WOW! Its so fun when you all interact with me and tell my your stories.

I also find less people respond when they have to “work” for mytime mail! LOL! Interesting!

Are you all getting your email updates to my blog? I want sure if that got screwed up when SCS crashed. I have my self notified to make sure it “works” and I havent gottne anything! HMMMMMMMMM.

 Well, onto the MYTIME Mail winner. I randomly selected via computer #10 Ashley Dean

Please email me your address!

Here is what Ashley wrote- 

Love your greeter story. Too cute!

One of my most memorable moments was when my water broke. I was home alone and my sister (who was living with us) came in while I was sitting on the toilet trying to figure out what to do. I called the doctor at home who told me to go to the hospital. My husband was a street patrol officer so I had to call dispatch (this was before cell phones) and have her contact him on the radio that my water broke. So now the whole county knows it too. His partner that night is also a paramedic/RN. Ed tells my DH that with a first baby I’ll be in labor for a long time and he needs to eat now before getting to the hospital. So off they go to eat dinner. Meanwhile I’m still sitting at home waiting. An hour and a half later he walks in and I’m freaking out. He takes off his uniform and gets in the SHOWER! I was sooo PO’d. By the time we make it to the hospital – which is only 2 miles from the house – the doctor and both our families are there waiting including his sister who drove up from San Antonio (80 miles). Our son was born a couple of hours later.

When I tell people this story and about how upset I was about it Roger always reminds me that he did have time to eat dinner and take a shower.

Well I hope to get SOMETHING done for later today, so dont forget to check in again. Cross your fingers. Its crazy here the next couple of days.