Do you ever have a gift like that?

You just want a fancy tag to slap on top and be done with it?

When you add a card then you  have to write a bunch of stuff inside, when a “Hey this is from me, to you!” is more than sufficient! ESPECIALLY around the holidays! Or, maybe its just too big and overpowering for your small gesture of thanks. I have encountered that on NUMEROUS occasion.

Something I have personally ALWAYS loved seeing in paper-crafting magazine’s were TAGS! I know! So simple right? I just always loved the many ways they have been designed! Its like a card, just not as big (unless you really want it that big) they can have fun curves without it being too weird, and again, you just slap it on!

If you look at some of my recent work you will see I have been making more and more of these large style tags, in various shapes/sizes (Don’t get me wrong-I like little tags too) to fill my own creative need to replicate items that I love seeing but never make myself. Its been like a personal challenge.

I LOVE stamping, but honestly *just* making cards all the time gets boring to me. I love to mix it up! I think that is why I have always done so many altered items and gift packaging too-keeps my brain going OUTSIDE the box!

Anyway, point of all this tag talk is my peek for today!

Tag: Just for you


Not too shabby for a tag eh? I have to admit I LOVE it!! Simple yet not.

It began with my leaf image (I believe that was from the Fall Kit) across the bottom of a smaller tag. I just dotted various Copic markers for a funky fall look.

 I then used the pumpkins from the set, and layered them on. Then came the 3D cat! Not sure WHY but I was drawn to her. Plus she became a great source of POP for the tag. Always need to have ONE thing that draws your eye in.

I was originally going to make just that one lil tag (a Marvy tag punch I have and LOVE), but got carried away-in a good way, and layered it on to a larger tag that I made using a little creativity with my Nestabilities Labels 9! Made the perfect tag top for me. I just rounded my bottom corners and decorated as you see here.

The flowers are so pretty! I believe this is the Country Elegance collection

Now for the tag deets


This set uses a NEW! Halloween Gift Giving set-from C.C. Designs.

(sentiment and leaf border if from Autumn stamp kit)

Check the –> ATS Blog <—to enter for a chance to win this set FREE!

Includes  21 rubber stamps attached to cling foam ready to be cut out.

Price: $10.75

Stamp set will be available Monday September 7th at 10:00pm est.


Now comes the part about slapping it on a simple gift!

This is just a A2 clear card box-filled with Hot Apple Cider Mix packets! A definite Autumn themed gift, perfect for anyone! It is simple and inexpensive, yet thoughtful-and delicious! Oh and did ya notice it matched my color scheme perfectly? :D)

So that is all my blabbering for today!

More to come tomorrow. I actually spent all last night (last minute) making Amber’s Princess Party invitations! I suddenly realized NO SCHOOL tomorrow-and then none on Monday-her party is the 19th.  I like to give people at least a 2 week notice, but didn’t want to overwhelm them the first week of school (and I was really busy), so I waited. Amber reminded me at 8 o’clock that I needed to have 12 invites done for this morning. OH! BOY!

The good news, I did it! Took about 2 hours, but it is done.

Now keep in mind, Amber is very picky about what I do! She is a little paper crafter with a BIG opinion. I had to make one and get her approval first! She added some “suggestions” about what I could do to make it “better” and then went to bed! LOL! Let me tell you that girl LOVES her BLING!

I’ll post the photos soon. I have to say she was right too! I was really wanting to just keep it simple since they are definitely getting trashed, but she threw my own words back at me “Mom, this shows what kind of pretty princess party I’m having, so they have to be perfect! Even if they get thrown out! I only turn 5 ONCE!” (Stuff I say to my husband when I throw all these crazy parties with handmade everything-often making myself CRAZY-but when its over-WELL worth every second!) Now that theya re finely detailed I have to say they look pretty and FUN! I would come to her costume party! All the girls need to dress up like princesses and will make all sorts of stuff! I think Amber really LOVED the Princess Party I had for Alexa’s 8th birthday because she basically wanted EVERYTHING to be JUST like it 😀 Easy for me, since I have been there, done that!

So I’m off to get last minute photos of the invites, then get my butt in front of the TV for a workout before getting Amber off to school. All in a days work I guess. Back home with a HUGE to do list. PRAY my mojo has woken up by then-its been in hibernation for a month, making everything painstakingly slow.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you try making some large tags! They are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!