Oh man! I’m a busy girl! I’ll get my other post up tomorrow or Sat. I have to take Alexa for her post Chemo check up this am, and have a few TIGHT deadlines…..so gotta get that stuff done ASAP! I took a special one on one class yesterday so that took up quite a bit on my time yesterday, but will be SO worth it in the end! 

I hope you all don’t mind me sharing Amber’s 5th Birthday Party!

I can’t even believe she is 5 already. KILLS ME! My baby-growing so fast. I just want to FREEZE her right now!

As you have read, over what seems like MONTHS, Amber had a Princess Costume Party. I feel like I planned a mini Wedding!! She was so particular about every detail (wonder where she gets that from! LOL!), and needed this like that, and OH! How cool would this be….and so on. I actually think I should start saving for her Wedding NOW! LOL!

In all seriousness I truly loved every minute of it. I was really cool for her to give her feedback, and convey her party “dream” to me. So, after MUCH prep here is what we ended up with!

First we needed a dress!


We found this little number at the Disney store back at the end of JULY!

She was so excited! I have to say I think she looks alot like a little real life Sleeping Beauty


We completed the outfit with glittery shoes, wand (lights up!) and her crown.


I loved this photo-too bad the wand gave me some BLING on her face :C


If you haven’t noticed by now Amber TOTALLY loved posing and being a Princess! LOL! I didn’t have to tell her anything, she just got into Pretty Princess mode! LOL! It was so funny. I actually had to tell her to stop!

Now when Alexa saw Amber’s dress she wanted the same one. Well, Amber was NOT going to let her wear the SAME thing, so we opted for a different version


Getting these two to look at the camera at the same time was a huge feat! I’m NOT looking forward to Christmas photos.

Let me tell you the claws came out and sister rivalry really showed its ugly claws for this situation. Alexa even tried to get Amber’s dress on herself, before Amber knew it was laying out. Alexa claimed it was HER dress! OH! BOY!! Anyway…….here is Alexa-who hates when I make her take pictures (on most days!)


Her hair actually looks really pretty since it was all curls


She is very shy, if you can’t tell 😀

Sadly she won’t wear this at the town Harvest Parade-she wants to be a SKUNK! LOL! I was hoping to get my money’s worth.

Now we have the PARTY SCENE! Set for 8 Princesses

PS-Sorry I’m not sharing photos of the girls-some people don’t like their kids photos shared on the internet


We had a room FULL of balloons and streamers (you can’t see them here) It looked really cool.

Amber decided we NEEDED a centerpiece for her table! When we were at Michael’s she saw a plain wooden castle. Well, she HAD to have it! So she picked out some paint (pink, dk pink, pale yellow and purple) we got some sponge brushes, and away she went!

She was SO proud of what she did. I was even MORE proud than she was!


I seriously cannot tell you what an AMAZING job she did painting that castle ALL by herself!! I showed her quickly HOW to get it painted, smoothing out an globs of paint once she was done getting in the crack, and she did the rest!

The top she did yellow (and that did make me cringe but I kept my mouth SHUT! ) and the top inside she did purple (-again mouth shut! LOL!) It was just painted so perfectly I wasn’t even expecting that!


She then took glitter glue, and added the jewels. I was scared to let her do that in fear it would ruin her amazing painting, but it was HER castle, so I left the room and let her be. When I came back I was in SHOCK! It was beautiful!


After the castle was done she wanted some ribbon. We both thought that filling the top with flowers (that match her favor boxes) would be a really nice touch too! (and it covered the purple! LOL!)

I cut over a 100 flowers and leaves for this party, with my Cricut Plantain School Book cartridge, in like 3 minutes! Can you say LOVE!!!

I tied the ribbon around the edge, added some butterfly stickers, and then took a cut Styrofoam ball, covered in a large sheer ribbon, and added the flower details. I used a hot glue gun for that.

We sprinkled stars and glitter all over the place when it was done! 😀


The tag is a “flag”that I made it using my Cricut when I was experimenting!! It came out cool so we added that too!

Table set with Crowns and jewels to decorate them, magic wands, princess frames for them to color/decorate (which we got close up face photos at the party, then printed their faces to put in them before they left! Really cute!) favor boxes that I designed *just* for Amber’s party, which were filled with 2 beaded necklace making projects, jewels, candy necklaces, and a bunch of other stuff, and we of course had Princess lollipops!


Not getting ANY closer than this to the favor boxes-you’ll see them soon enough 😀

I also made the tags on those with my the basic download stuff Cricut SCAL came with.

Now we have her Castle cake


It came out so pretty 😀 I was very happy with it. We also had a castle pinata…….and


 YUMMY Castle Lollipops


So needless to say it was a day fit for a Princess!

I know someday I will look at these photos when she is grown and remember this day like it was yesterday…………..