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Sneak Peek!

Aug 22, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Uncategorized

Want to see a little peek at what is coming from Lizzie Anne Designs in September?

Click HERE!

I do have a Lizzie Anne sample to share so check in tomorrow 😀

And wait till I get my rubbah greedy hands on these new sets-the ideas are flowin!!!

Oh, and wait till you get a peek at the other sets-one word comes to mind “MUST” (as in must have)!!!!

Trust me, I know what Im talkin about 😀

My First Article!

Aug 17, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

Check out my opinions and ribbon tutorial over at Craft Critique!

My first article for them 😀

Let me know what you think.


Should be a good weekend here. A few things to share today- 

I am very excited to be a part of the Scor-Pal Team! I now have have 2 tutorials you can find there!

Window Box 

make a wish window box         side box

I was quite proud of this project. It uses the Make A Wish set by Gina K. $7 from the sale of EVERY set goes to the Make A Wish Foundation! A great way to give a dream to a sick child 😀

SUPPLIES: Obviously the Score-Pal. The paper is a stack by K & co. Ribbon is Martha Stewart (of course), and the Make a Wish was colored with Copic Markers. The star is a cuttlebug die cut, and the paper is DCWV Glitter stack. My magnetic closures are by Basic Grey. Go take a looksie.

This Window Box is a gusset box with a closeable flap that can easily house 4 cards (A2 size) and envelopes, as well as perfect use for whatever else you decide to fit in there! I love that you can peek at what is inside.

Read the tutorial linked above, for more info.

My next project features a perfect formula so you can quickly make your OWN envelopes in any size you want! Just use the formula. Once you get it down, you will whip up your own envelopes in minutes.

Make your own envelope formula

envy tutorial Here are a couple different sizes made using my formula.

I would love to get any feedback on the tutorials! That includes tutorial’s you’d love to see put on the site, or any other comments/questions you may have. I will answer any questions here on my blog for all to read, if there are any.

 I hope you try them out. If so, send me the link 😀

Thanks for looking.


Julie asked:

These projects look SO GOOD! I have a question about the scor-pal: It looks like it would be easy for me to ’swerve’ off of the scoring lines and mess up my project since there is no flat edge to run against. Do you ever have any problem with this?

Julie thats a great question. Have you used the Scor Pal yet? I ask because you mentioned it “looks like it would swerve off”. If not RUN! Go try it! LOL!

The grooves are deep, so that when you start scoring, your tool stays in the groove. I have had no problems with mine at all. I found it super easy to use. Let us know if you try it out and what you think.

Happy Birthday Amber!

Aug 13, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized
amber 3
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OK I know you are probably sick of my smilebox creations but I cant help myself! I love this super easy way of documenting memories with no time taken away from my stamping! So you dont have to read or click, but Im sharing anyway 😀

TODAY is Amber’s actual birthday! My baby is THREE! OMG! I cannot believe it!

Today we are going to visit the Pre-School she will be starting the end of the month. She is the happiest little thing to be going to school. She is excited to get her own friends, and be Big like Alexa and Noah (as she puts it)

Amber is an OLD 3. I dont know if its because she’s the third child, or if everything that has gone on with Alexa, that she is like the second Mommy in the house.

If you aks Amber how old she is she will quickly tell you 5! I keep telling her she is 3, but she doesn’t agree! Its really funny.

She is bossy, and a tattler. She will think nothing of putting one of her siblings in time out.

She grew up so fast after Alexa was diagnoised, and kows about things that most people dont even ever have to deal with in their life. She is such a sweet little girl. I am blessed.

She is also in LOVE with money! Smart girl! She got this $5 bill for her b-day. I think it was her favorite gift! She carries it in her pocketbook (yes she carries several) and even has her own make-up! YIKES!

She knew right wehn she saw it that it was $5!

The other day she went up to Jay and cocked her head to the side, and sweetly said, while holding out her hand “Daddy can I have $5 PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!” and litterally batted her eyes! And ya know what-it worked! Im going to have to start havin her ask for money I want! Or she needs to up her anty! LOL!

Time really does fly by.

Anyway another thing I thought Id share is our time blueberry picking yesterday. It was alot of fun.

Enjoy. I know people dont enjoy this as much as I do. But its fun to share. I swear it does inspire me to think about scrapping! Only I would CASE these!

Blueberry Picking

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Big Surprise! Type A Personality

Aug 12, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

While I was visiting Jen’s Blog, I saw this quiz. While Im not normally into that stuff I find they can be pretty true! So I answered all the questions with brutal honesty and this was my reading:

You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people around
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want
You rule at success, but success doesn’t rule you.When it’s playtime, you really know how to kick back
Whether it’s hanging out with friends or doing something you love!
You live life to the fullest – encorporating the best of both worlds

Do You Have a Type A Personality?

Pretty fun huh? Let me know if you take it. It only takes a minute.

Fairy Wishes

Aug 12, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

fairy wishes

Another thing I LOVE- Fairies!

Fairies are like semi-human magical butterflies, so of course I LOVE fairies. I have been wanting to use this set for a LONG time. I actually have a cool idea for this set but have yet to implement it. My deadlines got in the way , and then the new sets in the mail! You know what I mean. Im sure we all have a MUST HAVE set that we never got around to using, then we forget about it.

Id love to hear of a set you HAD to have and have yet to use. I unfortunately have ALOT of those! LOL! BUT I am challenging myself to use them over the next few weeks.

Why is it when Im dying for Happy Mail, that I dont pull out these sets? I think I will start trying that.

Well I finally got to make something with it! I have used the sentiment before just not the Fairy image. Isn’t she pretty?

She is from the Princess Birthday set by MFT Stamps. I stamped her with Brilliance ink in graphite black (fabulous for using with Copic Markers), and colored with my Copic Markers. I then added stickles to her wings and star wand.

The patterned paper is very glittery, and is by K & co. A GORGEOUS stack let me tell you! I liked the vellum overlay to soften it all. The castle was stamped 3 times so its more like a KINGDOM.

You cant use fairies and NOT use prima’s! Its an unwritten rule.

Well I hope you have a Fairy nice day. hehehe

We are going Blueberry Picking today! Or at least thats the possible plan.

See you back here tomorrow.

Im Nice and make you think!

Aug 12, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Contests, Uncategorized

nice     thinking

Who would have thought that “I” would get 2 nominations! LOL!

Rita from HERE, was so sweet to nominate me as one of the 5 people for both awards! As I checked out her nominations I found people with blogs that I had never known about and they are great!

So thanks Rita for the kind words and helping me discover new talent out there 😀

The nice matters award is for someone who you think is kind and thoughful.

The thinking award is for those of you who know someone whose creations or chatter makes you think.

So now its my turn to nominate 5 bloggers for this! I have such a hard time doing this! I know so many of you that are wonderful! Its really hard to choose JUST 5. AND  Alot of you, yourselves dont have blogs. So just know if you dont have a blog-you still rock in my books!

As far as the thinking awards I really feel each of you inspires all of us in some way! As I said in a previous post about publishing yourself every time you upload.

So my theory is if you stop by here and read, feel free to link yourslef in the comments! Then people can feel free to check you out! Then you can say “I” nominated YOU, and put the above awards on your site.

I REALLY cant pick just 5. I do have a blogroll of people that I check in on when time allows (which these days is like not much).

So link away!

And thanks for checkin in 😀

Amber each year review

Aug 11, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff, Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized
Ambers years in review
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I did this mini book (which I can also print!) for a quick review of Amber’s Birth through 3. Its a quick book, only 4 pages, and took-get this 10 minutes! YEAH! I know its not stamping, so I apologize, but are there any other scrapbook challenged mom’s out there?

Im SO challenged that many of you may know my PSF’s (Pretend Stamping Friends) on SCS got together and made Alexa an entire Disney Scrapbook to document her wonderful Make A Wish trip of Disney so we could document the event. Especially after seeing the pages-each one was publication worthy, not only did I realize WHY I dont scrap (alot of work) I was too intimidated to even begin! LOL! Plus its hard to get Jason to print the photos. Weekends are spent doing stuff with the kids and going food shopping and house project, after house project.

I dont need him to do this for me.

I must also say that I feel like Im learning so much more in the computer world.

I am quite computer challenged. Starting a blog was a HUGE accomplishment. Now I learned to attach the photos in my sidebar, most WITHOUT the HTML code! YEAH! And a few other things like that!

Seriously Im lucky I can email 😀

So Im proud of my simple smilebox creations. It does inspire me a tiny bit-after doing this one, to scrap an event. But not enough that Im off and runnin! Im off to stamp some CARDS!

Thanks for looking

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I hope you take the time to click and play this-its really cool.

I swear I get sucked into more crazy things on SCS than you could imagine-unless YOU do too! I made this in a matter of a few minutes!  I loved doing this as oppose to scrapping! I decided to keep it and paid $1.99 for it, so I could print it and post it on my blog to share with you. I can then do whatever I want with it. Like send it to the family I dont really get to see.

I was on SCS and saw the Smilebox ad. Clicked and away I went. Im wicked computer challenged but it was SO easy! If “I” can do it, anyone can.

I think its a cool thing. I took some of my favorite photos from this year (except our first family photo, I liked seeing the growth) and added it to here. Now I just wanna go make a ton of them! Its a great source to document stuff for people who dont have alot of time but want to perserve memories.

Let me know what you think! Makes me all weepy.

My life has really gotten to be amazing! I made this as a reminder of how beautiful my family is. From one year to the next they change and grow so much. I feel so blessed to even have children. God has really shown me how precious time and family is.

If you make one Id LOVE to see it! This was such a cool thing for me to do since I am NOT (nor will I ever be) a scrapbooker. I just love cards-cant get into the other stuff. And ya know what? THATS OK!

Im sure I will be doing alot of these. Think of the easy Christmas books you can make! They have all sorts of stuff.

Enjoy the day! Now if only I could get this into a banner ad-that would be real cool!

What you need to know! READ IT AND THANK ME LATER :D

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RUN DONT WALK to Green Grass stamps! Check out her SALE  on orders that ends TODAY! HELLO 20% OFF! That means you can get the NEW SETS for $7.50! WHAT A DEAL!! Im impatiently awaiting mine LOL!

While you are there drop a comment on my card HERE



There is a TEACHER, Daphne and Donald goes to school. Now check it out cause she is selling it all in a variety of ways and all are CHEAP!! YEAH!

While you are there check out the new cuttlebug goodies, and primas that are on their way! OMG! Seriously just click on the Hot New Stuff section, and hold onto to your seats my friends. PAGES of enabling there.

Lizzie Anne Designs

Meridith announced she is having a give away! 

Keep checking HERE for details. Also did you see it? She announced the new sets are almost ready! I saw them and am so in love! OMG! You will just die! They are due to be ready for early September I believe. Soon I will get to show you some sneak peeks.

My Favorite Things

She just released 4 sets did you get yours yet? What are you waiting for? She also sells at All That Scraps, and eP.

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