We are BAAAAACK!!!

I hope you have been checking in with us the last few days as we celebrate our September Release with a plethora of inspiring projects for everyone. We aren’t done yet! Check out the following designers for some more fab-u-licious ideas

EEK! I am so excited to share my samples today! I had so many ideas using the *NEW* BOO! Bag cut file that I could have filled a weeks worth if posts with *just* ideas for it. So, without further delay, let me start sharing.

Spooky Sweet Treats!

Using only the items that come with the BOO! Bag the cut file, I was able to create a jack-o-lantern, a bat, and a sweet ghost!

As a mom to three kids I wanted to design 3 different Halloween themed gift bags that I could easily assemble, and make for their classmates. With you have anywhere from 15 to 20 kids a class you need quick, easy and not so large that you break the bank filling them. The BOO! Bag really fits all those requirements!

In the pumkin I have a chocolate covered pumkin marshmallow treat

The bat has a Dracula PEZ dispenser and candy

 Then the ghost has some ghost marshmallow peeps (3 per box)

You CAN re-size these to become bigger, for those times you want to package up something larger, but these are really great as is.

Now the details…..

The jack-o-lantern was cut from a orange cardstock. I printed the text pattern from the Hauntingly Homemade Paper Collection on the same colored cardstock, then just cut the decorative layers included in the file. Gave them a quick sponging, and layered them on.

The jack-o-lantern face is included in the file! Isn’t he/she so cute??? Easy peasy!

I used one of the tags from the Apothecary Labels Set, and “erased” the apothecary jar in the label, and replaced it with a colored in pumpkin (lines removed) from the A Spooky Surprise © set. The tag was cut using the Fabulous Frames cut file.You have to give major props to digital images because it makes this stuff possible!!! You can layer images, remove images, enlarge and shrink image…..endless possibilities for  using and combining sets. It also allows me to make something ONCE and print it as many times as I need it to be, AND at whatever size I choose too.

Now for the bat!

This file does come with all the pieces to create the bat.

I think this bat is creepy cute! The “bloody” fangs I added makes it a little gory, but I love it.

The tag-how cute is that?! I used the tag and sentiment from the Hauntingly Homemade Set, and it was cut out using the Hauntingly Homemade Labels.

Really super simple

Speaking of simple….the ghost was by far the quickest and easiest!

This was cut from white cardstock, omitting the handle, so you have the ghosts head!

I just added some googlie eyes, and a hand-drawn mouth.

Once again the tag and sentiment were super simple, and made using the Hauntingly Homemade Set. I also used images (the ghost & spider) from the A Spooky Surprise © set. It was cut out using the Hauntingly Homemade Labels.

Now Halloween may NOT be your thing. If not that’s OK because this is still a fabulous cut file as it can me made into other things, including a purse style box.

That being obvious I decided to try another animal for fun!

Here Kitty….

Another SIMPLE one.

Cut from black cardstock I used some of the elements to make the cat. The pumpkin eyes are the cat ears, and nose.

I used this to hold a scented candle, and made my tag from the Fine Finish © cut file.

Sentiment is from the On Display 1 © set, and the paw is from the Sign It © set.

Many, many possibilities! A little imagination can go along way when you have a great starting point.

I could go on and on, but there is more to share another day! Come on back tomorrow as we have yet another day of sharing, and designs from the team.

Have a creative day!