things. Cardstock- ink- ribbon -buttons -brads WHATEVER, if it goes together I need it. Its insane.

Im also addicted to flower and shape punches. But hey WHO isnt right. Don’t get me started on jewel stickers!

Whats worse is I need to go shop again tomorrow! I held back on buying a few things and its plaguing me. Oh well. 50% off coupon here I come. Please tell me Im not alone on this insanity to have every little impulse thing I want. I think its a serious condition. It started with my grandmother….

Oh well thats it for now.

Thanks for reading. Dont forget to share your dreams! More importantly “go for them”.