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The unknown

Nov 5, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Uncategorized

blushing blooms Blushing Blossom-using Floral Frenzy

OK I know you will all bear with me since you know Im dying in pain! I have some cool stuff to share, but really don’t have the ability to post all the proper stuff-to make you NEED it! LOL! I felt bad about my past few posts, sorry.

I am so not into stamping-who can think all medicated, and with throbbing pain in your mouth!

I had a great visit with my new dentist, after I informed the Manager at Aspen Dental of WHY I was leaving. THAT was an interesting conversation, let me tell you! I felt really good though. The manager was clueless, and while she listened, I doubt there will be any action.

Anyway-I have an infection starting in my tooth on the root-which is exposed, and dying! OUCH!

They are pulling it at 1pm eastern time! So if you hear a ringing in your ears-its me freaking out! LOL!

They rea having their best oral surgeon do it. So it won’t be as bad, as far as YANKING, and crackling noises! OH! Im freaking typing this! I will get alot of Novocaine, and Nitrious oxide! GOD HELP ME!

They wanted me on the antibiotics for 24 hours before pulling it.

So I figured, in the meantime, I would post some samples that I didn’t think I would ever share. You know, one’s you aren’t sure you like. I figured hey-why not? No one is perfect. Not all ideas are fabulous 😀 Or you like them at first, then aren’t so sure. Don’t say this doesn’t happen to you! I hate when it happens too, cause I LOVE all these sets!!

So here are some of my uncertains

poochie inspiration Poochie Inspired Underwear

Set by Lizzie Anne-Ooh La La

Obviously Amber has some cute undies. I think its the jewels that throw this off??

kind stemsOne of a  Kind Stems by Lizzie Anne

OK! I thought the dotted paper looked like stems to flowers. I don’t know-a quickie card that I liked but my husband was like WHAT????

Now Im NOT looking for corrective criticism here! LOL! I’m just sharing a few of my duds. I think it helps everyone see how not every design is perfect.  We all have off days.

OK! I have to go. Wish me luck! OH my-am I ever freakin! I know I said it before.

Thanks for reading, and sharing your pain with me 😀

I’ll let you know what happens-EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Did you see my report —–>HERE? Its my review on Cuttle Kids.

Let me know what you think!

COPY And Pasted for the C.C. Designs newsletter! A SALE!


This month it is a Cuttlebug and Cuttlekids sale. Use coupon code CB10 to receive 10% off Cuttlebug and Cuttlekids items. I am also going to include the Big Shot Beginners Kit. The sale start immedietly and ends 11:59pm Tuesday night. Which will be just in time for the first release of C.C. Designs Little Bit Kits.


Now that is fabulous news for a Monday!

Thanks for the well wishes on my dental WOES! Glad Im not alone.

I am going to another dentist at 12:30, for an emergency appointment. They are WAY nicer than that Dental “Chain” I was going to! Its an hour away but it may be worth it at this point!

I feel like maybe this office cares MORE about their patients since its THEIR name on the sign not a dental chain.

Im really upset beacuse of this pain-I called their (dental chain) emergency line over the weekend. I was having sharp, throbing pain up and down my jaw and across the front of my face. UNBEARABLE pain, I was almost crying. I was “informed” that if I hadn’t seen the dentist in the past 48 hours that my problem was NOT considered an emergency, and if I felt it was go to the ER!

 To see a DOCTOR?? Um, hello a doctor can’t help me, I need a dentist!

The guy wouldn’t even hear me out. Between that and their lack of being helpful concerning my tooth pulling, and low tolerance to novicaine (not returning my calls for 3 weeks, after I called once a week for follow up info) and just everything, Im done!

My primarty care doctor told me to get DentTemp to help fill the filling-so it could help block the exposed nerve (which is what she thinks it is). It helps a tiny bit.

Anyway-Im just a big ball of stress! I can’t drive cause I took the pain meds this morning- I HAD to. I’m functioing, but I will not drive in this state.

OK vent over. And a huge thank you to Kate for being so willing to help me 😀 And you for listening to my WHINING! I feel like a baby, but hey we all have our weakness right?

Hannah Shops

Nov 1, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

Hannah Shops

Hannah loves to shop! That means Lauren loves Hannah!

Looks like Hannah has alot more money to shop than Lauren does :C

How about you?

I had this in my computer and fogot to post her!

You can get her —–> HERE I think she’s so sweet! A little larger than I anticipated, but thats not a complaint!

Enjoy the night 😀

So NOT a flower

Nov 1, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

Have you seen the NEW! Release from MY FAVORITE THINGS?

Well ONE of the set’s is called Build a Bloom. LOVE IT!!!

I used the elements in the set to create, 2 cards that are so NOT flowers!

I love when you can use a stamp set in a way that it was not designed for!

Let me know what YOU think of my designs.

The first one I will share is called Ciao Bella!

ciao bella

Isn’t she beautiful! Do you see it? Its a woman-side profile-faceless, PERFECT MFT style!

I used the “s” shaped leaf for her hair, the vase for her hat, and the little flower piece shaped like this- “)” for her upper/lower lip, and neck.

Is that NOT cool?

Next I saw a bird

bird Blue Bird

Again the “s” shaped leaf made the body. The small leaf, made the tail feathers, and wing. The stem became my tree branch. Leaves-obvious. The starburst pattern “*” for the flower centers, made my nest! My button is the sun, and my flower punch, are the flowers on the tree.

I have to say I was quite excited! Not only are the actually flower’s fabulous, but so are the possibilities.

The sentiment is called Essential Sentiments, from the new release as well, and is a MUST have! Well worth every penny! Hello 28 sentiments!!! you can never have enough! If you are just starting out stamping, then this is the set to get.

Thanks for checking in! Lots of goodies becoming available today! So what are YOU getting?

I know I’m off to cyber shop! So Ill spill what I “must have” later!

Tomorrow is Friday-Blogger’s Challenge!

Till then.

All month I am inviting you to share this challenge! Raise awareness! TIME IS TICKING!!

A random winner will be drawn on 10-31! Enter to win!

This will be kept at the top, as Im havin technical issues keeping the other post at the top.

Details ———————–>HERE

Poison Berry Incident

Oct 13, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

So I “try” to get some time in to stamp-Jason is working in the yard.

Amber comes to me and says “Mommy I found baby tomatoes in the yard!”

Now let me tell you I am NO Martha Stewart. My art is PAPERCRAFTING only! I dont lanscape-plant flowers NOTHING naturey at all.

So I go running outside to see what she is referring to, only to find Alexa EATTING these new found “baby tomatoes”

I call poision control immediately and was told to take the berries to a Garden Center-thankfully there is one 5 minutes away-so Jason takes the berries and a photo of the flowering plant with him.

I asked Alexa HOW MANY she ate-to hear “I didnt eat anything”

Mind you I scooped some out of her mouth!!!


She will be NO HELP

Come to find out it is a POISIONIOUS PLANT/ Berry from Lily of the Valley

check it out here

And this is what it looks like-see the “baby tomatoes”.

Worst problem is the poision affect the cardiac system-that is not good.


So now we wait to see if she gets sick or not, and if she does we rush her to the ER. They think its doubtful that she ate enough but, you never know-she may just throw up, but me being the over protective parnoid person I am would still take her to the ER.

Its now been about a 1/2 hour to 45 min. since her “incident” so we are hopeful it will be OK. I gave her some ice cream to hopefully help?????

KIDS-they are going to be the death of me I swear!

Now Im off to go rip out some plants from the front yard.

If you ahve these you may want to consider doing the same if you have grandchildren/ children of your own.

It only takes a mintue…………………..


Alexa apparently did NOT eat enough to make her ill-Thank God.

Well Im so glad it Friday!!!!

We have a busy weekend planned here, but my posts are pre-done and ready for the SUBMIT button! Gotta love that 😀

I FINALLY got an appointment for the kids Christmas photos to be done Sunday. That way I can design our Christmas cards and have’em ready to go BY Thanksgiving! No Worries Ill post my Christmas design. Maybe Ill make ONE and send it via email! LOL! Now that is a time saver right?

I was honestly hoping from last year to this that Alexa would have hair, at LEAST under her chin. But that will not happen.

Im not complaining-Im just sayin.

People keep asking if I gave her a haircut-NO! I DID NOT GIVE HER A HAIRCUT! Yes, now Im shouting, cause after like 50 people its annoying. Her hair keeps falling out and growing in, due to stress they tell me.

Well I know Im SHOCKED Im not bald too!

Im just happy that she is doing better and fighting this thing head on-GO ALEXA! Who cares if you have short hair! Someday it will be long again. Someday.

Speaking of sick kids-this challenge came at a perfect time!

This weeks blogger’s challenge is to make Christmas Ornaments! What fun! And PERFECT timing!

I got an email from Paper Crafts magazine. In it they explained that they are doing a donation for the Fesitval of Trees. If you didnt get it-dont panic-it may be one exclusive to designers-not sure.

This is copy/pasted info from the email:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, the Festival of Trees is an annual fundraiser that takes place the week after Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City, Utah to raise money for patients of Primary Children’s Medical Center who cannot afford treatment. Primary Children’s is the only specialized children’s hospital in the mountain west region and upon its conception, vowed to never refuse a patient due to an inability to pay. The Festival of Trees is run by volunteers, and every penny made at the week-long festival goes to the children’s care. Last year the Festival of Trees earned well over $1 million for Primary Children’s hospital.

Here’s how it works: People set up and decorate trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, etc. These items are then bid on and purchased by members of the community. Everything remains on display for patrons to view until the week-long festival is over. Then, Festival of Trees volunteers deliver the decorated goodies to the purchasers


Their theme colors are Turquiose and Red.

Well to me that screams ORIENTAL flair! I wanted to do something a little different, and this is what I came up with. Not sure its worthy of sending though….

papercrafts ornament Boho Blossoming

OK Im not sure I honestly like it-looks like a turnip! I wanted to do something DIFFERENT-well I think I achieved that! LOL!

I may have to use my same concept-just make it into something different.

So I used my Boho Blossoms, gold encore ink, and well TEAL cardstock.

I stamped the blossom all over my cardstock in gold.

top view click for larger view-this is the top view.

I then went to my Scor-pal and scored some lines at every inch on either side of my middle band. I then cut the strips to the center, strung through some ribbon and tied it all up. The scored edges that are then cut strips a nice finished edge to the layers of cardstock.

I added some A Muse rhinestone stickers and a gold band with Prima’s. Liquid pearls for the centers. Brad is by K & co.

I think it may be back to the drawing board on this one :C

Oh well at least I challenged myself. If it werent for time constraint Id re-do it -but time is up!

Make sure you check out the other blog challenger’s creations! Links on my sidebar! Way cute stuff. Glad I didnt see it all BEFORE I posted.

If you want to participate just provide a link in the comments section.

Come back tomorrow- I have my Saturday Sketch ready to go!

This post will be stuck to the top for the month of October in honor of breast cancer awareness! Please scroll down to see new uploads for the month.

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Do YOU have a blog? Did you go pink? (I didnt cause I couldnt figure it out with my type, but thats another story about my computer challenged nature!)

Have you been touched by cancer in any way, or believe in spreading the word?

I challenge all my blog Girls out there near and far-to go to Smilebox, and post this one to their blog! OR send it to a friend!

EDITING TO ADD: It doesnt have to be THIS one with MY face! LOL! I already got alot of emails asking about that! Just THIS DESIGN or there is ONE more you can do! Those are the special ones for the cause 😀

If you do let me know-by posting a link here! It only takes a few minutes, REALLY EASY, and FUN, and all procedes from the download of this go to Breast Cancer Awareness!! Smilebox teamed up with Lifetime Network to raise money for the cause!

Thanks for looking. And supporting research!

Id also love to hear if you know someone who has been diagnoised with cancer.

Everyone who downloads this smilebox style for breast cancer and shares the link here will be entered in a drawing for a surprise pack of ALL PINK goodies!

If you want to contribute to the box of pink goodies-let me know! The bigger the better!

Have faith-its a super box! Im not showing what you will get till a winner is randomly selected. Because when you have Cancer you have to have FAITH! I will pick on Oct. 31st-the last day of October.

You comments about cancer count as a entry as well as a Smilebox link-thats another entry!

Thanks everyone 😀

We never know if this will affect us personally!

A Party for the Princess

Oct 2, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff, Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized
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Well here it is! The much anticipated Smilebox of the Princess party! I couldnt get the video portion to work-but when I can you KNOW I will fill you all in!

I love how I was able to capture the moments of her party with this Smilebox.

The party went so perfect! I think they all had a great time. You could hear a pin drop during the craft time! And each girl gave Alexa her gift themself.

Most special to me was to see how accepted Alexa was, and her social interaction with the girls! I tell you these girls parents did an excellent job raising such lovely princesses!

To see Alexa as happy as she was was all I could ask for!

The girls made crowns, necklaces, and decorated jewelry boxes!

We used Alexa’s set and polyshrink, and the center charm for the necklaces, and for the top center of their boxes! It was really cool. Whatever wasnt done got sent home with them.

I’m so thankful for my mom who came to help me set up, and Jason did an amazing job too! He is in charge of the decorations-Im in charge of ordering him round! LOL! If it weren’t for them it never would have gone so smoothly.

He’s use to my stress over these things after all these years and takes it quite well 😀

The best part was when it was all over Alexa came out to me and gave me a huge hug and kiss and said “Thank you mommy for my party. It was so fun. It was the best ever.” Then another squeeze and kiss!

That melted my heart!

All I wanted was for her dream party to go well, and it went better than I could have hoped for!

Thanks for following our journey 😀 I cannot believe my baby is EIGHT!

Im Back! Lots to share.

Oct 1, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

WOW! Do I feel overwhelmed and very behind on everything!

There is just so much going on, and so much to share I dont know where to start!

Id like to wish my husband a Happy 30th Birthday today!!!

I hope I get all the things done for him I WANT to get to! I hope my mojo is in full force 😀 so I can amke/post a card I make for this special day!

Alexa’s party went FABULOUS! Couldnt have gone better in fact! I do have a Smilebox for that but an having technical difficulties getting the video protion to load-so you have to wait! Sorry! Ill share more about that and post all my thanks yous and blah blah blah in ONE post OK! I am keeping her home the rest of the week to ensure a full recovery when she restarts. Plus she has a bunch of appointments and chemo this week anyhow.

I now have quite the nasty cold-courtesy of all the germs in the hospital, lack of sleep, and dehydration-gotta love motherhood! We just go and go till we CRASH-literally! I cant CRASH YET! I have a crazy week still. And I MISS MY STAMPS!!!


OK did you all see that MFT released FIVE sets today! If you buy all 5 you can get the bundle for only $65!!

Think Pink

Boho Blossoms

Its a Jungle out there

How Sweet it is

Meet me at the cafe (my personal favorite)

One of the sets is Think Pink-in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. MFT will donate 50% of the retail value to Breast Cancer Research. What a great cause.


Lizzie Anne Designs sent out a newsletter with lots of cool info!

In honor a WCMD on October 6th- an exclusive stamp set (that co-ordinates with 3 others) and all 4 will be on sale that day only!! ONLY $12.99!!

A CONTEST!!!! Win a $50 GC for LA, the new exclusive set for WCMD, and the winning card featured in the next monthly newsletter. Use Lizzie Annes sets, and enter to win-All cards made for the contest will be donated to Cards For Cancer! See their site for details or check in here! Cards must be mailed/recieved by Oct 28th. Lots of details.

All That Scraps– Copic Markers are on SALE!!! 10% off! Use coupon code Ink10!!

Plus check out the New Items section. OMW!! Lots of cool must haves-including the new MFT and LA stuff ! I LOVE one stop shopping!! She also has a super cute set out called Reindeer Games. I hope to have some eye candy wih that soon, but check out the gallery there for more info.

OK Im off to get some stuff done to post some real things for you to view!!!

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