I feel like I say that a lot this past year! That being said I feel it has all been changes for the best.

Well this weekend was the first day of Spring. I spent it SPRING CLEANING! Every room of my house, top to bottom. Reorganizing, purging (I loathe clutter) washing baseboards, curtains, carpets….you name it. If it stood still long enough, it got cleaned top to bottom. To add the the cleaning frenzy I also got some new bedding, new curtains, and a totally new look!

I’m going to be 32 this May. I can’t even believe I just typed that! I’m a little freaked out by how fast time is flying past me. I remember being 22 and my mom saying “Make sure you put moisturizer on your skin! You should start preventing wrinkles now before you get them!” Now here I am 10 years later, almost 32, and worrying about wrinkles! I also got WICKED freaked out because I found a gray hair! I tried to convince myself that it was really a blond hair (in the middle front of my head) but given my “root” color I don’t think I have a natural blond hair left on my head (even though I was very blond as a girl). Well you that gray hair is like a RAT! You may only SEE  one, but that means there is 50 you CAN’T see!!!

Anyway…..I called the hairdresser immediately to get that hair colored! No way will I ever have a head of gray hair. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, but for me, I’m so not embracing that part of getting older, at least not ANY time soon. I suddenly felt very old, and frumpy, like time was going quicker than I could process.

My poor husband just stood by in panic this weekend as I cleaned every crevice of our home, making changes or noting changes I hope to make…….as he says he is awaiting for me to pack his bags and get a replacement!

Well there is NO replacement for him. He is my very best friend and a wonderful husband and father. I can’t imagine such a thing-ever. My plan is to grow old with him, just not look so old doing it!

Anyway, I went to the hairdresser and saw one of the girls in there with the hair I have been wanting for some time. A girl on my soap operas I watch has it too (HAHAHA) and I have put off ever considering it till that gray hair! I’ve always had long blond, curly hair, until one recent “episode” (You can read that here if you missed it). Now that my hair is shorter I figured why not get a cut I always admired but never thought I would get?

So here it is-my new look for Spring and at age (almost 32)



OK it is REALLY hard to get a photo of yourself! LOL! I always hate doing that. Also this was in my bathroom which has “stage” lighting! That is where I saw my gray hair. The lighting isn’t overly kind, but its a dark gloomy day so this was my only option for photographing my latest endeavor!

It falls just under my CHIN! My hair has never been this short in my life, but I’m really happy with it! The hairdresser was nervous because she knows my “hair history”, but I was in just the right mood. Plus it is all really healthy now too.

I love how free it feels.


(this is the in the mirror shot!)

Here is a terrible glaring photo but it sorts gives you an idea of how it falls.

I called Jay on my way home to “warn” him about what I did. He was expecting me to go back to blond…and let it grow long again. Um nope!

When I walked in the door he turned WHITE. I don’t think he likes it at all. All he could say was “I know you warned me but I didn’t really expect THAT!” He went on to say ” Are you OK? I’m not getting replaced am I? I’m getting scared!” I just giggled at him. Why on earth would he think such crazy thoughts?!

I explained my fears about getting old and needing to feel better. I think (hope) he gets it. As the night went on he just kept looking at me saying “I think I like it. I think I’m getting use to it” He is a sweet liar! LOL! I know he is in shock still.

This is the back of my head


It just layers so perfectly and has such great health, shine and body to it! We were able to get rid of any damaged hair this round.

Because I have naturally curly hair (and have been straightening it for the last few months due to lack luster curl) it really holds the body and layers nicely with little to no effort.


I am getting some highlights in a few weeks, I only had so much time to spend at the salon!

I’m not sure if I look younger or older with my hair like this, but I think when you feel good you look good, so I am going with that! I’ve also gotten back into exercising more vigorously now that summer is upon us so that makes me feel better too.

Anyway, just had to share my big changes that the warm weather brought in.

How about you? Anything new?