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OK now we have our 2nd Challenge for this months release of My Timeless Templates ©-using the Music Makeover.

This is another versatile template, so give it try.


Tea Makeover

This is a really fun box to make, so I hope if you were able to purchase it (or won one :D) that you will find time to play along.

There is NO time limit! Just have fun.

Challenge: Put something cool in your Music Makeover that is NOT music!

Rule: Do NOT use a jewel case!

Over the last few days you have seen me do a few things that don’t use the jewel cases. So don’t get limited by thinking JUST music or that you HAVE to use a jewel case for this template.

Keyword : MyTimelessTemplateMMC02 (music makeover challenge 02) Use this keyworf if uploaing to a public gallery so that we can view your creation. Also send us a link here when you are all done posting! We all want lot more  great ideas for these templates!

I cannot wait to see what you find to put in there 😀 I already heard many great suggestions, so let’s get some gifts for the holidays made early!

About my creation: I put in 4 different packets of tea, and designed my holder to match my tea packets!


Supplies available HERE!

My Timeless Templates ©: Music Makeover

Stamps-Warm Happiness, borders & corners rectangle set
Cardstock- white, dark chocolate, pumpkin, pure poppy
ink-white crafts, dark chocolate, versamagic pumpkin and red ink, close to cocoa ink
Ribbon- dark chocolate polka dot
Other-buttons, white singlo gel pen, corner rounder

OK now its your turn.


Silent Night Stocking

OK I am officially issuing my very first, of many, monthly My TimelessTemplate © challenges! I also added a link to the side bar for future reference!

We are all waiting for our Papertrey Ink orders, so why not play with the templates while we wait!

Now I am expecting the entire crafting world to play along with this challenge since this one uses the FREE Download! Stocking Stuffer ©

Your challenge: Time to stuff your stocking!  Basically fill your stocking box with something fun and maybe unexpected. Show the world your creativity and ideas. Many of you already listed some great ideas, so stop typing them, and get printing and creating! I did the hardest part for you, now make some magic.

Rule-NO RED OR GREEN! C’mon it wouldn’t be a CHALLENGE if there weren’t restrictions! You can do it.

Keywords– If you are uploading to a gallery just type : MyTimelessTemplateSSC01 (that stands for stocking stuffer challenge 01)

LINKS: Please link your creation here so we can all see what you have created 😀 You can upload anywhere, just use the keyword if uploading to a public gallery so people can find them.

About my creation : This is filled with chocolate coffee truffles from Starbucks 😀 Give me a break its what I had on hand that matched!


My template was printed onto shimmer white cardstock. I used gold cardstock for my cuff.

I used the new Silent Night stamp set, stamped in Encore gold ink for my heel and toe patch!


My Timeless Template ©-Stocking Stuffer
Stamps; Holiday tag collection 2008, Silent night
Ink- Gold Encore
Cardstock-Shimmery gold, shimmery white
circle scallop nestabilities
Gold sheer metallic ribbon, gold cord, paper crimper

OK your turn!

Templates Review-so easy a kid can do it

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Well we are on day 4 of My TimelessTemplate © peeks here on my blog! Tonight is the release party over on the Papertrey Ink forum! I hope to chat with you all there!! If you are new to Papertrey and the release party just jump on in, and say HI!!

The best part about this for me, so far, has been reading a comment that says YOU are getting inspired. Inspired to actually try making your own handmade gifts this season (which truly are the best kind), inspired to try gift packaging, something you felt so out of reach is now do-able!

THAT is why I do what I do, and share what I share here everyday! Its the comments and emails that say you liked it, loved it, or it helped me get inspired to make X for this special person 😀

That is what this entire thing is ALL about. I get so much from knowing something I did sparked some creativity in someone else. Making this process affordable, FUN and better yet-easy, is a true dream! 

I have more to share today.

 I will be picking 15 RANDOM winners to receive a FREE My Timeless Template © from the people who leave comments on my My Timeless Template countdown posts, over the next couple of days!What does that mean?

Well from the comments left from the 11-14th I will have pick several winners from comments left EACH day! So 4 people from the post on the 11th will win, 4 people from the 12th , 4 from the 13th, and 3 from the 14th will be drawn! So by commenting your thoughts on the projects each day, you get another chance to win!

I will announce the winners during the Papertrey Ink release, in the party thread, and of course here on my blog. All you really need to win is make sure I have an email address!

Are you bored yet? I hope not! Tomorrow I begin the challenges because you will be able to get the downloads right away! Im just dying to hear your feedback 😀

 This is where I say “So easy a kid can do it, and Kid tested mom-approved”

I  enjoyed using them for my kids craft time! We always do an afternoon craft before mommy gets her stamp time, and this has been a lifesaver for me! They are QUIET for at least on hour!

In this post they used the Stocking Stuffer to make ornaments for the Christmas tree!

You just print-then let the kids color, cut, and glue! Here we go…….

Alexa coloring-she gets very involved, and really didn’t want me taking pictures while she was “working” but stopped for a quick photo and smiled.


Here it is, stocking complete! All done by herself!


This is Amber coloring-She just turned 4, and LOVES to work with mommy. She said her stocking was going to be like Santa’s stocking and HAD to be red & white! She is the only one who amuses my photographing of her doing everything step by step.


Now its time to cut everything out


All her pieces are cut, so now she is gluing


Now she puts everything into place-making sure its the perfect fit. She is a little perfectionist, its so cute to watch. ( I tried to tell her to keep her heel and toe pieces white but she said I could do what I wanted when I make my own stocking! LOL! I about died with laughter. OK then)


Now she is done!


We will hang a ribbon from the stocking tab to hang this on the tree this year.

Now here is Noah. He has colored his, then he began the cutting…..


He REFUSED to make it an ornament and glue the 2 pieces together! He decided to make it a magnet to go on the fridge. When he creates something he writes his name, draws himself, then marks it with a “special” X so no one “steals it” as he says. He cracks me up sometimes. He said if it was glued, no one would know it was his. OK Noah, we will make magnets instead.


See- he is so proud!


Gotta love the crazy coloring! LOL!

See-even the kids can do it. Amber’s pre-K class said they are going to do the Stocking Stuffer boxes for a Christmas project with the kids! I cannot wait to see that 😀

Now we have another mommy activity! I used the Stocking Stuffer template to make a bag cover .

Im here for you


This is a great treat holder to brighten someones day, and nothing says cheer up like some chocolate! LOL!

I printed my Stocking Stuffer template onto the Lemon Tart cardstock, then adhered a piece of adhesive cotton paper over it. I then stamped my design using Floral Frenzy, all over the sheet, then cut out! Looks like an actual fabric stocking 😀

This is the side view-


My bag is adhered between the 2 stockings. I think its cute. Again really quick and simple, as you will get to try for yourself in just HOURS!! FREE!!


My Timeless Template-Stocking Stuffer

Stamps-Floral Frenzy

Ink– Summer sunset, Lemon Tart, Dark chocolate , ripe avocado

Cardstock-Lemon tart, dark chocolate

Ribbon– Dark Chocolate polka dot

Food item- Starbucks Truffles, cello bag from Michaels, gold cord

Now we have another project using the For Keep {sake} template.

Just bee-cause Fruit Basket


I am calling this a “basket” because I used the For Keep{sake} template, but omitted the lid! Instead I decided I would put some trim at the top, and create a ribbon handle! Just attached with a slot punch, and some brads. That leaves the top open, and creates a basket of sorts!

Another view


Now can you see the variations my templates bring to YOUR crafting? The only limit is your imagination 😀

I didn’t put in a acetate window. I wanted it left open. I also only stamped partially around the sides. I thought is was better than stamped the entire container. Too busy that way.

I LOVE all the products that Tastefully Simple carries! When I provided the first peek of this template, someone asked if this template was able to hold a jar of jelly. Well, here we have a 16oz jar, and we still have room! So YES! Make all the homemade preserves you want, and package them in my this fancy Keep{sake} box! Well I guess now, like I said, its a basket!

See the top view


I maybe even could have added some special crackers to top, to use with the fruit spread!  I like that idea! Didn’t have any, and didn’t think of it till just now!


My Timeless Templates-For Keep{sake}

Stamps-Honeybees and Honeybee sentiments

Ink– Lemon Tart, Black, Pure poppy, Ripe avocado

 Cardstock-Lemon Tart, Pure Poppy

Ribbon-Pure poppy grosgrain

Food Item Tastefully Simple Strawberry Rhubarb fruit spread

brads by Making memories, slit punch

Feeling Better Makeover

Next reivew is of my Music Makeover template! This isn’t JUST for jewel cases.

I wanted to do another quick gift idea to send to a sick friend/loved one. One that you could actually get out the door BEFORE your friend recovers! LOL! You know sending some cheer through the mail!

My Music Makeover template was the perfect thing!


Now for a feel better gift item you want it to be CHEERFUL, not gloomy! So I went with some great colors inspired by the New! Polka Dot Parade patterned paper! Don’t you just SMILE looking at it?

I love the boot! Of course working with my Stocking Stuffer template reminded me of this image 😀

I decided to place some “staples” you need when you are sick inside, and they fit PERFECT!

Open it up and you will see….


Everything packaged so neatly!

Now I couldn’t just toss in some items, I had to alter them a little. Really quick, no time at all. This packet of feel better items took UNDER 15 minutes to make!

Inside you have


A package of tissues, some chap stick, we all need some Tylenol, and of course some lemon & honey cough drops! I put mine in the little tin. I would also have included some thera-flu or some little packet like that, if I had one on hand. You get the idea. I think its a cute little gesture.

Again, its the THOUGHT that counts, and what says it better that “I was thinking of you” than this?

Stamps-Green Thumb, Anniversary set (feel better sentiment)

Ink- berry sorbet, spring moss, blush blossom

Cardstock berry sorbet, spring moss, white, Polka dot Parade

Small hinge Tin

So that is all my friends. My big reveal is tonight. I may need a nap! Im WIPED OUT!! Can you even believe I have MORE to share too. I can’t believe it myself. I’ve been a creating machine.

The winners for the 15 templates are being picked tonight! Don’t forget to comment and cross your fingers 😀

I’ll chat with you later, at the the release!

Thank you a million times over for the lovely comments and tremendous support I have felt beginning this new venture 😀

Hugs to you all.

Peek #3 Going to knock your socks off!

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OK it looks like EVERYONE is DYING to see what is going to be the FREE download 😀 Can you imagine how excited I am to share all this with you?! Jason is going to divorce me by the end of next week I swear! Its templates -templates -templates 24:7 on my brain! You see how I am here, imagine spending the DAY with me? I don’t even want to listen to myself! LOL! Even poor Nichole has had to ride my emotional roller coaster of ups & downs. Let’s be honest, this is sort of a scary thing, to take a huge leap, and put yourself out there for the world to critique. I am honored that Papertrey Ink was willing to jump in with both feet, in their leap of faith in me. Again that freaks me out! LOL!

All this being said, I THINK I can promise to not go on so much next month (keyword being-I THINK! ). Thanks for bearing with me.

The excitement has been building, and I hope this template “knocks your socks off”! hehehe. I am just CRAZY with excitement here as we kick off this venture, and I have gone crazy making things to share. My mind won’t stop thinking of new uses. Did you know you really can function after not sleeping for a week? Yes, it is possible.

As I said before reading all the comment just makes my day. You really have no idea how touching and rewarding it truly is. Once this goes live it will become REAL. I still feel like its a great big dream.

We have a few days left after today, so keep checking in for more ideas 😀 Trust me-there are LOTS!

I have to say I was pretty happy with this particular template. It was probably the most difficult one I have ever done in my life-to date!

Why? Because I cannot draw to save my life, and this is a free hander!

The challenge was to not only get it to LOOK like a sock, but make it stand up!! Not toppling over and no overly OBVIOUS flat edge. After many failed attempts the Stocker Stuffer template was given life!

This template has a connecting box piece so it can hold a good amount of items. It also has the printable heel and toe patch, as well as the cuff topper, and a hanger piece. I hope you give it a try and share your creations with me!!

Wait till you see what my own children did with it-maybe tomorrow.

Now this template has so many possibilities, more which I will share on another day 😀 When you see the title you initially think CHRISTMAS, so I of course HAD to give you a sample for a Christmas Stocking!

Holly Berry


Here is my stocking stuffer!

Now this doesn’t use a traditional HOLIDAY set-it was done using Beautiful Blooms, and Birds of a feather. I made my berries with a red paint pen by Martha Stewart. The sentiment is from the Believeset. I think its still cool though. Simple. I like that A LOT!

I used the Faux suede technique to get my heel, toe, and cuff topper. Te best part is the way the technique works I got pieces to decorate both sides of my stocking with one print. Generally, I would only decorate ONE side of this.

For the cuff I just made a scallop along the cut out template edge.


This is filled with an entire bag of the Pepperidge Farm Raspberry cookies 😀 That is 16 total! I filled the boxed panel with some white bag filler, then added the bag of cookies, tied with a perfect stitched rip avocado ribbon. You know me and cooking-not happening, so I LOVE repackaging food items that make me look like I baked them! LOL!

Now you can clearly see where the name Stocking Stuffer came from. You can fill it to the top!  I love it.

Now for my FAVORITE item using this template


Baby Booties!

OMG! Are these not the CUTEST things ever? How easy will these be for every baby event!

Just put the 2 pieces of the cut stockings , insides together, and cut off part of the tops. Then, rather than making a box/bag in the center, sew them togehter!! Now you have a PRECIOUS baby booty gift!

 I used the Bitty Baby Blessings paper to print my template onto for this.

I used my mini sewing machine to sew the 2 pieces together (OK my sewing needs work), creating a baby booty. I used my paper crimper to crimp the top piece from the template, and added some ribbon and lace.I then hung my little tag.

This would be the cutest baby shower favor! You can fill it with a tea light or two, as I did, or maybe some candy, or a gift card for the new mom! My friend Tanya just had a baby Saturday, a little girl, and I am going to make her one and give her a gift card inside to our local photo place so she can get those first baby photos done!



My Timeless Template ©-Stocking Stuffer

Stamps-Boxes bags & tags. Favor it baby

Bitty baby blessings paper,

white cardstock, lavender moon cardstock &  ink,

Lavender moon satin ribbon

OK now for a MANLY gift idea……………..


As you can see it can be the perfect container for the College bound person in your life! Or even just for that GUY stuff we all cringe making. Now we have creative packaging for the MEN too! We just went from Holiday, to baby, now onto masculine with ONE template! Get creative and make it a construction boot, or maybe a ski boot!! Seriously think of the possibilities.

I think once you give this a try you will fall in love!

I call this one the Stinky Stocking. You can fill it with some dorm necessities, maybe put it in a care package with the persons favorite candies, or the much needed calling card, cell minutes, or gift certificates! Maybe even a coupon book that says “Hey Ill do your laundry X times this month!” LOL!

I know all you women out there with grown boys are thinking “GREAT IDEA!!”

I used Papertrey’s First Fruits patterned paper to create my front piece. I dirtied it up a bit with my Tim Holtz walnut distress ink!

TIPS for this template-OK so if you look at my Stinky Stocking, I cut on the outside of the printed line for my creation, and printed it on the FRONT of my patterned paper. This gives you a different look. Normally I print on the BACK of the paper. I like to cut this template (usually) on the INSIDE of the line. Just mess around with it, and have FUN!

I really cannot wait until you all get to see the WHOLE SHEBANG, and all you get for your money. I know you will be pleased 😀 Nichole and I have worked long and hard to ensure this was a TOP NOTCH quality product. The ideas that got bounced around and back again are crazy.

Not only do you get your template, but the exclusive idea pamphlet as well. The design team has knocked the samples/ideas for these templates out of the park! I am so proud to be a part of this team, and even more proud that YOU all are as excited as I am to give this a try.

Thank you for sharing my joy.


My Timeless Template ©-Stocking Stuffer

First Fruits paper, pure poppy cardstock

Tim Holtz distress ink, red marker

OK that is all for today’s peeks! Don’t forget on the 15th I’ll be issuing a challenge, so start thinking 😀

I will be picking 15 RANDOM winners to receive a FREE My Timeless Template © from the people who leave comments on my My Timeless Template countdown posts, over the next couple of days!

What does that mean?

Well from the comments left from the 11-14th I will have pick several winners from comments left EACH day! So 4 people from the post on the 11th will win, 4 people from the 12th , 4 from the 13th, and 3 from the 14th will be drawn! So by commenting your thoughts on the projects each day, you get another chance to win!

I will announce the winners during the Papertrey Ink release, in the party thread, and of course here on my blog. All you really need to win is make sure I have an email address!

Also be sure to check Nichole’s blog for more peeks, and Michelle has a peek as well!

A HUGE congrats to Bee!! She won the For Keep{sake} template on Nichole’s blog 😀

Till tomorrow!

Music Makeover-CHANCE TO WIN!

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WOW! What can I say to everyone other than THANK YOU! All the excitement and well wishes have gotten me all emotional. Reading the responses here, and on Nichole’s blog was truly overwhelming. I just cried. Happy tears. To have a community of paper crafter’s embrace this new venture is amazing to me. I still need a big ole PINCH! I don’ think it will be real until they get into the hands of all you eager crafter’s out there! So truly from the very bitty bottom of my overflowing heart- THANK YOU!!

I know there are many questions about the templates, and our hope is that once you try out the FREE download of Stocking Stuffer (you will see peeks of that tomorrow) most will be answered, and you will see the actual value and possibility each template has to offer. 

I also added a link to my sidebar for future creations here, using my templates 😀 Just in case you want to find them here 😀

If you are wondering WHEN the templates & stocking stuffer- free download will be up-it will be available the same as the release- October 15th!! I also decided that it would be a blast that while you wait for your new goodies, and already have your templates in hand 😀 that I will host a challenge for each template! So on the 15th of each month that should get your creative juices flowing!

Now for a  BIG template giveaway here 😀 I will be picking 15 RANDOM winners to receive a FREE My Timeless Template © from the people who leave comments on my My Timeless Template countdown posts, over the next couple of days!

What does that mean?

Well from the comments left from the 11-14th I will have pick several winners from comments left EACH day! So 4 people from the post on the 11th will win, 4 people from the 12th , 4 from the 13th, and 3 from the 14th will be drawn! So by commenting your thoughts on the projects each day, you get another chance to win!

I will announce the winners during the Papertrey Ink release, in the party thread, and of course here on my blog. All you really need to win is make sure I have an email address!

OK now for the next template- Music Makeover ©

Think about something. How many things come in jewel cases? Or FIT in them? All sorts of gift cards, CD’s, even some DVD’s, and lets not forget stamp sets, to name a few. There been many cool things added inside those jewel cases too-just use that thinker!

Weather you have jewel cases or not, this next template is another wonderful presentation of a gift. Whatever may be inside. I will be sharing ideas on other things to fill your Music Makeover with too!!

Point being, presentation is everything! I am certain you will love the simplicity and ease this next template offers! Now you can create a cute box with NO FUSS!!



I love this template. Really and truly. Its great for anyone-child, man, woman, and TEEN!! I decided I would use a jewel case for this first sample, so you can se how perfectly it can be wrapped!

Here is what is in my Jewel case


The belly band holds down the flap, and the case just slides right out!

A better peek at what is inside


I created a necklace, and made the matching insert to hold it! (Insert is NOT part of the template)


The necklace is from Martha Stewart, and I bought an additional charm to hang from it. That took a whopping 3 minutes to make.Just stamp the label, and cover with a page pebble! DONE!

The necklace itself cost $7 BEFORE a coupon! SCORE! Another great gift under $10!! I can always use those, and with this project you can keep some on hand ofr those UH! OH! I totally forgot about X’s birthday or whatever the need may be.

Now look at the set together


Is that not stunning?!!! Looks like so much time and thought went into this, (thought yes, time NOPE!) when my set took me LESS than 20 minutes! I kid you not.

I printed my template onto dark  chocolate cardstock, and quickly cut it out. Before assembling I ran the bottom through my Swiss dots cuttlebug folder. Then I assembles it.

Stamped my band with the limitless labels, and moved on to the main focus-the leaf block.

I just stamped 2 of the leaf blocks from the Text Boxed stamp set in chocolate ink onto vintage cream (the coloring and cutting took me longer to do that, than printing and putting the Music Makeover template together) and colored it with copic markers. I then took my hobby blade and sliced to bottom of the leaves to pop them forward.


My Timeless Template ©-Music Makeover

Stamps-Text Boxed, Limitless labels

Cardstock-Ripe avocado, Dark Chocolate, Vintage cream

Ink– Dark Chocolate

Jewel case, Circle punches, hemp, swiss dots folder, Martha Stewart necklace, Hobby blade

Thank you Berry Much


Given my obvious “berry” theme I simply made this similar to a raspberry (OK so what if its PINK!) by adding the green paper to the top.

Many of us use drink mixer’s. I think! No I don’t mean “drink” mixers (although they may work), I mean ones you add to your water bottle! I know now that I am eatting healthier I am using them like CRAZY!! I get sick of just water, and don’t want soda. This Raspberry Lemonade is my favorite.

 My friend is getting on the drinking water kick, and eatting better lifestyle, and I told her about these little packets from Crystal Light. She said she would NOT buy them, and that they were “silly”. What was wrong with plain ole water?

Well when ALL you drink is water, truth be told that can get OLD! You need some FLAVOR! So, me knowing she wouldn’t fork over the $3.99 for a 12 pack of mixer’s I went to Target and bought her some.

Here came the problem-how lame would I look tossing her a box of these things? I mean, while its a nice gesture its certainly not a FANCY gift. While my idea was to be thoughtful, I figured I would put them in my Music Makeover box!


Let me tell you they fit perfectly in there. Granted there is room at the bottom so I just put in some tissue paper, and I was good to go! You could also put them in a jewel case but I didn’t want to do that.

I left this in her mailbox 😀 She called me right away and said it was such a nice surprise! She knew by the packaging it was a “Lauren gift” as she calls it. She always tells me I could wrap up dog poop and make someone happy to get it. Now that isn’t true, but I think her analogy is hilarious.

Well now my gift wasn’t so lame, and she can re-gift it and fill it up with something else cute and maybe berry themed.


My Timeless Template © Music Makeover

Stamps-Green Thumb

Cardstock-Sweet Blush, ripe avacado

Ink-Pure Poppy, Ripe avacado

Polka dot ribbon in Pure Poppy

Vintage prints collection of paper

I have so much more to share, but will call it quits for today. All this emotion is truly exhausting 😀

Hope you enjoyed todays peeks.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the samples using the FREE download- Stocking Stuffer!!

In the meantime check Nicholes blog for more reveal peeks , Melissa has been using Merry & Bright Additions, and Heather has 2 sets to share this month! AND today is Lisa’s day to share another peek.

Till tomorrow

Some questions answered

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OH my gosh! Where do I begin. Well Im back tonight to share some more stuff.

I feel a little numb. A good numb.

I was so teary (happy tears) reading the many comments here on my blog, and Nichole’s, as well as the many emails to follow. Having the world of papercrafters embrace a passion for me is indescribable! Thank you all so very much

I am more excited to see what you ALL do with them!!

Now along with congrats, I received many questions. Many of the same, so I will generalize the points and answer as much as I can! If you want to know something ask 😀 Happy to help.

Most of the questions you may have will most likely get answered after you get to use your very first template FREE! We believe so strongly in this product that we are more than happy to give you an amazing template-risk free.

So I am holding off on some of the questions until then.

Feel free to post more questions in the comments section, and I am always available via email if you have more questions!

The biggest question is #1! LOL!

Q. OH NO! Does this news mean you will no longer have free templates/tutorials on you blog?

A. Of course not EVERYTHING I make will be turned into a downloadable template. I LOVE making lots of gift things, so  I will still be sharing template/gift ideas here! Also my templates are for 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock/paper, I still do lots with that 12 X 12 paper.

Bottom line-I love sharing and being creative, so basically NOTHING is going to change except for the fact that now I will have new things to share monthly, and YOU can now use these templates more easily!!

Think of party planning and stamping events! What a fun project any of the templates would make.

Q. Are you going to have time to still update your blog daily?

A. YES! I have created over 30 templates (and counting) to date, without missing a day of blogging or any stamp deadlines!! Plus I have kept my house clean and family fed (even if it was pizza it still counts!!)I love sharing on my blog and NEED to stamp daily, like we all need oxygen to breath!! Just think none of you had any indication I was so busy with all this did you?

Q. Can I submit to a publication using the templates?

Yes, although you would need to be sure to credit the template name- example Music Makeover, and the source My Timeless Templates © for Papertrey Ink www.papertreyink.comwith your publication. These templates are protected by the Copyright Law and are now owned by Papertrey Ink.

You should also be sure to credit ANY person or place you get a template for, not just one you purchased 😀

Q. What does this mean for the Papertrey Ink countdown? Will you still do peeks and work with all their sets?

A. Of course!! I would have said NO if Nichole wouldn’t have me working with all the fabulous PTI sets every month!! I still have all my regular things to do. This just a bonus. I am always scheduled to do my assigned set peek on the first day-the 10th! From then on (like the 11th again) I will begin monthly peeks at my upcoming templates!

Q. Do you have to have a Scor-Pal to use your templates?

A. NO! But your life would be so much easier with one! LOL! I LOVE mine and use it endlessly, even when just scoring a regular card.

Q. What type of adhesive do you use to hold your stuff together?

A. I use Scor-Tape (also from Scor-Pal), my ATG gun, or redline tape. Usually depends on weather I am filling it with something heavy or not.

Q. Will your Bun in the Oven box ever become a “My Timeless Template” ?

A. Yes! That is the only item that I have ever done previously that will be made into a downloadable template! Oh actually there is one other, but you will have to be surprised! LOL! Everything else (over 30 templates to date so far, and still counting) I have created is fresh & new! But due to the demand for that particular template, and how much easier recreating it in this way would be, we are sharing it in that way. That is why I have held you all off for SO LONG!!

Q. IF you are using the Bun in the Oven box as a template when is it coming out?

A. Sorry, you will have to be patient! LOL! I truly don’t know exactly when each item is being released, as sometimes we may want to push something up or back to suit a particular NEED for a release!

I think that covers most of it right now.

Lastly I didn’t post a Sat sketch this week due to all my news, but one of my team members did!

You can see that here!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Thanks to MacKenzie for filling in when I was a little busy 😀

    Be back later with more to share.


    Well today is MY day!

    My day to announce my HUGE news. News I have been sitting on for MONTHS! Yes, months! Who says I can’t keep a secret?! I think it almost killed me, but I did it.

    I really don’t even know where to start with this announcement, as I have a bajillion things going through my head. I haven’t slept all week. No kidding. You all know when I get excited I babble, use lots of (!!!!) and capitalize my words due to excitment, so bear with me.

    This is an amazing new chapter in my life.

    Big to me, like other major life events. Events like when I graduated from nursing school,  got married to Jason, like the day I gave birth to each one of my children, bought our first home, getting published for the first time, like the day Alexa finished her last day of chemo…………..huge milestones and events. Events that being a new path in life. BIG! Events that are forever burned into our memory and effect us forever 😀 Yes I’m that serious. Even if this isn’t “big” to some, this is how it feels to me.

    I feel so very blessed to have had the ability and opportunity to turn a true passion into a reality. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I feel, or how excited I am. I work hard for everything, and when it pays off its amazing. When dreams turn into a tangible reality.

    I received MANY emails guessing what my BIG news was. Many of you naughty, asking to tell “just you”! LOL! As tempting as that was……………….I giggled at your guesses.

    They ranged from me being pregnant AGAIN (um, no we fixed that problem years ago!), me adopting a child (WOW! That is an amazing thing to do, but 3 is my sanity limit-actually I think I may even be past the point of sanity),  moving to a new home (that would be nice someday),  me being on the Martha Stewart show or QVC (that cracked me up-Im no where near that-not yet anyway!),  opening my own store (Im definitely not that much of a wonder woman and I like CREATING ,not “selling stuff” ), beginning work with another stamp/stamp related company (nope, not that) to the most popular – me starting my very own stamp line. While I am flattered by the many requests for that, that is not in the cards for me, just yet.

    No one even came close to guessing my big news! Now I get to FINALLY share it all with you!

    If I were ever going to entrust something that I do, to anyone, I can think of no better person than the AMAZING Mrs. Nichole Heady 😀

    After much time, thought, and collaboration, I was convinced (OK she didn’t have to work too hard to pitch her idea to me! LOL!) to start my own product line through Papertrey Ink!

    So here it is!


    Now you may be asking “OK well, WHAT exactly is this new product?This is a line of downloadable packaging templates that can be printed directly from your home printer onto 8.5 x 11 cardstock. Two templates will be released each month, all of them very versatile and fun. Let’s also not forget EASY PEASY!! Some even kid tested! (Yes I made my kids try a few of them!)

    Like most of you, I am a busy woman. I wear many hats. I value every second of my creative time. As a stay at home mom to 3 children “my time” is often limited, as are my stamping dollars! I like to maximize all that. I wanted to create really nice quality gift packaging, that is affordable, and looks like we all spent a ton of time on them, when in fact it was quite easy. (Well for this product I actually have spent a lot of time! LOL! But because of that, you won’t have to)

     Now how much does it cost?

    When you purchase the download for a  $5 fee (no shipping!! and you receive it instantly after your purchase! So a BIG yeah!! to all my out of US readers!), not only will you get the printable file, but you will also get a full-color, high quality pdf. document that will include six EXCLUSIVE project ideas using the that template with supply lists and instructions, in TRUE Papertrey Ink style and quality.

    These templates can be used over and over again!

    Like my product line name “timeless” templates ©, these templates take literally no time at all to print and put together! You literally print it out, cut, score and design as desired. No guess work! It has all been done for you 😀 Those of you who feel challenged by tutorials or all the step by step mess, can now make creations for your own gifts like a pro.

    We are so happy about this new venture, and want you ALL to be able to give it a try- RISK FREE!

    So what does that mean?

    Well to kick off my very first month, and let you give it try, we are giving away one FREE download to EVERYONE, for one of My Timeless Templates© called Stocking Stuffer! This will not be available as a FREE download until the official Papertrey Ink release on October 15th!

    That is right! Everyone gets to try one FREE! This way you get to know first hand  just how easy these templates are to work with 😀 Oh and FUN!

    Are you excited yet?  I hope so! I have put every ounce of my creative being into this line. Its like one of my children 😀

    Every month for at least the next 2 years, will be releasing 2 exclusive- My Timeless Templates ©!

    I have worked long and hard on so many various packing ideas that I felt we, as papercrafters, would all be able to use regularly! I really hope this product gets you all making affordable and amazing gifts, and helps stretch your creativy to a whole new level! YOU CAN DO IT!

    There are no limits now. Just print and go!

    Think party activities, party favors, all of it with endless possibilities.

    OK Im done blabbering on about how awesome this entire product concept is. Soon enough you will get to try it. Now it is time for me to share what we are releasing this month!

    As I said, we are releasing 2 templates a month. This month we have 3 due to the FREE download.

    The FREE Download – Stocking Stuffer © Then the other two available for purchase will be:

    For Keep {sake} © and Music Makeover ©

    Now Im am sure you want to SEE samples of what these templates are! I will be sharing exclusive daily peeks and ideas for the templates up to the countdown here! So keep checking in daily.

     The first one I will share is called For Keep{sake} ©

    For Keep {sake} box


    Now this box template has MANY variations and uses, as you will soon see.  I am certain you can envision your own ideas for it too.

    The sample you are looking at was made to be a ornament keepsake box! It is so simple and fun to create. Even the windows are printed out for you to decide to cut! But, you don’t have to cut them out at all, or maybe just cut one window. The sky is the limit.

    I cut out 2 windows so that you may see my ornament inside from both sides of the box. Now for photo purposes I did not put acetate over the windows. I wanted you to SEE what was inside.

    What a great box to present and store a precious ornament in!

    Quick and simple ornament I made printing a photo of my children on vellum cardstock. I  them painted the bulb to be like a snow cube. Adding glitter inside. I didn’t spend much time on the ornament-it was shall we say a “prop” for my box!

    This is the view from the top


    Now you can use the holes in the lid (should you choose to punch them out) to tie on your box top, or like in this case, tie your ornament through!


    Box top removed

    Isn’t that beautiful? Imagine the look on the face of the person who opens that?

    Supplies : My Timeless Template © Keep {sake} box

    Stamps- Beautiful Blooms, Believe

    Cardstock- Pure poppy, white, black

    Ink- craft white, black

    Other- tag nestabilties, corner rounder, wide white organdy ribbon. silver cord

    Now because I can’t even stand waiting, I am going to share one more peek of a variation using this same template!


    Au Chocolate Keep{sake}

    These tube are so HOT right now. At least to me. I am really enjoying all the possiblities to present them. While creating I said why not in my Keep{sake} box!

    YES! It worked! See! This same template can serve as a glass tube holder! Just die cut circles in the lid top, and insert! Pretty cool huh?

    Doesn’t this look yummy? Those are chocolate skittles inside (yes they are new and amazingly yummy).

    Here is the tops-I just punched out the pieces from patterned paper and adhered!!


     Another view-


    I did put acetate over this window either simple because it didn’t need it! That is part of the beauty.

    Trust me there are more things that this template can be used for, as you will soon see! Just wait.


    OK last photo I promise!

    It is just such a pretty box, filled with yummy treats, using my favorite paper, and chocolate color! You know me and my butterflies! How could I NOT kick off my peeks without something butterfly!


    My Timeless Template ©-For Keep {sake}     

    Chocolate Remix patterned paper, dark chocolate cardstock, Dark chocolate polka dot ribbon

    Butterfly Kisses                     

    OK so Im just DYING to know what YOU think?! So dish.

    Also feel free to email me with suggestions for templates YOU may want to have in the future!

    Can you imagine how crazy busy I have been?! Really nuts, but that gets me going 😀

    Well that is it for me today. Feels so good to finally get this out in the open. Each month will be so exciting!

    Thank you all so much for the support during my new venture. I am dying for you all to get these in your HOT creative hands, and give it a try!
    I will be back tomorrow with more peeks of another template!! HAPPY DANCE!

    In the meantime don’t miss more DETAILED info, and a chance to win the first release of My Timeless templates and a detailed peek on Nicholes blog! Also check out  Heather Nichols, and Melissa Bickford as they have much to share too.

    Thank you again for taking the time to stop in and share my joy!

    Till tomorrow 😀

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