Hi Everyone!

Life was crazy today! Had some samples to make, and cleaned /organized my stamping area. I ahve over 90 stamp sets to PURGE!!! (insert shocked face)

I will most likely post a page of them here over the next few days….so Ill let ya know.

Wanted to share a few birthday things with you first.

This is Jason. Standing next to my pile of birthday presents.

jay gift

Can you see that they are wrapped in Christmas paper? Look closely and you can see the lovely Christmas wrapping. Jason “forgot” wrapping paper. Even though we were in the gift isle at Target the night before!

He also forgot candles for my cake.

And “I” had to go pick up my birthday dinner, cause he “ran out of time”.

What can I say. This was the most forgetful he’s ever been. And usually he’s SO ROMANTIC with his cards. OMG! This year I have no idea what happened but he gave me a creepy “JOKE” card that I will NOT share. It had quite the photo on the front, and inside it said something about it being a photo of my parents the night I was CONCEIVED! Um good one honey- I was so grossed out.

Anyway I did get an 2 hour backrub while we watched Grey’s Anatomy!

I got a TV for my stamp room. WOW I never realized how deprived I was till that was put in! I had tpo clean to make room. I have way too much CRAP! If its alterable I OWN 20! LOL!

I got an MP3 player. Cool pink color too. Shopping $$. Although I must say after reorgainzing the LAST thing I need is more stuff-(till tomorrow).

Lots of gift certificates. Some to eP! Cash and checks-always fun! And my Prisma markers. Cool colors but I need LOTSA practice with these.

AmyR and I were chatting and I was totally freakin out by my lack of abilities with them. PRACTICE! Thats what I need.

Now I got the most amazing thing in a Pizza box! I never met anyone who has ever mailed a Pizza Box! And it was the most delicious scrap page layout from my friend Staci!!!! (aka misermom) for our meeting at House of Blues! She loves me!!!!! She also sent a cd with the photos so I can put my favorites on the page! Thanks Staci!

I also got AMAZING cards form some of my bestest PSF’s!

Here they are!


BIG thank you to all of you! Aren’t they just fab-u-lous! Am I lucky or what?

I love them all. Thanks so much!!!! Your words and creations mean the world to me.

Hard to believe my special day is OVER!

Well there is always Mother’s day right?