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♥ Happy Valentines Day Everyone ♥

In honor of this day, I thought I’d release a *NEW* template, based on something that I L♥VE! On top of that I thought we’d find a way to make that special template available to you for FREE!

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Now through February 21st 12am (EST), when you purchase $14 of product (or more) you can earn this ADORABLE new template called Whoo’s Birthday FREE!!


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Whoo’s Birthday *FREE!*

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Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

2 1/2 X 3 Inches Around

4 1/4 Inch Tall

Whoo doesn’t love owls?! (Not you? Don’t worry, there are more ideas)

They are personally a favorite of mine, and I have many throughout my home.

I created this adorable owl themed gift box after viewing a FLAT version of an origami owl. I thought it was SO CUTE, but I wanted a dimensional version of the flat paper picture I saw. The idea came to me because I purchased a unique locket like necklace from a company called Origami Owl, for my daughter Alexa, on her 13th birthday.

That is HOW the name came to be “Whoo’s Birthday”!

The sentiment is from the Critters with Heart © set, and the numbers 13 are from the Harriet Hop-Along Birthday© set. Pretty perfect!

Alexa also loves owls, and she LOVES pink, and of course zebra print, or anything black & white! (The paper will be released in April-sorry I couldn’t resist using it here, so stay tuned!)

The angles of the box are unique, and will allow you to use your own creativity (and maybe some of our other products) to create a variety of other “creatures”, or even characters/people.

This is the PLAIN version

Add a little creativity…

and you get this UBER cute Owl!

I can picture this being a fox, raccoon, skunk, or bunny, to name just a few.

“Whoo” ever you make this box into it is sure to be a surprise, and loved to pieces!

So make sure you go get yours FREE (with the purchase of $14 or more), for a limited time only!

Now you are most likely wondering what I gave Alexa for her very special 13th Birthday!

You can see in the background it was a ton of stuff, but the most special thing was her necklace from Origami Owl. I had meant to share this for some time now, but had to wait until we were releasing this fun new template!

ABOUT the necklace:

So I have this pretty bligned out locket, and I have chosen charms to customize it, to tell the story of Alexa’s life.

Here are the charms, and what they mean to me, for telling Alexa’s story

The Bling A is for Alexa. She has this internal sparkle, and really lights up the hearts of everyone who knows her. She is also at that age where the more BLING the better (I can totally relate!)

The Pink Ribbon is in honor of her surviving Leukemia! (Note: They DO have an orange ribbon, but since pink is Alexa’s favorite color, I opted to just go with it-it doesn’t really matter what color, it was the MEANING it had). I mean seriously Alexa is so strong and brave! I don’t know how she got through all that. Ok maybe I do…

The Cross-I pray God always watch over her, and that she have a strong Faith in him. I know I wouldn’t have gotten through anything with her if I didn’t have Faith in God. He has carrried me through many scary times in life, and always the lowest of lows, and scariest times were event concerning Alexa.

The Angel-I honestly believe Alexa is MY angel here on earth. I feel like she has shown me the world in ways I’d never see it otherwise. She IS a little part of a BIG plan God has us. She teaches me what is important and keeps me grounded. Also I believe Alexa has her own guardian angel with wings of STEEL!!! I believe it has taken her to and through many life altering obstacles.

The heart with wings, has a few meanings. Always follow her heart and love to the fullest. Also, Alexa had open heart surgery when she was 21 days old. So I associate this with her getting through that by God’s grace.

A Sapphire for September, the month she was born.

The painters palette-Alexa LOVES to paint, draw and color! She hopes to illustrate and write her own poems/books some day!

The book is because Alexa has always loved to read! It is her favorite thing to do. You will always find her with a book.

The Letter that says I Love You-Alexa also LOVES to write and dreams of one day becoming an author of children books or poems. She is forever writing me letters! I save every single one. Doctors told me I’d be lucky if she ever knew her own name, and here she is writing me notes, and creating poems, and stories with such detail, its AMAZING. I’m so glad I never let the doctors infuence me in any way because I truly would have missed out on the greatest gift I have ever received, my heart, my Alexa.

It’s amazing that one piece of jewelry can capture such an amazing story!

This was the BLURRY photo, after she got it, and put it on!

This one is much better!! She gets TONS of compliments on it when she wears it. It’s funny because she is so shy, she isn’t big on drawing attention to herself (I know hard to believe when you buy a SPARKLY shirt like a disco ball! LOL!).

I got my origami owl locket necklace and pieces from my dear friend Tessa Miller-Schweder!

If you want to view their products you can check them out here www.charmedmemories.origamiowl.com She is designer 3671.

Here is her Facebook Page
Don’t worry if you don’t have Face Book because you can email her at [email protected]

I believe she may be having a GIVEAWAY on her blog —> https://kraftymama.blogspot.com/ so check her out and let her know I sent you 😀

We will return on the 27th to prepare projects for the March Release, so please come back then!

Happy Valentines Day!


I wanted to showcase it in the most special way, for such a special day. I have to say it turned out better than I had hoped for. All the pieces just made that flat origami owl come to life. I could make so many of these.