noah gift

Its moments like this that make being a mom worth it!

Noah (4yo) comes running off the school bus, with a HUGE smile on his face. He is so excited to show me what he has, he is stuttering to get it out! LOL!

He hands me this little plant, and says “Mommy look what I grew for you! I planted it and watered it all by myself and now its a flower plant you can keep forever.”

I almost cried! Tears welled up, and I was so touched.

Then he shows me this card, and opens it.

card noah

I made you a flower cause you always love flowers.

He was showing me that he drew Daddy, Noah, and Mommy. Him and Daddy are at the top playing XBOX so mommy can stamp! LOL! I almost died laughing. He said “See we are SO HAPPY! I even drew a heart for “love you”. ” Then he goes on ” I was really mad cause my name didn’t come out right, and I was gonna throw it away but the teacher said it was ok cause I drew a nice picture and you would live it”

And I do!!!!

Noah is a perfectionist. AND, While he has one of the easiest names in the world to write he often confuses the order. He’d rather do something BOY oriented than write. He sometimes gets it perfect other times not so much. This is frustrating for him. Im so glad he didnt throw it away.

Now lets pray to God I don’t kill the precious plant he grew for me! My HOPE is to give it to him the day he has his first child. Wouldn’t that be cool. My Mom gave me a plant she bought her first mother’s day after I was born. Its some sort of palnt no one could possibly kill! She gave me a piece of it. Everytime I look at I remember that story. It started out as just two leaves! Now its in my house, and ALL over my mothers house. I swear you can NOT water it for like 2 months and the sucker comes back to life. AMAZING!

Just had to share my happy day! I think I have quite the artist on my hands.