I have gotten alot of requests to add a “subscribe” feature to my blog.

Wow! How exciting that so many of you want updates when I add a post. Guess I’m not as boring as I thought 😀

AmyR gave me some advice (thanks girl), and now I’m happy to say I can offer that feature!

So, you are just a click away from being a subscriber.

I have had so much fun so far, and gotten such positive feedback its amazing. Thanks for all the support with my new venture!

I also added the top 50 stamping website. It will be fun to watch the number change. I’m WAY up there. Now I need a counter. Or, NOT! I don’t really want to obsess about the “numbers”. Just like a scale you know what I mean. Go by the clothes, not the numbers. I feel I should maybe adapt the same attitude towards my blog, as I do the scale.

My goal with this is to have fun, teach, and learn.

I also hope this helps me accomplish all my stamping goals. I’m happy you all are here to enjoy them with me.

Now I must go stamp!

I just left the new and improved stamping/scrapping section at our local Target, and now have like $14 in my account! LOL!

I wish that were a joke! Thank GOD Jason wasn’t standing there when I checked out. He would have had a stroke.

They have all sorts of new goodies. Prima’s, alterables, papers, templates, tools, accessories-you name it! Oh and the clearance section…..

I guess my point of this detour is, be on the watch for some new samples! Better yet, subscribe!

Have a fun weekend!