Well it is FINALLY here———> The Papertrey Ink Release!

Its crazy how much amazing stuff has gone on with the release this month 😀

My Timeless Templates ©-Get a Handle On It © , and From the Desk Of ©-are NOW available for purchase!

I am STILL working on some MORE samples 😀

As for my release projects this month-there is only ONE you haven’t seen :C YUP! One measly sample. Don’t forget I did share LOTS of eye candy over the last few days. A SAHM  to 3 can only do so much ya know.

 My last peek uses Tea for Two

“I’m a little tea pot ” box


I seriously sang the “Im a little teapot” song while making this project, and typing this post! LOL! Its actually driving me INSANE!

This is the detail shot of my project focus. I punched and colored a mini flower, and colored in my leaves. This is my favorite tea pot image from the set. Maybe because Beautiful Blooms is my ALL TIME favorite flower set-to date! I also LOVE the layering of the nestabilities.

This is the best tea set EVER!!!! I’m beyond in love with it 😀 So many possibilities. For some reason I’m on a PURPLE kick this month! LOL! In case you didn’t notice. I think 3 of my projects used it. Maybe more. Whose counting right? As long as it all works.

OK so here is the TAH-DAH! moment…….

I used my Timeless Template- Get a Handle On It, to create a gift box that LOOKS like a tea pot.

Can you say LOVE IT?!!!!! (yes I am very excited over it)


How flippin cute is that?!
It was inspired by the tea pot on the box.

I am SOOOOOOO proud of it, because I free-handed the handle and spout template-which is double sided. I so stink at DRAWING-so I let my scissors be my guide.

Did you think this box could be a tea pot?


 Tha handle and spout, adhere NEATLY to the box, which is the KEY!


EEK! Blurry photo ALERT! Sorry.

I did stamp the back too-can’t forget that.


I’m seriously IN LOVE! Thank goodness I had the right frame of mind to make another handle/spout “template” for myself BEFORE adhering it to my box, and attempting it again. These were perfect on the FIRST try! Not something that happens often-let me tell you.

Now here is the “label” on the box top.


I think its just so darn purty. I used the Key Tag Punch to make my handle on the top.
Inside this Tea Pot Box-there is Passion Tea from TAZO. An entire box fits-with room on the sides.


Despite the photo-it matched my project PERFECTLY!!!

Love packaging ever-day items, into special gifts 😀 I mean really. You package “tea” in wrapping paper and its *just* tea! You put it in this box, and its SO much more. Don’t you think?

For a whopping $5 this template offers so much variety! I really love it. Well I guess thats a lame statement! LOL! I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t LOVE! LOL!

Supplies all from Papertrey Ink
My Timeless Template: From the Desk Of
Stamps: Two for Tea, Beautiful Blooms
Cardstock: Spring Moss, Ripe Avocado, Lavender Moon, and eggplant
Ink: Black and copic markers
Satin ribbon in Lavender Moon
Labels 3 & circle nestability
Flower punch, adhesive pearl

Lastly-this was the concept project for “From the Desk Of” template

For Robyn


I made my own patterned paper using Friends Til the End. I also used Simply Stationery and Fresh Alpha!

We did re-enforce the “original” divider, from the original you see here, for a more STURDY box.

All the tweaking that comes after the original concept is put into production. Always lots more tweaking. Often times I just NEED to get it out onto cardstock-ASAP! Then when I know it “works” I tweak and tweak some more.

Now this box can definitely be given EMPTY and still produce a WOW!


This is a comment  taken from Robyn (:D) The friend I made this for-on my blog yesterday

Hey Lauren …. your two new creations are splendid 🙂 I hope all your ~peeps~ realize how beautiful and EASY your Templates are to print and recreate!


And I’m especially fortunate, as I am the proud owner of one of Lauren’s “From The Desk Of…” creations that she personally created for me with my name on it.  I can’t tell you how many friends and family comment on it’s {{{WOW }}} factor and how stunning it is sitting on my desk :0)  I’ve also have two requests to make this item already after seeing mine, from friends & family!  It totally blows me away every time I see it, knowing that it’s made from paper, rubber & ink … but also because I know Lauren puts her Heart & Soul into all her creations 🙂


So make sure you download some ~*Timeless Templates*~ tonight, via PTI; you will fall in love with Lauren all over again =)”

Isn’t she sweet?! She always makes my day.


So there you have it! All my peeks are done!


I hope you enjoyed the items I shared here. I literally POUR every OUNCE of creative being I have into these projects each month-to ensure lots of creative ideas 😀 You are all so inspiring to me 😀 Your kind words and sharing YOUR creations, really keeps me going. Your my subliminal-energizer battery! LOL!


So once again-thanks for helping inspire me to better my best!


More to come tomorrow…………..