I have mentioned numerous times that my daughter Alexa LOVES writing poems. Many of you asked to hear some of them.

This is so special and important to me because these are things that medical professionals tried to convince me she would never do (I knew better!) and now this AMAZING, beautiful, strong willed, loving, smart and sweet girl is the brightest spot in my life. I can’t even imagine having to go through it without her. The gift I would have tossed away. How sad the thoughts make me. She is precious. She is just like everyone else. She has good days, bad days, she laughs, she cries, she feels happiness and pain….she understands everything though she may not always say it right at that moment. She truly sees the world through an amazing set of eyes. She touches lives everywhere she goes. She brings something special to the world.

I think she is very good at writing her poems.  I just LOVE reading what she thinks about or associates a topic with. All the memories she expresses on her own! A true gift to our family. I find her ability to express herself in this way so wonderful for her, but selfishly myself too. I feel like I can really get into what is often in her head, but may go unsaid, or unexpressed. To actually hear what she feels and thinks about things in such a manner touches my heart. I truly cherish every word she writes.

I love being able to see her do so well with her reading and writing skills too as these are vital to her future independence in the big world. I truly believe someday she could make a career writing. She says she wants to be a “story writer” someday. I fully plan to encourage that dream she has for herself! The world in going big places with the Internet, she could easily be employed in this manner someday.

My friend Kristin said I should publish her poems in a book for her, and I think I will do that!

Her biological father currently has the book of ALL her poems from last year and I am PRAYING he gets it back to me. He has had it for several months and I don’t think he cherishes it nearly the same as I. Looking back I never should have let him take it with him when he did! UGH! I keep asking for it. I bet he lost it. OK let’s not go there. This is a happy post! LOL!

SO today I am sharing a poem she wrote after her doctors appointment on Wednesday. She asked me for a subject, as she was stumped. I told her to write what she thinks about Spring!

Here it is


Spring Is

By Alexa Kauppila

Grass grows

Pretty butterflies

The birds are singing

Bunnies are born

The trees are blowing in the wing

The leaves open

Spring is here!


This is Alexa today.  Getting her to smile for me was quite the chore. She was in a “mood”. You the kind when they wake up and the first words out of their mouth is something like “Leave me alone, and don’t look at me” (OH! BOY!!) Anyway, I reminded her that I needed a photo of her holding her poem for my post today so she gave me a little smile.


(she drew some grass, flowers, clouds, a sun and a butterfly but its very light)

That is how she thinks and views the world. So simple, and to the point. She is very black and white. There is no gray with her. She is literal and tangible. To her, if it can be seen, felt or heard it doesn’t exist. She takes everything in. Even things you don’t think she is paying attention to, it is all there, somewhere inside her. Sometimes she doesn’t know how to say it, but she can write it.

I look forward to reading these with her someday when she is all grown. When I had children I never REALLY realized they would actually grow up, and so fast.

Thanks for letting me share a very happy piece of my life here with you all.

Spend time with your children TODAY, because tomorrow they are a day older.

(that was from my friend Kristin too-She read it to me while she was at Caribou Coffee, and it has stuck with me, so I thought I’d share it with you too).