OK I know you have all been chomping at the bit here for the next peek at the 2nd NEW! Release from My Timeless Templates © from Papertrey Ink, which will become available with the next release on the 15th! WAHOO!!

First, let me say Happy Easter to everyone! I so enjoy this time of year. I am so happy because we are having my mom over for the day and some dinner. She won’t have to cook a thing. Just relax. She is usually the one always running on the holidays. We are also celebrating her birthday today too (it was the 8th). Plus I get to hoard my niece Gabriella who is getting SOOOOOO big. The kids are obviously excited for the day too, since my mom and the baby are coming 😀

We are going to have a fun egg hunt in the yard, and just a day of fun and family. I hope you have a nice day too.

OK, now let me get this done so I can do up their Easter Baskets! Its like SO late here, and Im already exhausted.

Sooooooo…………………the next template is called “From the Desk of“.

Crazy for Daisy Gift set


This is a FABULOUS template, that YES! Sits out on a desk!

The idea of the name was because I made this box for my friend Robyn  (I’ll share that later). I personalized it “From the desk of” then added her name. My thought was HOW cool to make this set for everyone?! AND make it personal, hence the name.

 You can fill it with cards, stationery, organize your supplies, and as you will SOON see, SO MUCH MORE (as always).

Are you able to see I was on a serious “desk” gift set kick ?

I don’t know, I just LOVE giving and receiving great cards and gift sets. I love when things are packaged all pretty. It just speaks volumes to the thought and time you put into these gifts. Especially when you take the time to MAKE cards of other items, they deserve to be represented properly!!

OK so with this $5 template purchase- you get the PRINTABLE template for the base, as well as the 2 angle cut decorative side panels, and the decorative front panel layer as well! So no fussing with the perfect decorative layers!!! You also get the option of including a center divider panel for the inside of the template. Let’s not forget the EXCLUSIVE Idea Catalog-with 5 projects, that include photos, step by step instructions, and a complete supply list-to make gift ideas even easier 😀

So lets see the SAMPLE!!

Who wouldn’t FREAK if you presented this to them?


This is the photo of the front view.

Here is the top view


Now I will show you the side panels


This is the other side.


Here is the set with the card sample out


Now this desk set will easily fit your A2 size cards, and envelopes, but also, so much more 😀


This is the collection of items featured in the desk set I made. (only 2 cards featured in photo).


In this set I included 8 handmade cards to match-with the envelopes as well.

I love the card design. Clean and simple-yet nicely detailed.


I altered a Band-Aid tin (for stamps to mail the cards or little return address labels!)

In the box I cut down a Square trendy tube so make the little tin raise up higher


I covered 3 little white notepads, so you can keep notes, or jot down addresses or events!

I think this is so pretty.

Here is the flower detail on the box


I stamped it on vellum cardstock, dry embossed from the back, then colored with varying shades of Copic markers.

I then layered the 2 flowers, and added a button center! I love this box.


Now this is a photo with the band aid tin and notebook out.


From the Desk of template

Stamps: Friends Till the end , Everyday Classics (unavailable for purchase-Anniversary set)

Cardstock: Hibiscus Burst, Vellum cardstock

Patterned Paper:2008 Bitty Dots, Friends til the end

Ink: Black

Buttons in true black

Trendy Tube (not shown)

Copic markers

circle punches

May Arts velvet ric rac ribbon

Band Aid tin

There is the option of adding a divider panel in the center, as I did use for this project.

So……………what do you think?

Do you like it? LOVE it? Not sure if you NEED it?

Well, then lets do another project!


This one used JUST the template base as a gift box.


Now I think THIS alone is FABULOUS.

That is what is SOOOOO great about the templates. The IDEA of WHAT kind of gift presentation is done for you. That is the hardest part. All YOU have to do is decorate it, in your own style. Personalized gifts, every time. IN MINUTES!!

Anyone who has bought a template Im certain, can say they were amazed at how fast and easy these are to put together. Its made many ONLY card makers GIFT makers! From little kids to beginner stampers, to seasoned paper crafters. You have not idea how much hearing stuff like that means to me. It means MY DREAM of helping everyone be able to make more affordable gifts, has become a reality!

Now looking at this in a GIFT BOX way, I’m sure your brain gets FLOODED with ideas. If not, no worries! Over the enxt few days I will share MANY ideas for this template that is sure to spark SOMETHING that suits your own creative ventures in gift giving.

Here is the detail photo


I love the cut out flowers. I airbrushed the originally white panel, so soften it, and layer onto my Amethyst box base.


Having the decorative cut out templates makes what would be the hard work, easy. No messing up and cutting 6 pieces to make it all perfect! I already did that for you! LOL!

Now what to put IN the box?!


How about a dual planter, with paper flowers!

I got this mini plater at the Christmas Tree Shop! I knew I wouldn’t DIRTY it up with REAL flowers that I could kill! LOL! So I make a paper bouquet, based on a seed packet of flowers I purchased *just* for flower inspiration!

Here is the basket


I have to say I jumped up and down when this was completed.


How much more pretty can paper flowers be? I mean REALLY!

What a great MAIL-ABLE, gift! No wilting, no watering.


Now you may not believe that it actually FITS in the box!

But, it does, I swear!




Its just so pretty in here


And a side view so you see its not SQUISHED in there. It fits perfectly.


That hardest part to remember is to NOT pick up the handle! To carry the box base. If you pick up the handle then the flower planter, obviously comes out.


From the Desk Of template

Stamps: Remember

Cardstock: Amethyst (non-PTI) White, Plum Pudding

Ink:True Black, amethyst, plum pudding, lavendar moon

Ribbon: Plum Pudding Satin, leaf couture ribbon

Buttons in true black

Copic markers/air gun

Adhesive pearls

Martha Stewart Butterfly punch, scallop circle punch, circle punch


various punches

So there you have it! My first peeks of “From the Desk of“! One being a desk set, and the other SO NOT a desk set, but rather a gift box. A very pretty gift box at that.

The ideas for this one are ENDLESS!

Add ribbon handles, punch a handle in the back-put them together…………….OOPS! I gave away another peek idea!

More on that tomorrow 😀 and many more ideas to follow.

Now you know WHY I’m so insanely busy 😀

So PLEASE share your thoughts on this here! I love to hear what you think. Plus I busted my butt on these samples, so its nice to know if you like them 😀 I think we all like that validation at times. After the loss of mojo I had post surgery it was hard getting back into it. I’m actually still struggling a bit to get caught up, but it will happen………….. eventually!

In the meantime, check out Kelly’s blog for her peek at this template D

Also check in on Nichole, Dawn , Heather and Lisa,as they are all sharing samples too!

Enjoy the holiday.

Till tomorrow…..