FIRST-this is the THIRD post for today (yeah Im THAT BUSY and needing to share! LOL!) So don’t miss my VIDEO, or my Peek post!

Now I have to share some info that I am OVER the MOON about-literally!

Some of my blog readers alerted me that I WON 2 contests!!! WAHOO!!

Now the COOL thing is I never enter stamping contests or anything, but since I don’t have time to send in stuff for publication , I figured WHY NOT! So, I took some time to give it a try this time 😀 It paid off 😀

This was for the Cards & Gifts Week Challenge:

Contest One- over on The PaperCrafts Connection Blog This one you have seen. it used the My Timeless Template—>Take Along Tote!

Then I was alerted to this one!

Contest Two-The Mothers Day Gift Challenge

This was one of my most favorite projects using The Perfect Match template

But for ME the coolest thing was seeing that TWO of the winners, in other categories, used the My Timeless Templates too!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not awesome??

Dana (who was just picked for my Challenge Team!) used Lolli-Pop Along, and the Rounded Wrap up!for her entry! Her blog post here

Dana is also giving away a My Timeless Template-HERE!

 Then the other winner Julie used From the Desk of-for her entry! Here is her blog post! It came out SUPER cute!!


THEN-I was sent a link to THIS POST! You must read it!

I cannot believe it!! Joan Bardee likes me!  OK maybe not me, but My Timeless Templates 😀 Joan is a amazing person. Someone whose opinion I always valued. She is very blunt, straight forward (and funny/talented) crafter! She tells it like it is. Now I don’t KNOW her personally, but feel like I do through her writing.

So when I was sent this link and saw she was HONESTLY reviewing my templates-I almost got sick! LOL! I thought OH! NO!! What if she hated them? But then I read some of the sweetest words a designer could read about the product they put their blood, sweat, and tears int0!

I got teary reading it (like I do with ALL the posts or comments I see people make about them) because to hear that people really like them is amazing. A true dream come true. I’m use to gushing over other peoples stamp images or products, so when someone gushes over something “I” did, its amazing. I’m just a SAHM-to three amazing kids, with a BIG DREAM, and am stuck living in a little town, where no one knows what stamping is! LOL! So to share it all here is just crazy!

On another note: I swear I didn’t pay her! LOL! She put so much time and effort into her post for YOU to get a non-biased view from a customer / crafter.

Im just in shock. Thank you Joan for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRULY! How can I say thank you?! You have a girl almost speechless!

NOW last but not least-Nicholehas had a hard time accessing the gallery and whatnot-but I swear her announcement for the Templates is coming soon! You won’t want to miss it!

WHEW!!! Glad I go the extra shot of expresso in my iced coffee today! I needed it 😀