Here it is! This is what took me most of yesterday! 

This morning we are going to my mother’s to celebrate Easter & her birthday. When I took cake decorating classes a few months ago her question was “Will you be able to make a Pansy cake?” I said I don’t know we will see. Now she has forgotten her request (or at least hasn’t mentioned it) so I hope to surprise her.

Why yellow frosting?

Well that is a question I am asking myself! LOL! I saw a cake like this in a book, and it had the yellow frosting. This is my CASE attempt. While Im not crazy about the yellow frosting on the cake I really think I did a good job considering I self taught myself the leaves and pansy’s (missed the last class!). This is only my second cake after taking classes!

I think my mom would love it reguardless. As mother’s don’t we love every “masterpiece” our child creates?


Stay tuned tomorrow! I have something cool to share that Jason’t friend Sean came up with for winding ribbon! You aren’t going to believe what a bunch of guy were doing last night! LOL!

Great for all you who participate in ribbon shares or buy by the yard. SERIOUSLY AMAZING STUFF!