butterfly kisses

DO you love my card? I was SO happy with it. I love purple and butterflies so, this is SO me! This card was done using the folllowing tutorial. I dry embossed the butterflies, and used embossing paste on the butterfly image in the upper left corner! The image was done on shimmery white cardstock.  I had fun piercing the flutter track of the butterflies. The sentiment (by CTMH The gift of love)was perfect for this due to the stamp set name “Butterfly Kisses”.  Ribbon is by American Craft.

Well its no secret that I *LOVE* the NEW! Butterfly Kisses stamp set by Papertrey Ink. I finally got to play, and haven’t been able to put it down! More samples to be posted, so stay tuned.

During “playtime”, while exploring my new set I really wanted to try something “different”. Well at my recent stamp clubs I taught them how to use embossing paste. They went CRAZY! I posted this card called Bodacious Embossing paste in my gallery at SCS. That is the card that I used for our technique, and since that posting, I have gotten MANY requests to do a tutorial on that.

Soooooo, that leads me to this extra special tutorial!

I wanted to try this out with my new Butterfly Kisses stamp set. Problem-no brass stencil.

Well, now problem solved. I made my own! Now keep in mind the possibilities for this are ENDLESS, so use your imagination, and if you try it, link your template here!

To make Your own metal embossing stencil


Here is what you need-

Metal sheet, StazOn ink, crop-a-dile, sharp scissors or tin snips, and of course a open line image.

Step 1- Stamp your image on tin sheet, using StazOn.

Step 2- Use a crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the image. This allows you to get your scissors in the center without bending the soft metal. A Crop-a-dile is good cause it can punch through the metal unlike most punches.

step 1

Step 3-Cut out the center of the image. Once done you have a nice metal stencil that will allow you to dry emboss OR use embossing paste!

step 2

Pretty cool huh?

Now onto the embossing paste fun!


Here is what you need-

 Your handmade metal stencil (or other embossing stencil)

Dreamweaver TRANSULCENT emossing paste (if you don’t get the clear your colors won’t show through when dry!)

Scraper thingy (the blue scrapper you see in the photo)

Spreader (mine is a Pampered Chef one,and spreader will do)

3M removabletape (mainly for anchoring the stencil to the paper/surface)

Post-it notes (mainly used when using template with other images. You cover the ones you don’t want used, so the paste doesn’t get in)

Pastels with applicator

Step 1-Use removable tape to adhere paper to working surface. You don’t want it to slide around-trust me on this!

Step 2- Stamp outline image (optional). Then position stencil where desired. Tape down to card-stock. Cover any images not being used so they don’t get paste on them. If you made your own template this may not be necessary (see my photo)

new step

Step 3- Use applicator or stipple brush to apply chalk to image. (Do not use ink as it will run unless its a waterproof ink, pastels absorb into the paste)


Step 4- Apply a thick layer of paste over enitre image on stencil, using spreader.


Step 5) Use scrapper, and go across image with a smooth even motion, in ONE direction. Toward you is best. Don’t scrap too much off.

top view

Step 6- Remove post it notes, and removable tape. CAREFULLY Lift off stencil in an upward motion.

Step 7- Sprinkle dazzling diamonds over image for some extra “bling”

NOTE- it takes about an hour to dry. Don’t freak when you cannot see the color immediately! Bright colors do work best.

Now go have fun!