There are times in a mother’s life that make the bad days worth while!

I had several this week, and thought I’d share. Sometimes we need to focus on the little things. I had an emotional week but looking at it in whole it was a good week, so far.

Here is my angel

amber scared

We have had some MAJOR scary thunderstorms. Amber was very scared to go to bed and kept getting up out of bed. When Jason and I went to go to bed we found her asleep on the stairs with the light on in the hallway. She even took her precious purple flower purse with her. (NOTE: My Stairs look awful OMG! I am so painting them this weekend! I swear my house isnt filthy! LOL! I thought about photoshop editing them-oh well it is what it is, right.)

Doesn’t she seriously look like an angel? Her blonde ringlets and cute puckered lip’s. This is heaven. To me. I will miss this I know. She is my “baby” and the thought of her cuteness growing up KILLS me. I would freeze her at this age if I could.

Our second thought was “Oh no! Imagine if she had fallen down the stairs!” YIKES.

Next photo is Alexa. I cannot tell you how much each day of her life has always meant to me. Since conception I have fought for this child. When she smiles like this it makes every tear, and battle worth it all. I would give me life for her health and happiness. She sees the world in a way I only wish to. She is the picture of strength. She is everything I hope to be.

She LOVES the park. This was taken on her class Field day.

alexa park

She looks just like her biological father. SOMETIMES I see me. Just in her FIRE. She is a fighter. I like to think that is from me. Her hair grows then falls out again. I am so used to it I forget why people are staring-sometimes.

I hope God gives us a million more of these days.

Here is my little guy.


He had a t-ball game this past Saturday and did awesome. He was happy and played with the team without complaint! At the end he jumped up and down saying “I was AWESOME today!” LOL!

In this photo he was on 1st base, and he was tipping his head so I could get a proud mommy moment caught on camera.

He was very well behaved this week.

Now that is always nice. He can be the most amazing kid. He is SO much like me. I dont know if its a good thing or not! LOL! We clash alot because of that I think. I hope he grows into a man like his father. Some girl would be very lucky someday! He is so sensitive, and loving at times. I believe he will do so much with his life.

All in all the week has been good.

Alexa’s counts are low so we are praying those get better, but in all I am just thankful for my life. I am very blessed with all I have. I know people may think otherwise, but its things like what have happened in my life that really allows you to appreciate SO MUCH more than I would normally have.

With Alexa’s health issues every milestone has always been a huge blessing.

 Anyway, I figured Id share my good days, since I am always willing to share the not so good.

I would love to hear about a good thing that happned to YOU this week. Did you get new goodies, have someone say something nice? Whatever. Even the whole “my kids got along for 2 hours!” LOL! Lets hear it!