Time for the PaperTrey Ink Blog Hop! 

YEAH! I’m totally going to be popping by everyone’s blog to see what they did! Im so excited.

This months challenge is to use My Timeless Templates! If you never tired them before, now is as good a time as any!

 Being the desinger of the templates– I feel SOOOOO bad I didn’t get anything done for the Blog Hop! I know! Its TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have a SUPER excuse 😀 (besdies the fact my kids were HOME on vacation and I had deadlines! LOL!)

I was busy this week designing TEN more templates 😀 Gotta keep the ideas and templates flowing, and when I get on a roll. there is NO stopping me 😀 I am dying to share with you.

So, I decided I would share a SNIPET from ONE of the templates that we are releasing in MAY!


Here it is-

P.S. There will be a SPECIAL announcement tomorrow about them too! YOU won’t want to miss it.

I’d love to hear WHAT you think is next 😀  OR better yet what YOU may wish to see-We have an amazing line up for the next 2 years 😀 but there is never enough ways to package your gifts! Maybe if I see a NEED, we will release certain things sooner rather than later 😀

Thanks for stopping by. Im off to HOP!

Ill be finalizing my design team decisions tomorrow too, and the hop will definitely help me decide 😀

Thanks for stopping by