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As we wrap up our April Release at My Time Made Eaay ™ LLC we typically offer a Year in Review. This month we released SO MANY amazing products that we are going to share another day of fun new projects so you can have as many ideas as possible with our products for April! Remember Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it is always nice to do something special for her, or if you don’t have your mom around any more, and you have ANY woman/girl in your life whom you feel is special, then use these new items to create gifts that celebrate them!

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  • I decided to use my day to share a birthday gift for one of my friends!

    She loves handbags, pearls, shopping, black, leopard, bling and wearing flowers in her hair!

    So I combined all those loves into one great gift bag! I included a scarf, nail effects, nail polish, file, and some bath & body stuff she loves.

    I created the Handbag template from a black cardstock, and layered on the leopard print from the Purse Patterns paper collection.

    The tag that is on the bag was created using the Timed Write © set. It was fun and easy to do, and really MAKES the project complete.

    The handbag image was designed after the Handbag template, and is from the Shop Til’ You Drop set.

    I colored it to match the Handbag template I made.

    I shrunk down the leopard print and clipped it onto the bag image. The L & E initials come from the Merriest Monograms © set. You could use that set to write out their name or whatever else you choose. The monograms in that set are simply stunning.

    The flower on the handbag is removable.

    I added some bling to the handles, and pearl details on the upper panel.

    The pockets-those were so fun! I just cut a decorative layer and used a large scallop punch to add some pretty detail to the pockets.

    I filled the bag with the gifts, and the scarf is acting as my “tissue” paper.

    I love how it turned out, and I am certain she will too. I have to wait till May to give it to her, so let’s hope she isn’t reading!

    As you can see making your own gifts allows you to TOTALLY customize your gifts to suit the people you are giving them too. You would be SO limited by what was in store if you tried to go out and BUY a gift/gift bag like this. The template becomes its own gift within itself.

    How many people actually take the time to make you something? Now if they did wouldn’t you feel that much more special? I know I would. Plus you end up looking like a creative genius!

    So there you have it! A plethora of gift ideas that should last you many occasions to come.

    Return with us next month for another inspiring release.

    In the meantime I wish you many days of creativity!