I think personalizing gifts is one of the best parts about being a paper-crafter!

If you purchase something personalized it always costs MUCH more, or if it is pre-made, is generally hard to find. Especially with ALL the unique names or spellings of names.

That is what I love about alphabet sets. Limitless personalization.

Not only is anything handmade nice, but when you personalize it for the recipients, they REALLY seem to feel extra special. I know I LOVE getting stuff with my name on it 😀

I attended a wedding over the weekend. For the Bride & Groom I purchased a silver clock/frame combo-that I had engraved with their names and wedding date. I swear the engraving costs as much as the clock/frame itself! LOL! But, having something so personal is truly priceless.

As you know I ADORE making gift packaging, so  I wanted to make a very special, custom box, for the frame to fit it in, since it was rather large. I wanted it to really stick out from all the other gifts on the table-so I personalized it.

I think it is gorgeous 😀

Now EVERYTHING is paper!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of this one.

BEFORE you ask: Yes! THIS WILL BE A VIDEO! I will share how I got the entire look and flowers to shimmer! I will make another special box to go for sale in my Etsy shop, when I do that video 😀 (yes I have stuff to add! It won’t be for another few days though. I have WORK to get done)

I made it to fit their Wedding color scheme which was Ivory, Chocolate, and Pink.

This is a hinge style box, in 2 colors.


I used a gorgeous Pink Satin ribbon from May Arts for the front decor

This is view going towards the box top


Now we move onto the top


OK I’m sorry for the BLUR.

This is a rather large box, so the  FULL view was difficult to get in the picture, in my photo tent.

My project today uses items the NEW! Spring Release from JustRite Stampers ! These items are all available for PRE-ORDER!

For the Bride & Groom Monograms I used the following

 Celebrations Demi Phrases -the congratulations 1/2 border

Tromphe Upper & Tromphe Lower case alphabet -the date, and initials.

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  • This is a close up of the customized initials, and wedding date


    Its truly stunning in person.

    I added pearls to the ends of the “Congratulations” sentiment. Just a nice, elegant, finishing touch.


    I MADE those shimmery paper roses and flowers!! The ONLY thing NOT made by me, is the 2 rose leaves, and the pearls in the center of 4 of the flowers!

    Oh, and I also used Beautiful Bloomsfor the stamped leaves on the cardstock base.

    I then  moved on, building dimension with the flower/leaf layers.

    Isn’t it amazing???


    I’m just in love with the finished look. All from scratch. It was hard to give it away!


    This is another side view


    I wanted a nice, neat look from ALL angles, so this is the up-side-down view


    You can’t see any of the STICKY stuff! Looks like a floral garland, stuck onto the box 😀

    Isn’t it all so lovely?

    I would have died to get a box like that 😀 HEHEHEHE

    OK I sound like Im so into myself here, but I think if you make something you LOVE and are super proud of (and honestly this took me a LONG time to make!) that you totally need to give yourself a pat on the back 😀 So I am! LOL!

    Anyway, I think my point is, how cool is this hobby, and companies that provide the tools, so that we can do it all ourself ? !

    So have fun seeing what everyone came up with for th3 newest release!