• My friend Pam Wilson’s lost her husband to Cancer last night at 11:23. I now have a different card to make. I’m so glad I held off on sending that card. While it was all filled off and ready to mail this morning. I read the update first. PLEASE pray for my friend Pam as she goes through this nightmare. My heart is broken for her and the loss she is expieriencing. She lost her husband so young to Cancer. This obviously affects me to my core. I want to do something special for her, but feel helpless. Pray something comes to me! If you have any suggestions email me privately!

  • On another note-

  • I HOPE you all had an amazing Mother’s Day! While it is just ONE day in the year of a mother, I guess its important to feel appreciated. We as parents sacrifice DAILY! I know I would happily give my life for any of my children. We are up countless hours the minute they arrive, till I don’t know when. The sleepless nights just become for different reasons as they grow!

  •  Motherhood for me has been the most rewarding, stressful, scary, revealing,and unshelfish thing I have ever done. WEIRD mix of adjectives huh?

     Its given me some of the weakest, strongest, and happiest moments in my life, and its also given me some of the most horrible. My kids can do the smallest thing and it makes my day. They can also make me want to hand them over to a perfect stranger on some as well! LOL! I am not afraid to say that- YES! My kids can drive me INSANE!

    I had SO MUCH fun getting to know you and read about YOUR ideas of a perfect day! We all seem to want most of the same.

    People think “If  I say- a day spent alone is ideal people will think I’m a bad mother. ” I wouldn’t! You are a mom 24/7

    No time clock to punch in and out of. When you are sick you still go on. When they are sick the world (for you) stops.

    As a mother I have done AMAZING things that I didn’t think were ever even possible. From conception (can you believe you GREW another human inside YOUR body) to birth (then pushed it out this space that just shouldn’t be capable of stretching like that) to going head first into the responsibility of raising another life. Its insane!

    The unconditional love you have upon fist glance! It never fades.

    My Mother’s Day was great! I got up at 9:45. Jason had a perfect hot cup of coffee made. He made me my favorite breakfast-homemade waffles with butter, caramel sauce and whip cream (I dont eat that type often otherwise I would be 500lbs).  I went and stamped for a little while. Then took a 3 hour nap! LOL!

    He got me a beautiful card, and a gift certificate for a massage, mani and pedi scheduled for June 2nd!!! YEAH!!! Plus next weekend Im going to a stamp expo in Manchester NH.

    The kids were well behaved and all was good.

    Now that brings me to a winner.

    Since we are all the #1 MOM to our kids I actually just chose #1 for the winner! Tammy B email me your address. I also was touched by her statement as well as many of you!

    Here is what Tammy had to share-

  • # tammy bon 12 May 2007 at 10:45 am

    not too upbeat, but it’s honest and from the heart. my most poignant mothers day was in 2000, i had had a pre-term delivery in december – our 1st child. it was way too early. no hope. i hope and pray that you can not know the depth of my/our grief. however, the world kept spinning and everyone continued to have a life. after the 1st week or so no one made mention or acknowledged the loss of our son. my 1st born. everyone expected me to just go on, pick up where i left off, and move on. i tried to get on with life, always mindful, always remembering, always sad. ffwd to that fateful mothers day. nothing. nada. zilch. not even an acknowldgement as to what the day was. dh reasoning? he didn’t want to remind me, make me sad, blah, blah, blah. lots of tears. lots of loud words. a horrible day. a horrible feeling. i was a mom. he was a dad. we just had empty arms. to this day, no one ever speaks of our 1st child (except me on occasion) but he’s always there.
    happily, we did not have a repeat the following year, mostly i suspect, because I was heavily pregnant with our daughter. we’ve added 2 more girls to the bunch and our family is full. sorry this is maudlin, hope i don’t bring down the happiness curve. i truly do love mother’s day and i truly relish being a mommy. sometimes it’s funny what it is that hits you and makes you know that you are really a parent.

    happy mother’s day to all! it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.

  •  SO TRUE!!!

    On that note-Here is a card I made for my husband to give to his mother for Mother’s Day!

     thank you

    Take note-there is a scribble on the front! LOL! That is courtesy of Amber. I could not beileve she scribbled all over it. Mostly inside! Oh well.

    This card was done using Green Grass Flourishes set, and Card Greetings. You cannot tell but the flourish was stamped twice on the main layer-once in white, and then again in saffron. The flourish was stamped on glossy white paper in versamark, then brayered with banana ink. I restamped over the shadow using versamagic ink.

    I love this card, and thought a Thank You for Mother’s day was so appropriate. I hope she likes it.

    Later I will share more of what Ive been up to. I have a product review Im doing!! Don’t miss that! Unless you don’t want to buy anything! LOL!

    PLUS tomorrow is the Dirty Dozen gallery reveal! LOTS of amazing stuff in this month, plus 2 AMAZING new designers are getting added. That will also show you why I’ve been busy. I have some stamping goodies coming HOPEFULLY today! Can’t wait.

    See you later, and thanks for checking in!