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This was me Saturday after a shopping trip in RI for a stamp and bead expo. I had fun and met some cool friends from SCS!  My sad face was because my pockets were empty! No more MONEY!!! I challenged my PSF’s to use everything they purchased this week! I swear I have used some fo my stuff but can’t post it- but will get to share soon!

If you want to see some of MY eye candy you can go see a Mother’s Day card by me HERE, along with my cards story! Leave a comment and let me know wht you think!


 I’m so sorry for my abscence. Today was INSANE! Alexa’s para (teachers aid) started today, she had a nurse visit (no word on her counts yet!), mulitple therapies, my computer shut down, the oil guy came, my kids were killing eachother (seriously Alexa has a nice black eye! , and I was attempting to stamp cause Ihave deadlines!

Did you notice my NEW BLOG BANNER?? Do you not LOVE it?! Beth (aka My Precious) made it just for me! She worked closely with me and listened to every detail I wanted. Im extatic over it! It is just SO me! My birthday is Thursday so it came just in time.

Well first I think I should announce the winners of the card and MYTIME MAIL! Selections made by computerized random selector- PLEASE email me your addresses!

MYTIME MAIL was #31 Alex (aka sillybirds) who writes

Okay, this is so much fun, ha ha

1. I live in beautiful Dorset, United Kingdom by the beach!!! yipeee
2. I have three beautiful girls, 3, 7 and 9
3. I have been with my only ever boyfriend and now husband for 19 years
4. I used to be a pampered chef consultant but prob due to the fact I hate cooking did not last past about 10 shows!!!! he he
5. I am addicted to Coca Cola (not the fat free variety either, yikes) which probably accounts for all the extra lbs I have accrued over the years
6. I am also addicted to SCS and stamping and I cannot get enough and just don’t have enough money, like most of us poor stampers
7. I simply cannot wait until Stampin Up hits out shores quite how much it will all be or how it will work over here is still a mystery but I am soooo excited

Thanks for such a great treat – hugs to you all xx

The card winner was #3 Beth who wrote-

hi Lauren – these are both very cute cards! your photo setup is very cool and your photos are very professional looking – hmmm, could i get so lucky as to find a setup like that for myself on ebay? hmmm. now will have to start looking. -) thanks for sharing more of your great creations! i’d love to have one of those cards for my very own. -)

have a great weekend –

Beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

I have a ton to post but its getting late so PROMISE tomorrow is EYE CANDY!

And later in the week more MYTIME MAIL!