OK – HONEST opinions on my new banner! Do you like it or not?

I made it myself-literally! I stamped some images like you would a card and did some serious cropping and what not. I think its pretty cool. Im just so freakin proud of my self! “I” Lauren Meader figured it out! Its a miralce. I could do another on I was just playin with the idea. Just seeing if I could actually make my own.

I actually had another banner I wanted to do-seen here


AmyR sent me a link to this color website. Its basically a website of color combos. I saw this image and wanted it.  Anyway I emailed them and asked permission to use the image and got NO RESPONSE! This is what it would have been.

 I changed my banner  cause my site has a blue/gray/black base (I cannot control that cause its the only one to allow a custom banner without major issues!)

Anyway since I figured out how to make a banner made with the pre-exixting image (above) I thought it would be cool to try making my own.

Not sure If I will make another-Ill see what everyone thinks. So be honest!

Should I

1- Keep my new banner

2- Go back to my old banner

3- Make a new one-again! LOL!

Thanks for the input!