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Sometimes you just need a tag!

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Do you ever have a gift like that?

You just want a fancy tag to slap on top and be done with it?

When you add a card then you  have to write a bunch of stuff inside, when a “Hey this is from me, to you!” is more than sufficient! ESPECIALLY around the holidays! Or, maybe its just too big and overpowering for your small gesture of thanks. I have encountered that on NUMEROUS occasion.

Something I have personally ALWAYS loved seeing in paper-crafting magazine’s were TAGS! I know! So simple right? I just always loved the many ways they have been designed! Its like a card, just not as big (unless you really want it that big) they can have fun curves without it being too weird, and again, you just slap it on!

If you look at some of my recent work you will see I have been making more and more of these large style tags, in various shapes/sizes (Don’t get me wrong-I like little tags too) to fill my own creative need to replicate items that I love seeing but never make myself. Its been like a personal challenge.

I LOVE stamping, but honestly *just* making cards all the time gets boring to me. I love to mix it up! I think that is why I have always done so many altered items and gift packaging too-keeps my brain going OUTSIDE the box!

Anyway, point of all this tag talk is my peek for today!

Tag: Just for you


Not too shabby for a tag eh? I have to admit I LOVE it!! Simple yet not.

It began with my leaf image (I believe that was from the Fall Kit) across the bottom of a smaller tag. I just dotted various Copic markers for a funky fall look.

 I then used the pumpkins from the set, and layered them on. Then came the 3D cat! Not sure WHY but I was drawn to her. Plus she became a great source of POP for the tag. Always need to have ONE thing that draws your eye in.

I was originally going to make just that one lil tag (a Marvy tag punch I have and LOVE), but got carried away-in a good way, and layered it on to a larger tag that I made using a little creativity with my Nestabilities Labels 9! Made the perfect tag top for me. I just rounded my bottom corners and decorated as you see here.

The flowers are so pretty! I believe this is the Country Elegance collection

Now for the tag deets


This set uses a NEW! Halloween Gift Giving set-from C.C. Designs.

(sentiment and leaf border if from Autumn stamp kit)

Check the –> ATS Blog <—to enter for a chance to win this set FREE!

Includes  21 rubber stamps attached to cling foam ready to be cut out.

Price: $10.75

Stamp set will be available Monday September 7th at 10:00pm est.


Now comes the part about slapping it on a simple gift!

This is just a A2 clear card box-filled with Hot Apple Cider Mix packets! A definite Autumn themed gift, perfect for anyone! It is simple and inexpensive, yet thoughtful-and delicious! Oh and did ya notice it matched my color scheme perfectly? :D)

So that is all my blabbering for today!

More to come tomorrow. I actually spent all last night (last minute) making Amber’s Princess Party invitations! I suddenly realized NO SCHOOL tomorrow-and then none on Monday-her party is the 19th.  I like to give people at least a 2 week notice, but didn’t want to overwhelm them the first week of school (and I was really busy), so I waited. Amber reminded me at 8 o’clock that I needed to have 12 invites done for this morning. OH! BOY!

The good news, I did it! Took about 2 hours, but it is done.

Now keep in mind, Amber is very picky about what I do! She is a little paper crafter with a BIG opinion. I had to make one and get her approval first! She added some “suggestions” about what I could do to make it “better” and then went to bed! LOL! Let me tell you that girl LOVES her BLING!

I’ll post the photos soon. I have to say she was right too! I was really wanting to just keep it simple since they are definitely getting trashed, but she threw my own words back at me “Mom, this shows what kind of pretty princess party I’m having, so they have to be perfect! Even if they get thrown out! I only turn 5 ONCE!” (Stuff I say to my husband when I throw all these crazy parties with handmade everything-often making myself CRAZY-but when its over-WELL worth every second!) Now that theya re finely detailed I have to say they look pretty and FUN! I would come to her costume party! All the girls need to dress up like princesses and will make all sorts of stuff! I think Amber really LOVED the Princess Party I had for Alexa’s 8th birthday because she basically wanted EVERYTHING to be JUST like it 😀 Easy for me, since I have been there, done that!

So I’m off to get last minute photos of the invites, then get my butt in front of the TV for a workout before getting Amber off to school. All in a days work I guess. Back home with a HUGE to do list. PRAY my mojo has woken up by then-its been in hibernation for a month, making everything painstakingly slow.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you try making some large tags! They are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I just have to start today by saying a HUGE thank you to each of you who have helped me with links and advice on my NEW! Cricut Expression! YOU ROCK!

While it sits in the box (I simply CAN’T open it until I get my WORK done!) I have LOTS to review now 😀 thanks to you all.

I have a HUGE list of TO Buys! LOL! Thanks to all the wonderful suggestions you made (and what can I say I’m EASY to persuade!). I will keep you posted.

So far I got the Design Studio and Juke Box (both on sale)

I purchased Sure Cuts A Lot 2.o (since you all said I NEED it :D) and GUESS WHAT! Canda of Canda Craft (where I found the SCAL 2.0 for the CHEAPEST price around WOOT! WOOT!) not only has it on SALE! , but emailed me after I placed my order, to tell me that YOU, my PRECIOUS, much loved and HELPFUL readers will get an ADDITIONAL 10% off!


The code is: MYTIME10.

This offer will expire on 10/15/09.

The coupon will take 10% off of their entire purchase which will make SCAL even cheaper!

So seriously how cool is that? Those of you on the fence can now jump off! 

Let me know if you took the plunge with me 😀 OK!

Obviously I’ll keep you posted on my success once I get past the next 3 weeks of work stuff. (NO my Cricut won’t be in the box all that time :D) I know once I get going, everything else will fall apart till I had my FUN FILL.

OK on to business people!

Now I have the start of a week of peeks featuring designs from C.C. Designs September Release. Check out the BLOG for your chance to win the peeking set each day!

The release will be Monday Sept 7th!!

First up……

Too Cute to Spook


And is it ever! I love the owl on the moon like that-Great job Diane 😀

I missed posting day one of peeks yesterday which began with Dianes set: Ollie and Griselda

I decided to stamp, color and cut the owl image, and make a QUICK pixie stix holder for a sweet treat! Easy peasy.

The bling is my starry night sky (in case you were wondering).

Next up is AmyR’s Halloween Sentiments set

Something good-


I adore the sentiment with that sad lookin lil clown! How cute is he?!

I bet he’d perk right up with some candy.

I had to mimic the circles in his out fit, by adding all the FUN buttons. The reminded me of gumballs too.

He was part of the Fall Kit-but will be available as a single for the Autumn Sugar Plums Stamps-which have kids, sentiments and accessories (like the bench he is on). Really AWESOME stuff let me tell you. These are part of the images I brought to the hospital to color when Jay had surgery. Oh did the nurses go NUTS!!!!!!!!

Well that does it for me. I’m having a hard time getting back into my mojo these days. Almost a month of LITTLE to NO stamping about KILLED me, and my mojo is SLOW to return. Normally my ideas are flowing and I’m whipping it out, but jeesh, this past week has been ROUGH.

Hopefully it returns before the end of the week! I got stuff to do!

Top 5

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 WOW! The days are passing me by here. I hope Im not alone here.

It is beyond RARE that I take ANY blogging breaks. I think this month has been the LONGEST-with so many breaks each week. Life had gotten busy.

I have to admit I miss you all and sharing here 😀 I have cut WAY back on my “workload” this past summer, and so getting a break has helped me to recharge!

That being said I have so many projects to come and ideas to share, I think (HOPE) it will have been worth my lack of posting daily lately.  I have still been creating and doing things, just none I can readily share-yet!

 This first week of Septemeber will be packed with posts and samples that will run – with the start of ATS release, straight past the Papertrey Ink/My Timeless Template release, into JustRite Stampers blog hop, and Pink Cat Studio’s release! LOL! Then some other stuff I have to share 😀

Trust me you won’t be disappointed 😀

I have also just been very busy with my husband recovering from surgery, getting the kids to as many day trips as possible, summer school, and now getting back into the routine of school! I am also working with the school on Alexa’s curriculum. That is never fun. OYE!

 I want to thank you all who stop by and visit, and have bared with me during my hiatus-rest assured things will definitely be picking up as the BUSIEST time of the year approaches-the holidays!! I have been REALLY busy working on some COOL stuff, so I hope you are excited for all that.

Basically as of the first-there will be LOTS to share-non stop!

In the meantime there is lots of eye-candy going on in blogland, using the My Time to Create challenges I post here weekly. We skipped this week as it is the 5th weekend in the month-and we all needed a break with school starting 😀

So it is FINALLY time for me to post my TOP 5 template challenge picks for this past week!

Here are snippets of their creations!


Now Click their names to see what they did!






I have to say everyone who played blew me away! You all make me look so good with all you do with the templates! I cannot even tell you how much joy and excitement I get when I see the items you create!

Now I will FINALLY post the TOP 5 for the Inspiration challenge from HERE!







Again, so many great submissions-hard to choose!

Well I am back to the drawing board with many a projects to do.

THANK YOU again for stopping by. I appreciate all my fellow stampers/bloggers whom I consider friends 😀 You all make my day, and I am looking forward to getting back to the daily posting and hearing from you.

I’d LOVE to hear what YOU have been up to, or what you are hoping is to come 😀

Till tomorrow…….

Announcing winners…….

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Sorry this is a day late :C

Ran behind celebrating Amber’s Birthday, going to the beach, and tomorrow the zoo!

Time to draw the winner for the latest My Timeless Template release!!

So for the Fold n’ Go template:

Winner via

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-14 23:29:10 UTC


kisha |

I love what you did with this template. This is a nice one for sure! Having an umlimited supply makes it even better, just print, cut/score and assemble!!! How easy is that.
Thanks Lauren

Aug 9, 11:37 PM

Next Winner for the Tucked Away Template was

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-14 23:35:48 UTC


Dawn Madigan |

Can you believe i have not tried any of the templates yet, i am a PTI girl all the way and need to get order all of these!
Would love to get creating, the holidays are only a few months away!
Love love your creations, thank you for beautiful ideas and inspiration.
Dawn M

Aug 11, 11:06 AM


Congrats to the winners! And thank you all so much for the amazing comments and emails! I cannot wait to see what you all do when you get your hands on the newest templates!

See you at the release!

Day #2

That means it is time for the next peek at the 2nd My Timeless Template © (template will be released Aug. 15th!)

Thank you for sharing the excitement of yesterday’s template peek too!

I am very excited about this next one as well, and I hope you will be too!

This new template is called Tucked Away © and will also include the Pretty Petite version! ( LOVE the Petite size!)

Enchanting Elegance


This is the standard size version of the template.

About Tucked Away ©

Now it is about time we had a perfectly cute box to “tuck away” so many treasures, be them gifts like homemade candy, treats or everyday items. But, the name doesn’t come from its adorable convenience, it comes from the front flap closure, which has a perfect little tab, that tucks into the bottom, keeping it closed.


It is simply un-tucked to reveal the little treasure you put inside.

 That same flap really adds to the design possibilities for this box . You will love to “tuck away” so many treatlets in this template! It also has a layering decorative panel to make design ideas endless!

Now by printing the front portion of the template in one color, then the lid/flap closure in a patterned paper or another color you get a dual colored design, that is EASY to achieve, weather you add additional layers or NOT! You choose how simple or complex your design becomes! Another great thing! No matter WHAT your creative style YOU get to personalize these templates to YOUR style or occasion! Love that 😀

The KEY to the My Timeless Templates © is in the name-Timeless!

Each template goes together quickly and is made to be put together as easily as possible. My goal is to make gift packaging EASY, but with a WOW! I think this template certainly does that.

Now about today’s sample……


I am just in LOVE with White,  Smokey Shadow, and Enchanted Evening with touches of Ripe Avocado! LOVE I tell you 😀

As you can see this is a very SIMPLE version of the template. I can see this as Wedding Favors all over the world, in choice of colors 😀 It is just such an elegant design!


Yes, this stamp was the CHA exclusive (sorry! I couldn’t help but use it :C) Floral Fusion.

BUT! Don’t despair if you don’t have it! I feel that Out on a Limb is just as FAB (and readily available for purchase) as an alternate, and could achieve the same simple elegance, OR you could also substitute Beautiful Blooms, With Sympathy, or Sprial Bouquet😀 Heck, for a total wedding look you could even use another fave of mine: Piece of Cake!


I added a layered butterfly-the large one done in vellum, and the smaller done in Enchanted Evening.

Both are Punches-large by EK Success and smaller by Martha Stewart

The bow was simply tied, with an Enchanted button, to which I added an adhesive rhinestone to the center


Now trust me, this box doesn’t NEED a fancy schmancy handle, but boy it did ADD to the beauty of it 😀

I used a paint can handle (I got it from a purchased paint can!) and a filigree metal flower (from SU!) to dress up the site of insertion 😀 Easy Peasy! The TUCK IN style of the lid allows the handle to be used and for it to stay CLOSED! Love that too.


My Timeless Template © Tucked Away

Stamps: Floral Fusion

Cardstock: White, Enchanted Evening, Smokey Shadow, Vellum

Ink: Smokey Shadow, Enchanted Evening, Ripe Avocado

Ribbon: Bitty Dots Enchanted Evening, Wide white organdy (other source)

Vintage Button in Enchanted Evening

Adhesive Rhinestone, and pearls, filigree metal accent by SU!, paint can handle

Butterfly punch (large) by EK Success, Butterfly Punch (small) Martha Stewart

Here is a Pretty Petite version of Tucked Away ©

NOTE: I almost didn’t share this gift, as it is PERSONAL! Since MANY of my reader’s are pet lover’s, I figured it may help someone know what to do for someone during a difficult time like this.

Paw-prints on your heart


With Sympathy and Loss of a Pet was absolutely PERFECT!

One of my best friends lost her dog Bailey. She was just shy of 15 years old. Unless you have loved a pet like that, you cannot imagine the loss. I thought it would be nice to do something for my dear friend to let her know I hurt for her and her family, so I used the Pretty Petite version of the template to hold something special.


On the design I used some epoxy heart stickers for the “blooms”. The mat layer is made from Shimmery White cardstock

I knew they were having her cremated.  As soon as I heard, I ran out to Things Remembered (a favorite store of mine when you want an engraved gift! I spend a LOT of $ there! LOL!) and purchased a placard engraved with their dog Bailey’s name, and the date, so they could put it with her ashes.


This placard is adhesive, so it should be easily attached.

It is just something simple and understated, but totally from the heart.

I think she liked it.


My Timeless Template © Tucked Away

Stamps: With Sympathy, Loss of Pet, Heart shaped borders & corners

Cardstock: Shimmer white, Scarlett Jewel

Ink: Scarlett Jewel, Ripe Avocado, black

Ribbon: Scarlett Jewel bitty dot

other: Epoxy heart stickers

Well, that is all I have to share today!

Don’t worry, there is SOOOOO much more to come this week 😀 I think the ideas will really get you in the template mood 😀 (OK I HOPE they do! :D)

TIME for a GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on today’s post for your chance to win Tucked Away © on release night (the 15th)!

Winner will be listed August 13th (my daughter Amber’s  5th Birthday!)

(PS- NO! I didn’t find HELLO KITTY roller skates for her :C But I did get some Barbie ones that I think will pass)

So in the mean time……………

Lots more countdown peeks going on, so visit Nichole for more ideas and creative clicks!

Also  Melissa, Heather, Dawn and Tiffany, will have some FAB eye candy as well using their own releases this month.

Kelly has a project today using Tucked Away, as does this months My Timeless Template Guest Designer-Mona, so be sure to pay them a visit too!

So once again, thank you for taking the time to stop by 😀

Till Tomorrow 😀

Well by now its Saturday evening, and the day has just FLOWN past me, as has the week!

You can see my blog had taken a HUGE back seat, as my family needing my time more 😀

I can honestly say my life is ANYTHING but boring!

Its been an emotional roller coaster here this week, as Jay and I prepare for his Discectomy on Monday! EEK!

We weren’t even positive it was a go, until Thursday night!

The doctor repeated the MRI because he was convinced Jay’s disc got “better” and was most likely, then un-operable! So he had another MRI and it showed the herniation is twice as bad as it was previously, so definitely NEEDS the surgery. Good grief! We had then mentally prepared for a surgery that got cancelled due to office error, then we plan for surgery again, then mentally plan AGAIN for a possible  cancelled surgery, now we are back to yes, needs surgery. I have a headache just thinking about it all. AND its not even MY body! Poor Jay.

Anywho, when I get stressed I clean-a lot! Like for several days, I dust, organize, sort, purge… name it. No inch untouched. I am not sure WHY this helps. Granted my house is pretty clean in general but it gets a real bleaching! LOL! These are times for me, when creativity becomes hard and stressful, and the ideas DON’T flow. So I clean and clear my house, and my head.

So, I spent the week cleaning my entire house top to bottom. Then took it upon myself to re-decorate the girls room! They got this UBER CUTE comforter set—> HERE! With all the fixins! Then I moved into their huge walk in closets, and did tons of re-org. on them too. Oh and I did the clean out of Noah’s room too. He got new bedding but kept everything else the “same” decor, but more organized! He didn’t want to change anything really. I got him a huge art board for his pictures and stuff too! YEAH!

Took the kids to the mall, and did some fun stuff with them. Planning Amber’s Dress Up Princess party too, so that has me BUSY! Boy you’d be shocked at the party this lil, to be 5 year old, has planned! LOL! Im in BIG trouble the older she gets! But I love every second of it.

We got her a GORGEOUS, insanely pretty, Sleeping Beauty “Gown”, for her party! No joke this thing is AMAZING! It was on sale too! WAHOO!! Wait till you see it 😀 Oh yeah and ALL the fixins for that too.

Sooooo that all helped me get ready for Monday, which we are having quite the time getting people to take the kids. Its insane.

Anyway-all this is my excuse as to WHY Im so late posting My Timeless Template Challenge for this week!

If you are new to my blog, every Sat. I post a challenge, that HOPEFULLY inspires you to get creating 😀 Each week is something new!

Soooo, the challenge is to use ANY My Timeless Template © —–> Found Here! and I decided this would be a great source of inspiration


Keyword MTTC04

Use the pattern, colors, whatever!


Basically ANYTHING metal 😀 So dig out those embellishments girls.

Pam is hostessing for me this week, since Im running like a chicken with her head cut off! Thanks Pam!!

Go to her blog  —->HERE, to link your creation to Mr. Linky 😀

I decided I would use on “oldie”  but goodie My Timeless Template called Music Makeover.


This template is designed to hold a CD, but it can do so much more —-> Music Makeover Ideas. That is some alternative ideas I posted on my blog, utilizing that template. You also get 5 exclusive ideas in the template Idea Book, when you purchase the printable template for only $5! Template has unlimited uses, and you can print as many times as you like 😀 Forever!

Now MY template this time, holds a Gift Card that is in a CD case (that I forgot to get a photo of-DUH!)


Going with the “hardware” challenge, I designed this to look like a belt buckle! Its a belly band, that goes around the top flap seam of the template, and you “un-buckle” it to open it up!

Just attached some silver eyelets, to my “buckle”. Easy peasy.


I think its so pretty, and subtle!

The Shopping anyone is from JustRite Stampers Girl Time Borders & Centers Set 2″ . The image in the set that has the shoes!  I cut out the sign 😀 Its was PERFECT for my gift card holder.

I used some Gray patterned paper by Stampin Up! and used my Copic markers to colored it match the challenge!! Good stuff!!


Trust me, the paper took longer to color, than the template took to print, cut and assemble! LOL!

Now (if you haven’t already!) check out the designers blogs for MORE templates and the designers inspiration 😀

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • OK your turn!

    Im off to the food store to stock up on EASY meals to make for the family! CRAZY!

    Tomorrow I hope to post the card I made for Jay for his surgery. Its really cute

    Thanks for stopping by.

    “Possum” new images

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    OK I used a play on words here. Obviously, it is suppose to mean “awesome” new images!

    It is totally obvious to me, why the Tina Wenke line is called Cute Critters! I am so loving this line.

    This one is called Possum Pals


    You cannot tell HOW adorable they are by the images on your screen, when you view the pre-order!

    They will not ship till the END of July, so stay tuned 😀

    I’m posting some order info since I got flooded with emails asking about WHEN and WHERE you can buy these!

    In the US Stampavie is sold at a many ONLINE places!

    I’m just listing places I have PERSONALLY placed various orders through, and was happy with the service! (If I didn’t list an online venue its because I don’t have any experience with them)

     Online: All That Scraps, Jacksonbelle Embellishments, 7 kids college fund, Mother’s and Daughters Creations, and Stampers Dream

    Anyone who knows of other great places to purchase Stampavie, or knows of a SALE etc, post away! Many are offering Pre-orders I believe.

    More shopping info in the United States click ANY state for more info:

    Alabama Arizona California Colorado Florida Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Wisconsin

    Here is the retailers page  —>PLACES TO SHOP For all you who are in other Countries 😀

    OK back to the CARD!

    Seriously,when I saw the CUTE lil possums hanging out of the tree I freaked!

    I LOVE this image. It is just beyond cute-beyond!

    I had an absolute BLAST with this card. The layout is FAB 😀 I wanted something fun and cute.

     I had this OLD Stampin Up! paper and it just worked with my colors I wanted to use.

    I just started coloring these cuties, and then decided to put some fun flock on them!


    Don’t they look SO cute?

    You just want to rub them. They make me happy.

    The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink-Everyday Button Bits. It reads “here to give you a lift”

    How cute!

    Anyway, I think the enjoyment I got from this image, in particular, is OBVIOUS!

    Hope you liked it too.

    Id love to hear your fave image so far 😀

    OK I know this is LATE!

    Sorry, family first. We have had a very rough and busy day here, so I am sorry for the delay. I will also take a day soon to post answers to some commonly asked questions about the My Timeless Templates. Also note we do take all suggestions into consideration, so thank you.

    I hope to see you on the PTI chat forum soon 😀

    OK first is the winner of the 2 My Timeless Templates © called Milk Made © and Pretty Petal Pocket ©

    Winner picked via

    Random Integer Generator

    Here are your random numbers:


    Timestamp: 2009-07-15 01:12:55 UTC

    Vicki # 361

    Oh my gosh — I can NOT wait for the 15th!!! Those little milk cartons are the cutest darn things EVER! And thank you for offering them in two sizes for the same price – a great value. And these days, a great value is just what we all need.

    I have been busy making homemade jam this summer. I am planning on using it for Christmas gifts for the teachers, hostess gifts, etc. I’m thinking that the larger milk cartons are going to be the perfect package for a sweet little jar of jam. Can’t wait to try it out!!


    Congrats to Vicki!!

    Now I have my last minute sample! (I so hoped to squeeze out ONE more with the Pretty Petal Pocket!-SOON!)

    Baby Ducklings


    Well those of you thinking baby ideas, you are so right!!!

    This was my concept project for the Milk Made template. I love baby gifts, and packaging up some baby wash cloths, baby wash and lotion or other “baby” items was just too cute to me. I really love being able to make the SIMPLEST, most inexpensive gifts seem not only RICHER but more thoughtful, all due to the packaging!

    It really does step it all up! Plus these are things you can KEEP and utilize .


    Mom can save it and put in first onesie, or hat. Maybe hair clippings and hospital card? Just a great keepsake option.

    This is a really cute, gender neutral gift set. Perfect for that special something! I think it looks like a packaging you’d find in a high end children’s boutique!


    Given the fact that this Large version of the template uses ONLY 3 sheets of cardstock, at 0.18 cents a sheet, that is quite the price difference!

    Lets not forget personalization 😀


    I LOVE the faux suede texture the duckies have to them 😀

    They feel SO soft too!!


    This is the front of the Milk Made © Crate

    This crate is very simple, but so many uses!


    My Timeless Template © : Milk Made ©

    Stamps: Bitty Baby Blessings

    Cardstock: white, aqua mist, lemon tart

    Patterned Paper:

    Ink: Black & copic markers

    Ribbon: Aqua Mist twill

    Ric Rac ribbon, nestabilities, paper crimper

    So there you have it. Another fun countdown.

    I will be back with my release samples soon!!!

    PS YES! I will be posting to my Etsy soon! I just hadn’t yet because I honestly don’t have time to ship this week. I like to get it out the door asap, when I do get orders.

    Thanks again for stopping by

    dual posting

    Jul 10, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    Well its the Papertrey Ink countdown week!

    Don’t miss anything!!!

    I had 2 posts today!



    I am very excited about today’s project!

    Keeping up with the trends, Going Green is very HOT right now! Reusing items that we already have is not only great for our environment, but FUN!

    I find, as a papercrafter, I save a LOT of things! Always with the HOPE of finding a great new use for it! One of them being the tissue paper that comes with many gifts we receive. It is so pretty and comes in a large variety of colors! I have always wanted to find a fabulous way to recycle it, and now I have!

    I call it a Fancy Flower Flourish Closure


    This idea came to me after a childhood memory. I remember going to the carnival and ALWAYS wanting one of those LARGE tissue paper flowers, on a stick! So expensive back then. I was never able to get one :C But, now I am grown so I can make my own mini version.

    I decided to play around, and make this childhood memory a reality, but also with a little more FANCY FLAIR!

    I wanted one of these flowers to be part of an elastic closure for my newest My Timeless Templates: Card Couture. I knew it would beautiful, and look so elegant, as the main focus of the template! I have to say it makes you say WOW! when you have it in hand!

    I began my quest by punching some tissue paper with my Giga Flower Punch by Marvy. While I was getting the EFFECT I wanted, I knew I wanted it to be a little more fancy, and stamp related!

    I wanted to put a pattern on my flowers. Something elegant. Not just polka dots, or scripty writing. More like a pattern on EACH flower petal. I then pulled out Damask Designs! The small flourish fit PERFECTLY on EACH petal of a very elegant looking flower! I was over the moon when I figured this out!

    Now let me show you how it works!

    Making Fancy Flower Flourish


    1) Stamp one cardstock flower base, and at least 4 tissue paper flowers, using Damask Designs.

    You wil want to use ink that is a similar shade or darker than choice of tissue paper/cardstock.


    2) Punch holes in centers


    3) Using elastic cording, string on button, them put through the tissue paper flowers first.


    4) Now put trhough the cardstock flower, and pull though


    This is the close up


    5) Pull petals up, each laer separately, and scrunch together!

    NOTE: I added another button to the button center of my creation.

    6) Optional: Adhere punched, stamped, or Prima Leaves to flower cardstock base.

     For Attachment to Card Couture:


    1) Punch hole in the lid of template.

    2) Insert large eyelet.

    3) Pull strings from Fancy Flower Flourish through the hole.

    4) Close lid, and tie elastic closure, tightly around template. Knot elastic cording.


    Now you have a beautiful, elastic closure for your Card Couture Template, or to use to embellish ANY project!


    My Timeless Template: Card Couture ©

    Stamps: Damask Designs, Mega Mixed Messages, Guidelines 2

    Cardstock: Spring Moss, Raspberry Fizz, Sweet Blush, Hibiscus Burst

    Patterned Paper: Friends Til the End, Bitty Box Basics

    Ink: sweet blush, ripe avocado, raspberry fizz

     Vintage Buttons, Raspberry Fizz stitched grosgrain

    Recycled tissue paper, Crop a Dile, Giga Flower Punch, Elastic Cording, Large Olive eyelet by SU!, eyelet by SEI, Tag die cut by nestabilities

    So there you have it!

    I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today!

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