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Its that time of month for All That Scraps

I have TONS to do and better get to it.

Not only are they gettin in BOATLOADS of awesome NEW stuff, like DAILY, they are having a SALE, and a NEW! Release on Monday the 6th.

There are a total of 4 sets this month.

Im previewing a new line Christine has called Tweet-ies. Can you say ADORABLE?!

A little birdie


in a wagon.

How flippin cute is this bird? Seriously LOVE it. I had so much fun with this new image. I’m totally into birds and stuff .

I created the “ground” and my “sun-shiny sky”.


I used myCopic Airbrush system on this, for the sky, for the very FIRST time! WOW! Is that ever a FUN tool!! I never used it before, and need practice but enjoyed the results all the same. A bit SPLOTCHY, but it got easier as I gained “control”

I waited a LONG time before caving on the airbrush system and am so glad I finally gave in!! I was determined to NOT cave in on this, but couldn’t help it, after ALL this time, I went for it. Kind of like the Copic’s and nestabilities 😀 One of those plunges you just have to take, and you will be so glad you did.

I have to be brutally HONEST, you don’t get SQUAT for air with the starter kit. I only did like 6 SIMPLE airbrushing projects, and then the air was G-O-N-E! I’m not even talking I got to really even practice. So make sure you get REFILLS!!!! I just ordered some more because I cannot stand being OUT of anything I own. I’m a bit miffed over the amount of air it used, but not enough to NOT get anymore.

A little birdie told me……


You were under the weather!

My other airbushed background. Lovin the SU! paper, and felt flowers

I sent this to one my my blog readers who is having a ahrd time recovering from surgery! I hope it cheered her up a bit.

ONE more sample before I go…..Ladybug Friends


I LOVE the POP this has. LOVE! Now the overall card-not fabulous, but the image I think is. I did these after getting sick so the mojo wasn’t flowing too well.

Now this is a simple card with a rather CUTESY set, but I enjoyed making it a bit more “serious/elegant”.

Another airbrushed creation-YES!  I went WILD! This was the LAST one I did, and you can tell I finally got the hang of it. Well, at least in MY opinion I did 😀 Im not certified Copic professional, but I’m OK with that.

So that is it for me.

Make sure you check out —>THE BLOG, for more inspiration, ideas and of course BLOG CANDY!

Tomorrow the Saturday Sketch. Cross your fingers I actually have a sample! LOL!

Till then

Hi everyone!

Guess what! Im featured on the Moxie Fab World BLOG! How fun and exciting is that? It only added to how I feel today!

I don’t know if its the meds or just life, but I’m in a super happy mood today. SO thankful, and just plain HAPPY.

LIKE I’m bouncin off the walls ( in my head -not physically! LOL!) with excitement. I honestly feel like CRAP, but the weather is warm-like the kids can PLAY OUTSIDE warm, I got a NEW TOOL that is BEYOND fabulous (share a video on that another time :D) and my dress fits!

What is there to be upset about?

Yesterday was a BAD day. I hurt worse than ever!! My first day on my own. Can you say OUCH!! They have switched my pain meds 4 times! Basically everything except Motrin make me feel like I’m on the Tilt a Whirl ride, still in motion. I end up getting every possible “adverse effect” listed, so I’m done with it. Just say NO to drugs! LOL! So now Im just resting and relaxing, no meds. I can see HOW people get addicted because they are quite quick to dish out OODLES of stuff. I have a virtual pharmacy going in my bathroom cabinet right now. Maybe that is because I don’t have a history of going to the doctors, let alone abusing meds! LOL! I actually refused most of it, Im the type of girl that won’t take so much as tylenol for a headache, let alone the BIG GUNS.

Anyway, yesterday: I was very upset because my dress before surgery fit like a glove: AKA no room to GROW! N-O-N-E

Well since my surgery I was definitely BLOATED! I measured! I added an INCH to my waist! There was NO ROOM for an inch in the dress-if I sneezed it would BUST! LOL! Not kidding.

I was upset because I haven’t eaten anything that would warrant the BULGE. If Im going to gain an inch it would have been nice if it were “worth it”. Meaning CHOWING lots of sinful goodness. But I hadn’t done that. Quite the opposite. Im living on cereal and fruit. If I eat “food” I feel like a swallowed a fire ball.

Anyway-I woke up today and felt “skinny” again, and low and behold lost 1 1/2 inches! YEAH! So I tried on the dress, and it fits! With room to sneeze! LOL! no SPANX for me!

I have NO IDEA how Im going to walk in HEELS (Im so not a HEEL girl!) let alone dance  at the Wedding Saturday (belly is NOT feeling good-driving feels like everything is PULLING-let alone dancing), but Im going to that wedding, and I’m going to have a BLAST!

On a FAT note:

I also have someYUM-A-LICIOUS cupcakes coming to my house tomorrow, and me and my friend Paulette are going to gossip over cupcakes and all sorts of frozen big girl drinks 😀 I know I was just complaining about being bloated, but I haven’t eaten anything worth talkin about in a LONG time-especially with the surgery-week before, now on my second week. I think I can afford a sinful delight-or two! LOL! I’m sure I’ll go into sugar overload, but Im OK with that.

On a stamping note:

YIPPEE!!!! I have another video for you!! Just a quick one I did, while still doped up on pain meds-see same horrible hair, and you can kinda tell I’m a little loopy! LOL! At the time I thought I was “fine” obviously NOT! LOL! I watched it today! YIKES!!

I think its a great, informative video (despite my lack clear thinking) on how to custom color ALL your embellishments, which allows you to SAVE money!

Anyway enjoy it! Its at least good for a laugh. 

If you want to safely view  ALL the videos I published on Veoh, please CLICK HERE! 

NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and “X”rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

Thank you D

I still haven’t been able to STAMP or create anything. Even sitting here too long KILLS me. But it felt good just to SMELL my craft room 😀

I also have to announce the winner of the My Timeless Template Class Kit

Chosen Via


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-02 18:37:34 UTC

311. Stacy |

Hi Lauren, I hope you continue to get feeling better. I love all of your fun projects. I think we all have a wonderful friend that got us into stamping / cardmaking. Thank you Annette! You were always there to help me and loan me stamps or stamp pads until I was able to create on my own. I love all of the PTI products.


So thats it for me.

Don’t worry i’ll get pics of the cupcakes in a jar!

Thanks for stopping by

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