Get it? Keeping Tabs & It’s on the House shared together.

OK I admit, sometimes my excitement gets the best of me!!!!

Are you ready for MORE peeks using the NEWEST My Timeless Template © release??

Remember, then 2  templates featured today are not available until the 15th

I decided I would share some FALL themed items! Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it IS Autumn here in New Hampshire, so why not celebrate?

These gift ideas are sure to WARM you up (wink!), even though we are “technically” gearing up for Christmas, I have the urge to do some fall themed projects.

First up-Giving Thanks Duo


You are looking at a gift set created using  the Keeping Tabs © templates.

I really like sharing both template sizes (standard fitting A2 cards, and Pretty Petite perfect for 3×3 and other larger items), side by side, yet designed the same. It shows how versatile the stamps can be, and how easy it is to use the same design elements on various sized packages! It also shows that big or small, these templates look FABULOUS!

I have to say I’m HEAD over HEELS for the NEW! Autumn Abundance themed papers 😀 I just got mine and have been DYING to play with them! So expect to see a couple projects with this new paper line!

Now lets get to WHAT is inside!

We obviously know that cards are a definite fit for this template, so I’m working on “other” ideas to get your creative gift ideas flowing!

First I will share the large/standard version


I love this! Truly a masculine gift! OR anyone really! It just oozes Autumn.

Taking from the paper the oak leaves, I used my SLICE Back to School cartridge to die cut my own, from patterned paper, in various sizes, for my tag decor.


I scored them, and distressed them with the tea dye ink duo. I’m addicted to these berry bundles I bought at Michael’s a few weeks ago! They are adding such a FAB element to my latest creations. A CHEAP and simple touch. I even usedMy Punny Valentine for the acorn (covered with a page pebble)-which is also found on Oak trees 😀

Sentiment is from Autumn Abundance set.

Now we open it up….


Well, what do we have here?


OH! On the left-2 individually wrapped Chocolate Almond Biscotti!

A perfect companion for our other pocket of YUM (and they aren’t too bad for you :D)


Then on the right  pocket we have 4 SCRUMPTIOUS Lindt Cocoa packets-WITH 4 Lindt chocolate SPOONS!

(yes part of my HUGE purchase at the Lindt store :D) Cocolate SPOONS! Does it get any better? I think NOT!

OMGosh! Could you just DIE! How YUM-azing is that for a gift?! Seriously! I had all I could do to NOT make myself a cup of this mix immediately 😀

OK now onto the Pretty Petite version-just as scrumptious!


I love the size of this particular one! Totally cute and EASY!

As you can see, same design, just left off the “acorns” Too big and bulky for this one.


Leaves were die cut using a smaller version as well. EASY PEASY!

Have I told you that Orange Zest is AMAZING?! Im beyond in love with it.

Sentiment here is from Vintage Picnic (LOVE that set).

Now, let’s peek at what is inside here


I found this box of Merci Chocolates. They are like truffle bars!

I can vouch that they are so delicious! There is a variety pack of various “flavors”. Oh man! I wanted to eat them ALL! But I was a good girl and limited myself to like 2.

I have to say I like my box MUCH better than the original packaging.


As you can see each pocket holds 8 chocolate truffle bars-easily.

Who wouldn’t want to open this box of heaven?!

Best part is this decadent box of chocolates was only like $5 at Target, tastes fab, and you have MORE than enough to fill this template and sample a handful or two too!


My Timeless Template: Keeping Tabs

Stamps:My Punny Valentine, Autumn Abundance, Vintage Picnic

Cardstock: Dark Chocolate, Orange Zest, vintage cream

Patterned Paper: Bitty box basics, Autumn Abundance

ink: tea dye ink duo, dark chocolate

Ribbon: Orange zest

Slice cartidge/machine-Back to School

tag punch, SEI brad

Now we will go to the “It’s on the House” template.

Let me WARN you now, that you are going to see me using this one A LOT! Its SUPER cute, and EASY to work with! It will easily become a favorite! I already have so many variations made to share this month!

I promised you it wasn’t *just* a house, but a FAB template for packaging up just about anything you see fit, and just running with a fun (non-house) design!

Now I will prove it.

OK, go with me here!

Think teachers, co-workers, neighbors, mailman, someone, ANYONE really. Near of far…….young or old………

Breezy Autumn day, after apple picking, or some warm apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream………

A warm cup of Spiced Apple Cider!


Now THIS is a fab box for such a gift!

(YES! This template also has a pretty petite version-I just haven’t used it yet! Patience! :D)

You saw this template made as it’s name suited- a house, and now you can view it as a great template for all sorts of gifts!

6 packets of this Cider, easily fit like a DREAM! What a cute gift.

Now this is a great “apple” themed teacher gift I could get on board with! Teachers love consumables .Or so my teacher friends tell me.


Now you can also see this template with a window of another kind, cut in the front!

The perfect little peek at what is inside!


Also another gender neutral design.

I love the apple berry detail at the top of the ribbon too 😀 A simple and fun touch.

Can you imagine the teacher coming in to school and seeing this on her desk?


She would be giddy!  (I think! LOL!)

I’m excited because this is the first time I packaged Apple Cider. I’m just over the moon for this one.


My Timeless Template: It’s on the House

Stamps: 2009 Autumn Tags

Cardstock:vintage cream, spring moss, pure poppy, dark chocolate, clearly creative cardstock

Patterned paper: Green Tea Leaves, First Fruits

ink: Pure poppy, ripe avocado, dark chocolate

ribbon:gold, and other gld trim from craft store

vintage buttons

scallop nestability, berry, tag die, label punch, 1/2 inch punch, gold brad

Well that is it for me today!

The fun is just beginning, as I have so much more to share. Tune back in tomorrow-

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