Can you guess?

Well Look at Amber’s arms! She spotted! She has a very strange circular rash on JUST her arms. It started tonight.

Does it not look like someone did the reinker technique where you put in dye ink (in this case red), and dish liquid, then blew bubbles and let it pop on her arm?

THAT is how I described this to the Doctor over the phone. HE is not a stamper, but I think he got my drift.

Its called a TARGET rash. Im surprised I dont break out in this every weekend when I need my shopping fix! LOL!

In all seriousness this is freakin me out. This is what they THINK she had. Its a response to a virus or a allergic reaction. “I” have never seen this before. On anyone. Ive worked in some crazy places and seen some crazy things (such as a man who ripped his indwelling urinary catheter out, and his penis ripped WIDE open : like a hot dog that splits down the middle when cooked too long. AND it healed that way! OMG! Let me tell you I did almost pass out when that happened. Everytime I took care of him it made me cringe seeing it) but never a rash like this.

So now we wait.

I just had to share the photo with you all.

BTW I offered to email the photos to the DR but they declined. HMMMMM.

Let hope it goes away tonight.

She so cute even with spots isnt she?