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Ive been tagged!

Apr 19, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

I’ve been tagged by AmyR. I have to link my 5 favorite blogs. Everyone knows Amy rocks! After much thought here is my list. I also have to say Ive been busy so my blog browsing has been cut back alot.

ALSO Let me say this was really hard cause I love everyone’s blog. Im trying to go with some that may not get as much well deserved traffic as others. Its hard if you aren’t the most “popular” person in the world to get noticed, and if you do people don’t generally “comment”. We all love feedback so lets give it up to these talented people!

So here goes……

I had to pick Colleen! She is a talented woman, who is so awesome. She had me as one of the featured stampers on her blog a while back. Thats how I found her. Im happy to have gotten to know her better.

I love Lindsey’sblog cause of all her goodies! If you haven’t seen her EBAY store then don’t go! (Kidding seriously delicious stuff that will empty your wallet)

I’m also linking some blogs that I love, and that will “enable” you. Some you may not have seen as they aren’t the most “popular”-YET!

I have to list Chrisitne Wooden at All That Scraps, (yes I know I am linking people I work for but) she has a great blog that goes “un-noticed” in my opinion. Plus she has these cute new stamps coming out soon-like TOMORROW! So guess what Im playing with today! Plus can you say Bind it all, and cuttlebug! You also have to check out the new Bazzill Bling papers people-to DIE for! Check back here later and I hope to enable you!

Kim also @ MFT stamps. You need to see the adorable bikini set that Im dying to get me greedy hands on-WAY cute. Anoter new blog that needs recognition. So add it to your lists.

And I had to includeGreen Grass Stamps blog. Now there isn’t too much there YET! But starting the 22nd they are going to post a new sample EVERYDAY! So it will be hopping with ideas. I will of course have stuff on there that is exclusive to them, meaning it wont be anywhere but there! So check in regularly, and tell me what you think!

There are tons more but that was my limit!


Hi! We are back!

I have gotten SO MANY emails. Pm’s and wonderful news I don’t know where to begin! So I have alot to do over the next few days!

Let me start by saying that I have dedicated a entire page to Alexa’s Disney Make-A-Wish. I chose some photos and memories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them! We had an AMAZING time! So feel free to read it and share your thoughts if any.

I also have to reply to the new thread started for Alexa’s pretend stamping friends, for chat. That way those of you who subscribe to the Prayers won’t don’t worry everytime there is a posting (thanks Tracey for starting that). It “may” get moved from what I hear. If you cannot access it its because its in demo chat.

I came home to new goodies!!! That means more things to work with and share with you. Some of my work has to be exclusive to the places I design for so I hope you will look for them!

I came home to see I also have 3 publications in print!

First one is “Ruff Day” in Paper Made Easy (I’m in the beginning on page 5! JUST so close to the cover!!) and its featured on page 52!

mytime-doggy-treat-paper-made-easypg-52-june-2007.jpg It has all the instructions are in there so I won’t repeat it! LOL! I made this bone template myself-cute eh?

On page 66 you can see my Enjoy your birthday card!


I’m also featured in The Rubber Stamper page 21 in the Collage section!


I have also recieved some MORE great news.

Many of you noticed that I was asked to be on the Design Team of Lizzie Anne! Be on the look out, as my biography will be there soon. I do have some samples posted there in the gallery as well.

 I am also working with Kim from My Favorite Things stamps. She is just amazing! So watch for her stuff as well.

While I was gone I applied to be on a design team for Green Grass Stamps, and guess what-I’m in!!! YIPEE! I am so excited! I am living my dream! Gotta get a biography to them as well.

Now I better get creating for them. What a great way to end a vacation right?

Thanks for letting me share my news with you.

Gotta get to work. Did you all see the Dirty Dozen creations this month? Pretty amazing stuff. Go check it out!

Do you know what time it is? MYTIME MAIL!

Apr 6, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Mytime Mail, Uncategorized

mytime mailI am overwhelmed with all the PM’s, comments and letters of encouragement. So I am going to give away one of my favorite new embellishments- PRIMA SPRITE’s in Pink!!!!!

My card made using a Sprite, and Whiskers , and a set of acrylic stamps from Michaels!

All you have to do is leave a comment about the following-

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color to use when stamping?

What is your favorite embellishment/why?

What would you like to see on my blog?

I will have a random person selected Friday night 6pm eastern time. Make sure you check back so you can send me your address if you won! I have to pop it in the mail on Saturday cause we are leaving for Florida!

Here are my answers!

My favorite color is purple.

My favorite colors for stamping are anything with Chocolate Chip (real chocolate is a big fave too)

Favorite embellishment is ribbon and primas of course.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

BTW to keep up to date on my blog, you can subscribe! And to see past tutorials/other fun info check my category box. There are all kinds of listings. You may see something that interests you! Love to get your feedback, so comment when you can 😀

my room

Well people have been dying to see where all my creative time is spent, so here it is! Don’t mind the mess it was along day of stamping he! he! Plus when your workspace is only about 10 x 6 you can only CRAM so much in.

You all know I’m a shop-a-holic, so now you get to see how bad it really is. I have only been addicted for 3 years. I am definitely outgrowing my space.

So the top photo is the view from the door. My area in an semi-unfinished area in our basement at the bottom of the cellar stairs. I do have heat, and a mini heater for those chilly months.

Its not much but its mine! I use to have NO MYTIME SPACE, but a large bin that I would drag out to stamp at the kitchen table. Holy creative blocker. Its hard to get crafty doing that. So DH spent a weekend for Christmas making me my very own space. I love it.

While it looks messy its actually pretty well organized.

I have 2 ink caddy’s. One for craft, the other for classic ink. On top of the caddy’s I have stickles, 2 way glue, and other little things like that. On my desk I have a clear stackablecontainer with blender pens, embossing powder, tags, and all kinds of other stuff. I also have my reinkers, and other stuff like embossing powders, pearl ex, envelopes and whatnot in a closed 2 door cabinet.

My ribbon is in like 50 containers! LOL! SU are in the SU ribbon holders, but the others are in tupperware type holders that stack.

All my stamps are on my open shelves, organized by bkgds, sentiments, kid, all occasions, and flowers etc. If it retired, a mini catalog, or discontinued it goes in a separate shelf so I can keep track.

I have my super paper holder, which are organized by colors like blues, greens and what not. Designer paper is under the my counter, in paper storage holders.  I have a big ol scrap container on my desk in the corner. Its out of control full again, so I need to go reorganize it. I do have it seperated by blues, green,s and what not! (you can see the retired sets and stuff stored there too)

Under my desk is my SU! Business stuff. Soon that will be gone. I also have a huge bin of MUST HAVE alterable items! LOL!

On my counter I have my sizzix and cuttlebug stuff. That needs to be within reach at ALL times!

view from other side

On the walls I have cheap fabric shoe holders from Target! 2 for $1.50!!!! Theystore my ATG gun, color spritzer, label maker, sponges, rubber brayer, dimesionals, all kinds if stuff. I have another that hold my crimper, crop a dile, metal sheets, other fun items. AND one more that holds all my punches!


Now there is the wire crate organizer. That holds more NON su stamps like my acrylic ones from all my favorite companies, alterables, more SU business stuff, my xyron 900, light table, shrinky dinks machine, PRIMAS!!!! Stuff like that!

WHEW! Well thats it. Its not glamorous and goreous like alot of the toip stampers rooms, but its my space and it serves it purpose! The kids can’t touch my stuff, and I can create and make my mess with out worry.

 Stay tuned tomorrow so I can share some fun goodies I made today! I will also be announcing the winner of MYTIME MAIL!!!!

We have a winner!!! And an answer to my deliemma!

Mar 30, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

Dawnmercedes! You have won the random drawing for my carrot box, and Bunny Ears Stamp! YEAH!! Email me your shipping info so I can get this off to you!

Just to be fair, I have used a computer generated random selector! You can see it here . SCSer-mnhyrkas on SCS posted it on this thread. It chose lucky # 31. Good thing I found that thread cause I was going to copy, cut, and draw!

Here is what Dawn wrote:

I say keep some exclusive to your blog. I have been spending WAY MORE time on blogs than in the SCS gallery!

Here is my decision based on all the wonderful feedback I received-

I have decided that I will post MOST of my stuff in both places. In my SCS gallery I will link back to here. Most people agreed they don’t mind that being done. I always include recipe info anyway, and a little blurb. I will post my creations to my blog first. I will also have a few things I keep exclusive to you -my “regular readers!” So what does this mean?

Well I guess if you don’t want to miss the special stuff , keep checkin my blog. And, if you want to see some amazing stuff you still need to check my gallery! LOL! My Dirty Dozen creations are exclusive to that, so you should join SCS if you haven’t already!

You can find info on joining Splitcoaststampers Fan Club here. (can you tell I just recently learned how to hide a link in a word? LOL its so fun) It really is worth the subscription! You couldn’t get one day of the ideas posted, from any magazine or book for that price. Plus all the people who contribute there work so hard to keep the site running. And you want to be able to view all the AMAZING jaw on the floor creations from the Dirty Dozen don’t ya?

OK lastly- Alexa’s contest will be extended to the 3rd. A winner will be announced on the 5th! I will go update my dates on that post found here.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I have more eye candy to post, and a new Saturday Challenge!

Expieriencing technical difficulties!

Mar 24, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

PLEASE stand by! LOL!

I want to thank everyone who has notified me of my website problems, and your comments. Especially for checking in regularly.

I am going to throw this computer out the window!

I cannot tell you how many emails I have received from all you amazing people, telling me that this site is having issue’s posting your comments!

I’m so sorry for your frustration. TRUST ME I’m going nuts!

Paulette is my go to girl-I call her and ask her to “test” this site for me when I get overloaded with emails that a number of people are having issues.

I am SO new to this and its driving me nuts that you all have to endure these “glitches”

Please bear with me as I try to fix them

The SCS guys are workin on it.


Subscribe to my blog!

Mar 24, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

I have gotten alot of requests to add a “subscribe” feature to my blog.

Wow! How exciting that so many of you want updates when I add a post. Guess I’m not as boring as I thought 😀

AmyR gave me some advice (thanks girl), and now I’m happy to say I can offer that feature!

So, you are just a click away from being a subscriber.

I have had so much fun so far, and gotten such positive feedback its amazing. Thanks for all the support with my new venture!

I also added the top 50 stamping website. It will be fun to watch the number change. I’m WAY up there. Now I need a counter. Or, NOT! I don’t really want to obsess about the “numbers”. Just like a scale you know what I mean. Go by the clothes, not the numbers. I feel I should maybe adapt the same attitude towards my blog, as I do the scale.

My goal with this is to have fun, teach, and learn.

I also hope this helps me accomplish all my stamping goals. I’m happy you all are here to enjoy them with me.

Now I must go stamp!

I just left the new and improved stamping/scrapping section at our local Target, and now have like $14 in my account! LOL!

I wish that were a joke! Thank GOD Jason wasn’t standing there when I checked out. He would have had a stroke.

They have all sorts of new goodies. Prima’s, alterables, papers, templates, tools, accessories-you name it! Oh and the clearance section…..

I guess my point of this detour is, be on the watch for some new samples! Better yet, subscribe!

Have a fun weekend!

Dirty story of fame & shame!

Mar 23, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

Well my fellow dirty girls said I should share this incident on my blog with all of you, so here goes.

I was at my local craft store a few days ago.

The isle was full of women, and I was shopping with my 4 yo son, Noah.

While browsing the isle, a woman who works there stops me and says “Oh my God!  You’re that dirty girl on line.”

All the women in the isle quickly turn and stare at me. The clerk had no idea how her comment actually sounded.

I start blushing and quickly explain “Um, shes talking about a stamping website, and I’m on a design team the called The Dirty Dozen. Its not like it sounded. No one seemed convinced of my “story” nor were they impressed!

So we keep shopping and Noah keeps asking me “Why are you a dirty girl? You tooka shower today!” She called you dirty, are you a dirty girl?” And on and on it went till we finally left!

I wish I remembered her name, if you were one of the people in the isle or the clerk post back here!

Who would have thought being “recognized” could ever be so embarrassing!

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