Here I am! I feel so pretty in this. I like myself in black and white better. I wanted to make JUST the shirt pink but Im computer challenged! LOL!

Note my super cute shirt? Now I really feel like a designer! Its official. When I shop online- while wearing this shirt its because I NEED these items for WORK! This will have to serve its purpose when Mr Brown comes and my hubby is tapping his foot wandering what delicious goodies his wife has purchased.

It will be a tangible reminder ;D Or at least I hope it will.

Quick post today!  I have had some computer issues (EEK!) that I am trying to work out, and taking the kids to the beach, and stuff like that. Mom’s gotta make summer memorable. Plus they are much happier if we spend the first part of the day doing “something”.

A bad- yet awesome note-I cannot stamp till most likely the weekend! GASP! My craft room is in shambles as I prepare a NEW 3 times larger stamp area!!! GO LAUREN! GO LAUREN!

I cannot wait! Anyone who has viewed my corner of the universe will understand how great this is. Note if you dont like tiny spaces crammed full of stuff dont go view my room photos! Im painting my area the oh so calming Stampin Up NEW! color Soft Sky! Now that will be gorgeous!

 Good news I do have some projects I can share that I havent uploaded yet! Yeah!

So please stayed tuned. I have an ATC set to upload with ( in my opinion ) an amazing idea.

And I will post Thursday a HOT card using Hit the Beach. I really love it. Hope you will too!