You can never get too many ideas using older products, that is why we believe that the “Year in Review” is so beneficial, fun, and helpful. This day in age everyone is always wrapped up in the “latest, greatest & newest” of products. We rush from one release into the next. Now I agree, you can never have too many gift giving options, but I also believe in getting me most use and versatility from the products you spend your money on! So, that being said why not share NEW ideas with older products?

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I REALLY struggled with WHAT to share. I made so much that I didn’t get to post it all, and with getting the kids back to school, soccer, dance, and 50 thousand other reasons, I can’t “jam” it all into this release. With that being said, and the Jam (aka canning) season upon us, I decided to share this Pretty Packaging Template with all of you, that may have been LONG forgotten!

Deliciously Homemade Strawberry Jam

The idea of this box was to be super easy and super fun. I was packaging up some homemade strawberry jam, and thought that the Jam Packed © template would be perfect, if designed to replicate a strawberry. So that is exactly what I did!

The box top was cut from Wildflowers © paper collection, to mimic the green top to a strawberry. I even added some ric rac ribbon to the edge to further imitate the top.

So in gifting jam, I wanted to create a label (of course) to showcase my hard work.

I used gingham print tag from the Apothecary Labels Set, and added several of the sentiments in the set (as seen here) to build the label to say what I wanted. I re-colored some of the text too, so certain words would stand out. To complete the design I added the flag tag with the sentiment, and then of course the jam jar & strawberry from the Well Preserved © set!

The tag was cut out using the Apothecary Labels Set.

 It’s amazing how much you can do with digital images, and with little effort. I have done much of this by just playing around and layering various images. I can be pretty computer challenged, but this was a breeze 😀 I also love that I can SAVE it and use it again and again, and/or resize it to suit my projects.

I used the plump strawberry image from the Tooty Fruity © set, to adorn the bow, which sits on the insert tab for the box closure.

Once the box is open, it reveals my jar of jam! You can alter the cut out to suit any gift/project.

NOTE: The label for that is coming soon 😀 This was a gift, and I had used a new digital stamp set, not even thinking! LOL! I already gave it away, so switching it out wasn’t an option.

The bottom of the box was also simple, while cut and created from a berry cardstock the polkadot pattern is from the Darling Dots 3 © collection.

So there you have it! A quick and simple gift that takes an inexpensive jar of jelly, and makes it in to a truly wonderful, heartfelt gift! PLUS the box can be used again and again by each person who receives it. That is a tremendous value in itself.

I really hope you see something you never noticed before, and get inspired to give it a try. All our products are meant to be user friendly. You don’t have to have ever put a box together before! We make it easy, hence the name: My Time Made Easy ™ LLC.

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